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  1. Could anyone tell me what actually happened because I have no idea.
  2. http://www.vgcats.com/vgc_comics/?strip_id=52
  3. Halo increases the auto-aim the lower your health is.
  4. Playing a game without using quicksave is just making it artificially harder for yourself. It's like trying to complete Halo without using anything else but the melee attack.
  5. I found that to be the biggest problem with Half Life. It was incredbly annoying when you fell of the same cliff over and over again.
  6. kinda like the film then?
  7. This game soooooo needs to be set in the 60's or 70's
  8. I loved the Sony one with all the people climbing over each other.
  9. Seems like it wasn't an April Fools joke after all....
  10. The female secretary in the first level of Perfect Dark... "please don't kill me!" *brakk*
  11. They Should let Bruce Campbell do the voice for the main character
  12. Moto GP, NOT the fucked up sequel
  13. So buying an xbox because it can be chipped is also silly?
  14. I posted the solution on the previous page...
  15. try to evolve the spinning thingie before you you place the pipe on the screen... that way the clouds coming out of the pipe will blow away and the mountain will turn to a volcano.
  16. OH MY GOD!!" It looks exactly like the first game!!
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