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  1. Enterprise is available on iTunes in HD already. It looks very soft with hardly any HD detail so I wonder what the can do to the material to make it look better without any artificial sharpening.
  2. Yeah, with camera I meant aiming, sorry. There is no way I will be able to remap the controls in these Japanese menus without some step-by-step pictures though. Is there a forum or site anywhere where there is a translation of the menu system?
  3. I received EDF 3 Portable through Play-asia yesterday. As expected the menus and voices are all in Japanese although the menus are not that complex so one should be able to figure out the most important selections. I quickly fired up the first level and in seems there is no right stick camera control (unless they have made the first level into a tutorial level like in Gravity Rush where you only get control over the camera later on in the training level). Anyone else playing this yet?
  4. The first few seasons are fantastic but then it seems to disappear up in its own arse.
  5. I was only able to watch about the first half of this weeks episode this morning but: Still have to watch the second half tonight though.
  6. I think the opposite would happen and whoever would own the market would try to sell you a new or updated version of their console every year or so if possible.
  7. Maybe I sould give it another go then. From where should I start watching? I've seen the first few eps but never got to the arc (or didn't notice it).
  8. Once you are able to look through the A-Team stuff, this becomes a pretty awsome show. Also:
  9. No. The only time I've seen someone with a mobile gaming system in public it have been young kids with a Nintendo. Kids that are still to young for a smartphone.
  10. The U.K. version has the same audio problems. Even if you downmix the 7.1 to stereo you will hear it very clearly. The original 2.0 stereo mixes seem to be unaffected. Edit: nope, at least on the pilot episode with the 2.0 version the intro is out of sync (although you probably won't notice that).
  11. Peter


    I wouldn't bother.
  12. Also having problems here. Just bought Anno 2070 but it is nowhere to be found. Now I can't even login to Steam anymore
  13. Peter


    Are you sure you're in the correct thread?
  14. There's an iPad app (unofficial). I don't know how complete it is though.
  15. Many thanks. I own a Japanese launch day PSP but I horribly neglected it
  16. Do we have a 'best of PSP' thread somewhere? Now that there are still few native Vita games I'd like to try some of the favorite PSP games.
  17. Good. I think the 6th series will also be the last, right?
  18. I just received the sampler Blu-ray today. Somehow it just doesn't look right. It's just too sterile and 'empty', soulless. I appreciate the DVD releases based on the original video masters (and possibly also the original T.V. airings) didn't do the series justice but I feel this new transfer goes somehow far beyond what was original intended. Despite being shot on 35mm film and only composited and edited on analog video this new Blu-ray transfer clearly shows that it was never intended to be shown in this level of detail. The makeup, the sets, the close up shots, it looks like it was all filmed fully understanding the limitations of the final video master tape quality. I wonder what it would look like if they used this new HD master to produce a new DVD. It would probably look a lot better then the existing DVD's based on the analog video masters but at the same time not as 'revealing' as this new Blu-ray version.
  19. Peter

    The Finder

    I wouldn't call it "hugely entertaining" and it's not a comedy really, but it's pretty watchable so far.
  20. Ah okay. I must be confused with possibly Voyager switching from models to CGI during the series?
  21. That's surprising as they sort of promised to stay away from creating new CGI and re-use the original model shots. It's possible these screens are from the later seasons where the models where replaced by CGI during the original production (a.f.a.i.k.).
  22. I finally had the courage to watch the last two episodes today, I guess I didn't want this show to end so I put off watching the last eps for a long time. What an incredibly wonderful show :love:
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