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  1. I really can't take Famitsu seriously since they gave MOH Rising Sun: 9 / 9 / 8 / 8 - (34)
  2. http://www.cybrfrk.com/xbox/Halo_legendary_outro.wmv
  3. Can't we just make a normal list?
  4. waiting animations when you haven't done anything in a while.
  5. it costs less to buy a starter kit plus you get an extra headset... The code is the subscription code that gives you year subscribtion of xbox live™.
  6. There's a book called 'Starhammer' that pretty similar to Halo's story. I haven't read it myself but Jason Jones (co-founder of Bungie) has said in an interview that's it one of his favourite books.
  7. It's strange that a game that centers around water so much has such boring water... one texture repeated over and over again. Why couldn't they have made something in the style of the water Pikmin?
  8. Full Spectrum Warrior looks very promising though
  9. I think he's implying that we should nuke the suckers
  10. Frankie's Bungie Update, 30 January 2004: http://nikon.bungie.org/bungieupdates/013004.html
  11. http://halo.bungie.net/ Edit: Bungie Update, 30 January 2004 can be found here
  12. The player who controls pacman uses a GBA....
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