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  1. Sony already did this with a PS2/PVR hybrid and failed.
  2. I'll play: Atari 800XL & Atari 130XE (they take game carts), Megadrive (+ copybox), Sega GameGear, Nintendo N64, Atari Jaguar, NeoGeo Pocket Color, Sega Saturn (modded), GameBoy Advance SP (Famicom, NES & a normal blue one). PlayStation 2 (modded), XBOX (modded). Nintendo DS (US), Sony PSP (jap v1.50). The GameBoy Micro Famicom is on its way from yesasia. I'm thinking about ordering a ceramic white PSP and will probably pre-order a XBOX 360 today or next week. I'll buy a black GBA SP backlit once they have 'm in the shops here. Some of the older consoled I bought after the newer ones. I started with the Atari XL (after that I continued gaming on PC's and Atari ST's). Bought my first propper console, the GameGear, when in I was in the army for a year. Many years later after exclusive PC gaming I bought a PS2 when it was already 2 or 3 year on the market and after that started to buy the other consoles as they came out and collected the older ones. (edited about 4 times)
  3. any Dutch forumites know what the current situation in the Netherlands is? In my town we don't have a decent games store, only two toy store chains a Free record shop and a Dixons.
  4. Is this the BIG thing that is going down? Sega signs Bizarre for Next-Gen Bizarre Creations, the team behind the Project Gotham racing series published by Microsoft exclusively for Xbox, has signed back on with Sega to create a next-gen series of games. The British outfit is famously known for its quality driving games, having previously worked with Sega to create Dreamcast game Metropolis Street Racer, but details of the currently in-production project remain top secret. <http://www.edge-online.co.uk/archives/2005/09/sega_signs_biza.php>
  5. But seriously, do we (or developers for that matter) need another console/handheld? Isn't the market more then saturated already.
  6. Someone should post that X-Files/"I want to believe" picture. I can't be arsed anymore...
  7. Someone please say the obvious here before we get to page 2.
  8. Or Fastloader. Fastloader also allows you to step up the clockspeed of the UMD game.
  9. Electronic Gaming Monthly does this. Every review is done by 3 people. Often two staff writers and one guest reviewer from another magazine or a website.
  10. She had a role in "Entourage". She also play in the video for Hanson's "Penny and me". The story in that video in a lot like the video for Bad Day
  11. Mmm.. Surely if the Xbox has given us any precedent (XBMC) it will be free open source software on hacked MS hardware. I simply don’t see people buying relatively expensive software for cheap hardware (same goes for Sony hardware btw).
  12. I don't understand what the Xbox and the 360 have to do with Linux vs. Windows. You mean MS are trying to get MS hardware into the homes as a vehicle for their software?
  13. You can pre-order them at Play-Asia: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-14-71-9h.html The new colours are more expensive however ($189 compaired to $169 for the silver model).
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