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  1. "hey lads, I have a cunning plan for the Xbox Version of Shenmue 2's box art! Ok, what we do is we take the already perfect DC version...

    box.jpg(sorry can't find a bigger pic)

    ...And replace it with the artistic equivalent of monkey excrement!"


    ehrm, both of them look shit..

  2. I really don't understand. What benefits are there to buying another starter kit over allowing Live to automatically bill you for another years subscription? What the heck code are you talking about?

    it costs less to buy a starter kit plus you get an extra headset... The code is the subscription code that gives you year subscribtion of xbox live™.

  3. .::: Hmm, I've heard from several people that is was sci-fi novel which got adapted. Don't care for it either way though. The story was propably an even weaker element to the game than the repeating environments, imo.

    Also I couldn't ditch the feeling I was playing an even more sci-fi version of Half-Life.

    There's a book called 'Starhammer' that pretty similar to Halo's story. I haven't read it myself but Jason Jones (co-founder of Bungie) has said in an interview that's it one of his favourite books.

    A billion or so years ago Baraf was a wet

    : jungle world, the home of a gentle froglike race of philosophers called

    : the Wisdom Wishing. But they were menaced by the parasitic Vang, a

    : terrible race that regarded all other organisms as either host or food. In

    : a desperate attempt to protect themselves, the Wisdom folk built a device

    : which imploded stars and caused them to go nova.

    : "However the Vang had already landed on their homeworld by the time they

    : could put the device to work, so their entire civilization was doomed.

    : They used their entire sun as reaction mass for some kind of time machine,

    : throwing themselves into the unimaginable future where they hoped to find

    : the Vang destroyed. The Starhammer continued to work after they were gone,

    : destroying the suns of the Vang worlds.

  4. It's strange that a game that centers around water so much has such boring water... one texture repeated over and over again. Why couldn't they have made something in the style of the water Pikmin?

  5. It's not first-person?!

    Or was that just for the trailer, or an option or something...

    I think you guys are all forgetting something though...


    The people that brought us...

    Star Wars: Clone Wars

    Triple Play Baseball 2002

    Dark Reign 2

    Army Men RTS

    And other TOP QUALITY games.

    90% chance this game will fucking suck. Which is sad. Give the damn license to DICE.

    Full Spectrum Warrior looks very promising though

  6. What a delightful turn of phrase. :lol:

    I thought we'd had all the multiplayer info in a thread a few weeks back though?

    What else is there for them to 'spunk' out, so to speak?

    that "info" was fake

  7. I'll just presume that you're implying that the topic is about to 'blow up' as our American cousins would say. Come on, it's true. The British teens don't say boo to anyone, that's because we're so inhibited.

    I think he's implying that we should nuke the suckers

  8. Like most screenshots, it appears to be a render-up, made at far-higher-than-game resolution.

    well duh!

    It's really important to point out that this screen is straight from the current game engine. The resolution is a little sharper thanks to the way screens are dumped from the frame buffer, but this is entirely representative of the lighting, polygon counts, bump-mapping and particle effects. There's no trickery or BS here. And of course, this is early stuff, so things will change and improve between now and launch. We basically played the game and took a ton of shots until we finally picked the one that rocked the hardest, and best represented what playing that level was like.

  9. http://halo.bungie.net/

    Halo 2: In Reach of Fall

    January 30th, 2004 10:14 AM PST, by Frankie

    So remember last year when we told you we don't announce release dates until we're confident well meet our deadline? Well now were confident. Halo 2 will ship in Fall, 2004. Please make a note of it.

    Since you are our most important audience we wanted to tell you first. We've enjoyed your support, your patience and your loyalty, so this is the least we could do.

    There will be a fair number of new details and announcements to follow over the next few months, and of course theres always E3. Here at Bungie.net, as you've recently witnessed, were ramping up a campaign of new content, details and snippets of info, just to keep you sated while you get ready for Fall. Until then, feast your eyes on the first ever Multiplayer screenshot of Halo 2, and check out this week's UPDATE. Can you smell the bacon yet?


    Edit: Bungie Update, 30 January 2004 can be found here

  10. I still don't see how this pac man thing will work. So the ghosts have a limited view and pac man can see the whole screen??? But this is for the Gamecube, a machine with a global online userbase of about 7???? So I'm assuming this will be split-screen then? In which case surely all the ghosts will just look at pac man's screen to figure out where he is and descend on him with a due haste no???

    Unless I'm missing some vital detail here...

    The player who controls pacman uses a GBA....

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