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  1. Battlefield V looked very different. Colours in Dolby Vision was much more subdued and realistic. Turned it off and it was back to being much more vibrant and colourful, just found HDR made it easier to spot stuff. On a 48" LG CX Oled.
  2. Have they put some auto Dolby Vision on things? Just played some Battlefield V and suddenly it looked completely different to just this morning. Turned out it suddenly defaulted to Dolby Vision instead of HDR.
  3. I hope the UI changes quite drastically for the full release, because right now it is horrible and not working very well. Why does changing my grip also change my sight. Why does it say that I can show the network-graph but nothing appears. Right now my two main issues are the UI and the net code. I can probably live with them not fixing the first but they really need to do something about that net code. This morning I had an enemy move like a bunny on LSD. Try to hit that with a slow moving LMG. It is also more or less impossible to differ friend from foe up close because the the enemy model seems to update only once every second.
  4. There is no active spotting I think. I have only played the healing lady-class but it seems to work like BFV. If you look at an enemy, they are in your line of sight and within a certain distance you will spot them. At least I think that is how it works An question not related to the one above. Are there only the attachements visible in the quick select menu available for each gun or can you somehow change the three options somewhere? The menus are the normal Battlefield horrible and I couldn't really make out how to change anything on your selected weapon.
  5. So managed to finish a full match. Also managed to summon both a dog and a vehicle, seems to be connected to your placement, sometimes the "summon-circle" won't appear even though you are in the open and have the item available. The lag and thus the bullet registration (hope it is lag and not net code again) are problematic. Sometimes the TTK is 0,5 seconds, sometimes you can empty 50 rounds into someone with only 2 registering. Also there seems to be some sort of memory leak? The performance gets worse and worse on my Series X the further into the match I get. At the start it is smooth 60 fps but at the end it was very very choppy with some wonky animations that seemed to run at 15 fps.
  6. Never got that to work. Tried summoning the robot dog, choose it, pressed A and nothing happened. Same with adjusting my attachements on the gun, could bring up the menu but not actually change anything.
  7. Just played 2/3 of a game, Conquest seems to last a long time. Looks really nice on a XBX maybe a little barren. Found the map to be VERY large, resulting in a lot of uneventful running. More Hell Let Loose than Battlefield in my opinion.
  8. Yes, you still have to pay for the +10€ extra version it seems.
  9. https://answers.ea.com/t5/Battlefield-Announcements/Cross-Gen-Bundle-Added-to-the-Digital-Standard-Edition-for/td-p/10802679?cid=70694&ts=1633448404779&utm_campaign=bf2042_hd_ww_ic_soco_twt_tw-cross-gen-bundle&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  10. Have anyone been able to preload the beta yet?
  11. 4k60 (PS5/XSX) and that part seems really stable. Not like Hell Let Loose on PS5 (beta) which had a lot of stuttering and noticeable slowdown.
  12. Tried a bit of the domination mode, think classic three flag conquest from BF. Found it more to my taste as you respawn quickly after each death and it was more fast paced with less camping. But for some reason there is no progression when playing this game mode. Just one class with everything unlocked and available. Bit of a bummer since progression and unlocking new stuff to try out is one of the things I really enjoy in these kind of shooters. Also have some sound issues. My own gun sound dissapears from time to time and it is more or less impossible to hear footsteps meaning the people keep kreeping up from behind all the time.
  13. Released yesterday for Xbox One/Series and Playstation 4/5. Played an hour or two so far, bit unpolished and much much slower than the normal FPS games of late.
  14. Tried the Hell Let Loose beta. Not for me, way to slow and the controls and graphics didn't hold up. Lot of stuttering and very floaty controls. Was vary hard to first off all even see the enemy and then even harder trying to line up a shot.
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