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  1. What was the original/alternative ending supposed to be?
  2. DS4 and patching existing games.
  3. Since one of its features is the streaming of PS4 games, I think it's a given it supports DS4. If the DS4 touch control can be used for Vita games, maybe with patches to the existing Vita games.
  4. I took that screenshot from the Vita TV promo video but yeah, you see both the Vita TV and PS4 in that screenshot. However, I don't think they are showing the PS4 media player (or even streamed from the PS4 to the Vita TV) there as it is a Vita TV promo.
  5. I just noticed this in the promo video: Doesn't their new 4K/UHD player cost around $1000 at the moment?
  6. What would be a good place to import one of these (plus maybe a 64GB card) from?
  7. The slot shown in the video is for game cards but I think there is also a slot for mem cards (the proprietary Vita cards). I don't think you can swap your mem card from your Vita to your Vita TV unless you use the same PSN account.
  8. Possibly we'll see patches for games that do not have heavily integrated touch controls, to patch those out.
  9. How are people managing their Vita game downloads? I'm now trying to download everything to my PS3 and then copy the games to the Vita from there. I found that using the data transfer utility does not show the transferred games (from Vita to PS3) on the PS3 (they are store in a separate, invisible area). The only issue I now have is that I can't seem to create folders on the PS3 to organize the Vita games/downloads, only PS3 games can be placed in folders.
  10. Hash check based on (part of the unique) contents.
  11. Peter

    Games on Gold

    I had the same issue but was able to 'buy' it on the 360 itself without the need for a valid payment option.
  12. Peter

    The Last Of Us

    Fair enough. Maybe I'm not playing it right and should upgrade my current weapons more.
  13. Peter

    The Last Of Us

    I think I'm about a quarter in now. Do you eventually get a better weapon than the shotgun, like an assault rifle that some of the human enemy's seem to carry? Although the environments are lovely, It's getting a bit repetitive now. Especially since you have to do all the combat from relatively close by.
  14. Peter

    The Last Of Us

    Don't buy it Smitty, it's just like Tombraider
  15. Peter

    The Last Of Us

    What is the expected total playtime on normal for a casual gamer?
  16. Peter

    EDF 2025

    Is the Xbox version not region free?
  17. Yeah, that´s what I already do but not all PS+ games appear on the Sony web store right away and without a list to know what should be on PS+ I could miss out on buying-downloading games. Edit: After a bit of Googling I found this: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/general-ps3-discussion/198601-list-eu-playstation-plus-igc-free-games.html which seems even better that the ps3blog.net list
  18. Is the list op ps3blog.net not being updated anymore? Any alternatives? It's always nice to see what should be on Plus as I can't sometimes find it in the Sony store right away and have to search for it to be able to 'buy'/download it.
  19. This months Sound on Sound magazine has its cover story on RAM: "Daft Punk: The Making of a Million dollar Album Daft Punk spent four years and over a million dollars on their quest to revisit the golden age of record production. Mick Guzauski and Peter Franco were with them all the way." http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jul13/articles/daft-punk.htm
  20. Exactly. They need some games to put on the PS4 version of PS+ anyway. I wonder how Plus will develop in the early days of PS4. Surely there are only a hand full of games for PS4 during launch, let alone enough give two titles away on Plus every month.
  21. Peter


    Microsoft is doing some pretty solid griefing right now am I right guys?
  22. Now all they need to do is announce a version without the camera, just below the PS4 price. An Xbox One-180-180 if you will. Edit: Bah too late
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