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  1. Here's a (sponsored) article with some background on the recording and mixing of RAM. Any more info like this out there? Please post if you find anything.
  2. I'm on 4.41. The PS+ automatic update feature didn't pick up any new firmware last night and a manual check on the PS3 also said I was already on the latest firmware. I'm guessing Sony already pulled this version from the servers.
  3. Is there any more information on the changes to Xbox Live for the 360? The PS+ like monthly free games especially?
  4. I was going through my PS+ downloads and looking at the blog list and I seemed to have missed some stuff somehow. Was "Batman: Arkham City" a demo or beta or a full game?
  5. Can watch the complete show again somewhere (missed it, just woke up)?
  6. Did you miss that they are lauching a new model? And PS+!
  7. Will this be streamed on the 360/Xbox Live as well (like the Bone reveal last month)?
  8. The motion blur is due to the used LCD display and should be fixed in the consumer version. It's indeed very distracting at first but your brain will soon tune it out.
  9. I don't get that sense of scale at all. Also my point of view seems all wrong (like I'm a dwarf or something). Did you do anything to calibrate or did it just work for you out of the box? Also, what is that space demo your referring to? I tried Quake 2 but couldn't get it to run. HL2 is still amazing though, the only game/demo that seems to come close to what you are experiencing.
  10. Yes, you can queue them to download on the web store and the PS3 will automatically download.
  11. I'm wearing contacts but I think it should be possible with glasses as well if you use the smallest lenses and adjust the Rift for maximum space (you can adjust it inwards/outwards about 1,5cm). I have to agree with Slartibartfast, it takes a little while and the right game/demo/application for it to click. I was overly harsh in my first post. Half Life 2 is the most impressive for me at the moment. I hope we'll see Rift support in more modern games soon. There is a video driver in development that should support games like Crysis 3 and Far Cry 3, that will be spectacular.
  12. Oh fuck me Half-Life 2 is pretty cool. The in-game text is readable although weirdly centered to the left for me most of the time for some reason. The menus are still a problem here as well. VR application definitely need a good solution for menu text and captions though. It now looks the same as subtitles in a 3D film, out of place. 3D details on the character models are great. Wall textures etc are blurry but that's the same problem as normal gaming on a flat screen. It would be cool if you could control part of the movement with body-language with Kinect type technology or something. Using the stick on the gamepad controller feels weird. There is a slight delay as you first move the cross-hairs to the edge of the screen and only then you move your position. Okay, back to the VR world
  13. I received mine this Monday. It's truly a developers kit and not an end-user device (like Oculus have emphasized time and time again so I knew this going in). The resolution is just too low right now. Not only is the 1280x800 display split in halve (for each eye) but, like in the pictures above, you also lose another 20% or so of that resolution on the black borders and distortion. In TF2 the menu text is simple unreadable (I'll try HL2 tonight). Also, the LCD in the current version has a lot of blurring. I also have the idea that most demos have very low quality textures and not all objects are truly created in 3D. This is probably because most demos are converted from standard game objects and not specifically created for VR. The demos are programmed in a way so that objects should all look their actual size, I'm also not seeing that Everything looks way to small and I'm looking at things from a low height/perspective (most demos assume you are an average height male). I've also tried watching a 3D film on the rift (Men in Black 3) but again, I'm probably not experiencing it the way others are. To me it just looks like I have a screen 10cm in from of my eyes with a little 3D effect (no real great depth). It could be that my eyes are just to fucked up to 'get' a true 3D/VR experience though. The few times I've seen 3D films on a 3D T.V. and in the cinema I also couldn't really get used to it. On my setup the tracking latency is unnoticeable to me, works great. Although in some demos the tracking starts to drift after a while. I still have to move my PC from the living room (connected to the living room T.V.) to my upstairs room where I have a normal PC monitor because my T.V. can't handle the 1280x800 resolution of the Rift and setting it up as a 2nd screen doesn't work at all, the demos need to run in full screen on the primary monitor. The consumer version also desperately needs either a front facing camera or some sort of transparent screen. It's extremely awkward to not see your hands and the room (to control your mouse/keyboard/gamepad) The headset itself is lighter than I expected. I don't think I need the extra strap that goes over your head although I've not had long sessions with it yet. Movement is also very awkward, I get proper vertigo from moving too fast. It's a cool experience but all in all a little underwhelming so far. Even more so as 3D cinema/T.V./gaming, I'm afraid this is going to die a quick death or at best remain as a very small niche for the hardest of hardcore gaming nerds. Sorry for the rambling post
  14. Yeah, but that features scenes recovered from someones VHS copy of the raw cut. Not really fair compared to studio quality SD masters.
  15. Really? Maybe they updated the backup/restore tool in a recent firmware. I upgraded my hd a few months ago with the backup/restore tool on a 16GB usb stick and it worked fine although I don't think I had any downloaded games at that time (this was before my PS+ subscription). I did a backup trial copy yesterday to an external usb drive and it would take 5 hours to copy my current 250gb drive (80% full) to the usb drive. I'd assume that would include the downloaded PS+ games and not just the saves and settings.
  16. I'm not getting this whole auto download and install to work. Or does it only work with stuff you have 'bought' on the web store after the last update? Even titles I bought (and started to download) on the PS3 itself do not seem to continue downloading (and install) during the set auto-update time window. This whole PS+ would be so much cooler if all this stuff would just work. B.t.w. would it be possible to copy all downloaded titles to a new disk? I replaced the stock 60GB disk with a 250GB disk some time ago but with PS+ 250GB fills up in a few months. I'd like to replace the 250GB with a bigger drive but prefer not to re-download all the titles again (that would take two weeks).
  17. Notice the short Coachella bit in the Pharrell collaborators piece. Either they edited that in last minute or the cell phone video from Coachella last week was from a plant. Ether way, there doing an epic job building hype and it's working for me :love:
  18. HD quality Pharrell clip from an SNL ad last night (same as the Coachella clip):
  19. I don't know if this is valid in the whole of Europe but on the Dutch Playstation store you now get an additional 3 months subscription for free with a 1 year subscription for €50,-
  20. Someone created a full song around that promo loop:
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