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  1. We always thought that the Klobb sounded like someone writing really fast on an old typewriter.
  2. that's archives... facility is the one with the toilets
  3. seriously... that effect looks shit.
  4. You know that he's actually sharing that suit with Cortana don't you?
  5. If it even comes out in April...!
  6. http://halo.bungie.org/misc/bungiefactormirrors.html there's a list of mirrors there
  7. i'm not 100% sure, but I think that they confirmed on another forum that this was fake.
  8. Make a custom oddball game for Halo. I think you can setup so the one who's "it" is invisble and moves faster... Set it up so that you get points for kills instead of time.
  9. http://halo.bungie.org/misc/cb_battlerifle.html
  10. I remember this game too, had it on the Amiga 600. Does anyone know a a place where I could ehrm... download it?
  11. D'oh! Always thought it stands for digital.
  12. Why do you call it a d-stick? It's not digital, it's analouge.
  13. The sound when you make a lap record in Wave Race 64.
  14. mr. fancypants


    Elites are the ones with the spiks on the backs which things bounce o0ff, right? Elites are the leaders... they come in blue, red, gold, invisible and black. The big blue guys with fuel rod guns and spikes on their backs are hunters.
  15. It's not about proper implementation, it's about making the game more accessible. If all they included was Legendary mode, you'd find an awful lot of Halos in 2nd hand bins, as those people who prefer a more casual approach to gaming would never have proceeded beyond the canteen on the Pillar of Autumn. It's still a lot of fun on Normal, just not as amazing as it is on Legendary. It's the best FPS ever, and like JoeK said, it's not worth arguing about this one, we don't think we're right, we KNOW we are. Give the man a medal. Finally someone speaks sense.
  16. I'm using the Metal Slug one as my background now, ace. I added a black border to the lower edge though because the start menu covered the lovely graphics.
  17. I find it sad that people like you (videogame nerds) are slagging off wargamers. It's a hobby just as videogaming is.
  18. Halo Goldeneye Banjo-Kazooie Super Mario 64 Zool Wave Race 64 Doom I & II
  19. Halo and Moto GP in the dumpster for me... I'm not gonna play the same game as someone who uses David Hasselhoff as an Avatar... Aaaargh cheeky bastard here's a treat
  20. You write as if you were 12 years old. Cock. I'd love some.
  21. You write as if you were 12 years old.
  22. Sorry, but for second there I thought I had logged on to the games radar forum by mistake.
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