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  1. I find it a bit strange that it is supposed to be about the relationship between a human an android cop and in the first 15 minutes they replace the new android partner with an older model that has no android features or behavior at all. Also, phew phew lazer guns
  2. Peter

    Battlefield 4

    Does this have any relevant single player mode, or are you all just jumping onto the online part?
  3. There's another thread about this somehwere. Is there anyway I can watch this outside iPlayer/UK?
  4. Once Google glass is released EVERYONE will wear this (at least everyone who now uses a smart phone). AR is the next big technological revolution.
  5. A short documentary I found related to S03E03:
  6. I read that as Teddy Riley. Carry on
  7. Have Sony actually confirmed that they will be releasing monthly PS4 games on PS+ (other than Drive Club lite and Reso Gun)? I hope the decrease in PS3 releases means we will see at least on PS4 game each month. On the other hand, Sony would do well in keeping focus on the PS3 with PS+. I'm sure they are still selling loads of PS3s on GTA V, The Last of Us etc. and the coming Christmas period. (anecdotal: two colleagues just bought PS3s with PS+ just this month).
  8. What's the expected play time on this?
  9. How is this not a Meat thread?
  10. The PS+ versions don't work with remote play for me either, only the GoW HD remake (from PS+). Do you have the retail or PS+ versions?
  11. Are game patches only downloaded with PS+ if you have at least started the game once (where you are presented with an update patch that you can skip)? Either all these PS+ scheduled download features are just not working for me or the whole system just doesn't make much sense With the last PS+ game releases I queued everything up from the web store and nothing got downloaded during the next nightly update. Checking my download queue on the PS3 I do see everything queued there and one game downloaded at ~40%. Does it take several tries/windows to download your queue or should all the web queued games just all download on the next nightly download window? The only thing I can think of is that the download window is only 2hours. I hope really this all get fixed with PS4
  12. I can't find the demo on the web store (mentions the game is "disk only"). Is the demo only available from the PS3 store itself? Edit: nevermind I eventually found it on the web store as well. Their search is just horribly broken
  13. Okay so yes, the Vita version is free on PS+. I thought you where talking about an unannounced PSP pr PS3 cross-buy. The PS3 version is not showing as free for me and I can't find a PSP version (if that even exists at all).
  14. This is out next week. When can we expect to see reviews?
  15. Are these the same titles same as for the PS3/PS4 deal?
  16. Yeah, that's what I always do. When I start the PS3 the next day (after the automatic download/install window) the games are in the download list on the PS3, just not downloaded (and installed/patched). Vita seems to work fine. The games are downloaded and will install immediately when I take the Vita out of sleep-mode.
  17. Amazon Germany also has a PS4 + DriveClub (disk version) bundle for €439
  18. My PS3 doesn't seem to pick up the PS+ items I 'buy' in the web/online store with the nightly download option anymore. It still downloads patches for games I have manually downloaded and installed. Any idea what might be going on?
  19. I think I've read that an average film will take 100GB storage space (on the new stand alone Sony FMP-X1 4K/UHD player) so that about 19Mbit/sec if I got my maths right (probably not). It is not a streaming device though but you are expected to download the films on it.
  20. That's why a new optical disk format doesn't seem such a strange idea, even in this day and age. So is the PS4 Blu-ray drive really already capable of high capacity Blu-ray disks, as stated a few posts back by JohnC (or was he making a funny, I can never tell)? It could be the same thing as with the PS3 and Blu-ray back in the day for early adapters seeing as Sony's 4K/UHD streaming box costs around $/€/£/800 at the moment (and relies on o a good Internet connection as it doesn't have a Blu-ray drive).
  21. Quick check: a fiend wants to buy a new PS3 & PS+ in Europe but use it in the US (he will be working there for about a year). Can he do do that or is he better off buying a US PS3 and US PS+?
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