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  1. Peter

    EDF 2025

    It's not in the PSN store is it? Or maybe in the US PSN store?
  2. Peter

    EDF 2025

    Does this have local (split screen) and online co-op?
  3. At first I made the mistake with Blu-ray games that It was fully installed once I could play it. However, although it showed as installed in one part of the PS4 interface (notifications) another part (option button pressed on the installed game tile) showed that it was still installing in the background from Blu-ray, making a lot of noise. Same goes for downloaded games (but without the drives noises). The notifications will tell it is installed but in fact the game will still be downloading a major part in the background. The first notification is only to inform you that you can start playing (part) of the game. Sony could make this process a little clearer I think.
  4. Usually early afternoon. If you search for the individual titles you might find them before they appear on the normal PS+ page though.
  5. The US PSN store has some nice deals this weekend: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/12/20/holiday-flash-sale-starts-now/ Tempted by COD Ghosts on PS3 for $44.99 if I can upgrade it to the PS4 version for $10. The current conversion rate (to Euro at least) makes buying from the US store quite interesting. Edit: the $10 upgrade to PS4 works with the digital download PS3 version
  6. Beyond: Two Souls. But that wasn't really a game.
  7. Is there a guide to making a us account anywhere? Secondly is need for speed cheaper on the us store? 1a. Create US PSN account 1b. Buy US PSN credit on US Amazon with fake US address details 2. Yes, everything is due to the exchange rate.
  8. Peter

    Battlefield 4

    Is this available for the 'Christmas offer' on PS3 to PS4 upgrade, or only for the Premium version? Both the PS3 and PS4 version show €14,99 for me
  9. Yes, same as with disk based installs it seems. It's a bit confusing but a really nice feature at the same time. If you check the details for the game (options key) it will show you the download state. In the case of BF4 it will show you the single player campaign is available and the percentage still required to download before the full game is available.
  10. Depends on if it is downloading something in the background I guess. Mine is downloading right now in stand-by mode and it isn't any more silent as if it where switched on.
  11. I was searching for Battlefield, found the deal now where you said, thanks!
  12. I can't find it for this price
  13. I've bought PSN credit on US Amazon with a Dutch credit card using a fake US address. Not sure if you can link a non US credit card directly to the US PSN (just try, no harm done). Other than that you can play any region game with any account, no need to switch. Only thing I found is that you have to start the game once with the account you bought it with (to activate probably). The current Euro to Dollar exchange rate makes it very interesting, even with the absurdly high retail prices, let alone the digital Amazon deals.
  14. No, I think you only need to start it once with your US account and after that any account on the PS4 can play it.
  15. It is, especially if the console is new and has never been turned on. Not sure if an SSD is worth it though, I'd go for one of those hybrid SSD/HD drives myself or just the biggest traditional HD I can find for an acceptable price (compared to the console).
  16. It think it's the power supply you hear humming, not the fan. I noticed that in standby mode the HDMI port gets activated every few minutes, this triggers my HDMI switch which in turn then powers on and switches to the PS4 port. A little annoying and this will add significantly to the overall power consumption in standby mode for me. I hope they can patch this out in a future update.
  17. I bought the PS+ code on Amazon, not on the Sony store or console itself. I did have to setup a US address in Amazon first though. I bought NFS Rivals as well on US PSN with PSN credit codes bought on Amazon, saved about €18.
  18. I took advantage of the Amazon (US) Black Friday deal and now also have US PS+. Can anyone recommend a good resource (other than the official Sony blog) that provides information about the US PS+ schedule and deals?
  19. https://store.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com Unless there are still PSN issues.
  20. If you ever had PS+ before (free or paid) it won't work. If you just can't see it in the store right now that might have to do with the current PNS overload issues
  21. The PS+ trail should be available in the PSN store (on the PS4). There is no code in the box or anything like that.
  22. Mmm... I've only played it for a little bit. Is there anywhere to see the install status? In the info it says it's 20GB in size. It showed an installation progress bar for a few minutes before the first start but not anymore now. .Edit: yeah I think is was still installing. The disk stopped spinning now except for a few seconds when starting the game.
  23. I have Killzone and it should have installed completely but the disk keeps spinning, even if I'm not playing Killzone but are just navigating the PS4 'dashboard'. Anyone else noticed this? My PS4 is quite silent without a disk in the drive but with the disk spinning the noise level becomes quite irritating. Not as bad as my launch 360 back in the day but still.... Everything else is just lovely
  24. Not sure if already posted but Resogun and Contrast for PS4 are now available on the EU Playstation Store for PS+ subscribers.
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