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  1. How is he the "creator of the first ever DJ mix compilation" in 1992?
  2. There's a recent two part Showtime (I think) documentary 'out there' about the history of the Eagles that I found really entertaining although is basically a standard biography and little else. I also have to echo the 'Sound City' recommendations. The history of a recording studio and some of its bands/acts, recording technology (analog v.s. digital workflow) mythical recording equipment and studio acoustics. What about 'Control', the Anton Corbijn film about Joy Division?
  3. Shame it is limited to the US only. That Blu-ray with making of documentary better become available at Amazon etc. as well.
  4. Can you 'buy' the PS+ games from a PC and then have the automatic download feature download the purchased titles overnight? I don't think that's possible right? Also, is there any official or unofficial website that shows all the current, future and past content of PS+ without having to read back into blog posts?
  5. After getting the trail key from Eurogamer I've replaced my launch PS3 60GB HD with a 250GB and it's already half filled after downloading all the Plus titles (including the Vita games). Should have gone with a 1TB. I don't think an SSD will get you an enormous speed boost (compared to PC). There are several articles with test on the internet. Regarding the downloading/patching etc I kinda have to agree with Sledge though. I 'bought' some of the new titles on Plus this month and you still have to manually initiate the download (and then cancel them) for the automatic update function to catch them. Same with patches, you have to have at least started the game once to trigger the automatic update function to catch the updates. Unless it doing it wrong that is.
  6. Those tools to fix the graphics problem don't work with an SLI setup do they?
  7. Should I aim for 60fps with less pretties or 30fps with all settings to max/ultra/insane? Mainly Far Cry 3, Crysis 3 and the new Tomb Raider. I hate tearing so I'll keep v-sync on.
  8. What I didn't really get was how they where able to clone the courier's cellphone without knowing who he was. Was it because they had his mothers number and where able to track his phone calls and his phone number from that?
  9. I've heard it compared to Justified (not seen that show myself).
  10. I could see Sony do some sort of 4K/UHD streaming service with the PS4. It was probably to early now to focus on it during the press conference but they might make it a major future during the release, when 4K/UHD tellies are a little bit more common and affordable. Since there is no optical media yet for 4K/UDH (I think the Blu-ray forum are working on a draft spec) we'll need streaming media players to get the 4K/UHD content for now anyway.
  11. So basically PS4 is going to be the new 360, Nextbox is the new Wii and Wii U is the new Dreamcast but without the love and the games?
  12. Thanks everyone in the Steam chat, that was a lot of fun. DAY ONE!
  13. How are you guys playing this already? I received my retail copy a day late today and after installing it is says I can't play this until after midnight
  14. So what release date(s) are we expecting, Christmas 2013?
  15. It has a flap (hole)
  16. It's not really an Alan Ball show though is it, he's just producing it. Also, Cinemax, do they have a history with quality shows like aother cable stations?
  17. Where there any interviews or a Q&A or something like that?
  18. Peter

    Nintendo Wii U

    I did the update connected through my phone as hotspot and now my connection problems seem to be fixed.
  19. What's the deal with this Blood & Chrome? Is it a pilot that they are now putting up on Youtube in little chunks? A mini series?
  20. Is there another thread on this film that I missed? No one seen this yet (as it's out there now as well)?
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