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  1. Does this have characters from and references to Discovery (I only watched halve of S1 of Discovery)? I didn't understand most of the back story from the characters. Was is all referring to things that happened in Discovery?
  2. Peter

    Apple TV +

    I enjoyed it. Some episodes didn't really contain anything I haven't seen before (drum machines, synths, sampling) but I found the episodes about reverb and distortion interesting and Ronson is a cool although slightly weird dude who has worked with more people than I realized (Queens of the Stone Age).
  3. Iron Rain, EDF 4.1 and EDF 5 are all rated 12 (at least on the Dutch PSN store).
  4. What would you feel is an appropriate age rating for this game, considering the older games are rated 12?
  5. How on earth do I select local co-op (PS4) on Iron Rain? Edit: apparently you have to complete some missions is single player first, quit the game and then load your save (not continue your last game or you will continue in single player mode). Only then you will see an option for co-op.
  6. Is season 3 a stand alone story line with all new characters and actors like season 4 is? I watched season 1 when it came out but never continued with season 2. I'd rather jump directly into season 3 if it's a new story.
  7. If I use the PSN store on a PC I have to explicitly add the PS+ games I 'bought' to my download list, that's where my confusion is coming from.
  8. @TehStu @Alex W. That's not how I read it. It explicitly states you should have downloaded or put on your download list the games you want to keep where at this moment you only have to have 'bought' them (not necessarily also added to your download list or actually downloaded) to be able to access them (you could always download them later as long as you have a subscription).
  9. I'm a bit confused by the language used. Both the English and the Dutch email I received state that you need to have downloaded or put on your download list any title you want to keep prior to the cut-off date. I would have expected that any title you have 'bought' during your PS+ subscription would remain available but as I read it they will be removed from the Playstation store altogether or at least no longer be available as download to PS+ subscribers.
  10. I only got an order confirmation email (for $0) but no shipping date or confirmation. (I was an original Kickstarter backer)
  11. I received an email from Oculus today asking me to confirm my shipping address and telephone number before the 25th of February so I guess they are about ready to ship the first batch.
  12. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Kickstarter edition the original backers are getting for free and the retail version (other than the price ).
  13. Got the email yesterday but did not read it until this morning, it's just unbelievable Looking at the old Kickstarter website that's almost 7000 Rifts they are giving away.
  14. Thanks, I used the first code. I will post my code once I receive it from Amazon
  15. I loved season one but have seen nothing of season two yet, except for a part of the first episode. Should I bother with season two? From what I've picked up here and there (I haven't kept up with this thread to avoid spoilers) it's all very dark and depressing and far from the quality of the 1st season. Some spoiler-free recommendations would be appreciated
  16. Is there a summary/recap video covering all the big conferences and announcements I could watch?
  17. I hope that at some point in the future, Lucas buys back the rights from Disney just to digitally remove the lens flare from the new films.
  18. If you pay by creditcard they only charge $50 right away as a deposit (with PayPal you have to pay the whole amount upfront). They do put a reservation on your card for the whole amount though, effectively decreasing your cards spending limit with $300 until they ship you the DK2.
  19. Peter

    EDF 2025

    Can you select the mission pack levels seperately, or do they get 'added' to the end of the standard single player campaign? I bought the 'season pass' for all level packs but I don't see how I can play the levels.
  20. Big advantage of a console powered VR solution might be the fact that you can cut out layers of drivers, OS, API's, firmware etc that all introduce latency (compared to a PC).
  21. Peter

    EDF 2025

    What is the best difficulty to start if you don't intend to re-visit the game after finishing all the levels once? I don't like to get into farming and such, just play through to the end (and all the add-on level packs) at challenging (but not impossible) difficulty. I found in the previous games that some of the later levels became impossible on the harder difficulty levels unless you went the route of staring at easy, farming for health and weapons, finishing the game and restating at the next difficulty level.
  22. Peter

    EDF 2025

    I can find the season pack on the PSN store but not the game itself Edit: oh, if you click on 'find more content' from within the season pack page you will see the full game.
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