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  1. Well it seems I accidentally had mine shipped to a made up address in Japan which I used to order some digital thing years ago. oops!
  2. RGB-PI on Pi4 is amazing! It seems incredibly stable for an Alpha. Not quiet managed to get guncon2 working for lightgun games yet though - i can calibrate but not working in game. I tried groovymame but I couldn't even get it to show a picture on my CRT so gave up.
  3. Mine’s shipped and arriving tomorrow, I’ll post a piccy when its unboxed!
  4. That's much bigger than I expected. Exciting! I hope this one gets hacked, the screen and controller options have me hoping for a mini tempest machine.
  5. Ooooo, how does that seem?
  6. Did you manage to get any of the add-on sticks to review? The trackball/paddle add-on looks tasty.
  7. it depends whether you need a cable with the sync separator. You’d need to do a little research on that. I can take a look which one I have for my Sony PVM later.
  8. This https://www.rgb-pi.com and then I guess a scart to BNC cable like this https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/audio-video-accessories/bnc-cables-accessories/female-rgb-break-out-scart-to-4-x-bnc--2-x-rca-for-sony-pvm-monitors
  9. Ooo, this is good news. I've been running recalbox since i switched to PI4 but RGB-PI is really good. I missed it.
  10. Spent over an hour thinking about starting classes even though I know it doesn't really matter. Thinking Samurai as I normally just gravitate towards mixed magic/weapon dude.
  11. Looking good.... Love that rotating screen
  12. Ps5 for me. Just because I’ve Always played souls games on a PS controller. It feels wrong to use an Xbox controller. came very close to going pc this time.
  13. Thanks, checked and it looks like mine has shipped! So exciting!
  14. I ordered 28th Jan and mine is still showing awaiting stock - PS5 launch edition
  15. Air link should work on win11. I’ve read there’s issues with performance on wired link on Win11 though.
  16. Good lord, I think I might have to flog my 64GB vita memory card!
  17. I've not tried it (I will), but the trackball and spinner are just set up as mice so it probably should works. The trackball I've only really used on Mame for things like Cabal. The spinner for Arkanoid and Tempest. The spinner is a bastardised Razor Attrox I bought from here. put the stick into the 8bit arcade stick and stuck an ultimarc spinner in. It's very satisying to use.
  18. I have far too many controllers SNES - Buffalo wired, 8BitDo, Nintendo Switch version Megadrive - 8bitdo M30 and Retrobit bluetooth Saturn - Retrobit bluetooth and 2.4G N64 - Retrobit wireless pad PcEngine - 8BitDO one Sticks - Hori fighting Edge, Dacon Naija, 8BitDo Arcade Stick and Xbox, PS4, 8BitDo Pro 2 I love them all! I just like having a pad that is close to the original system I'm emulating.
  19. interesting video on bug fixing ps1 core
  20. be warned. That channel is an intellectual rabbit hole.
  21. Cheers, tried tried and no luck. Seems to be a really common issue - think I'll stick to VD for now rather than faff around trying to fix it.
  22. Been playing around with Link, Air-Link and Virtual Desktop this week - exciting stuff! VD seems by far the best. Air-Link looks really clear but there seems to be a lot more latency than VD. Link is wierd, I expected it to be by far the best but its really juddery and the audio often stutters. A quick google suggests this is quite common and that its an recent issue (also W11 seems worse than W10 for some reason). Just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this and found a fix?
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