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  1. Would still appreciate if anyone could help me unlock the M13B by dropping it at the start of the round.
  2. I am on Xbox my GT is in my signature. I have managed to make it to the radiation zone twice but never been able to find the Chemist. Probably too late I guess.
  3. Is it still possible to unlock the M13 by having one of your team mates drop it and then just evac? If it is, would anyone be interested in helping me?
  4. I still have this really annoying bug that after each game of 6 vs. 6 it puts me back in the Warzone 2.0 "mode". So loadouts, selectable games etc. are all Warzone related. So after each game I have to quite to the main menu, select MW2 and start searcing for a new game again. On Xbox.
  5. It is OK, but weapon balance is way way off. Anything other than fast firing full auto guns are pointless. Edit: Just to point out how broken the balance is. I used the DMR until lvl 16 in order to unlock the SMG. Got max 3 kills per game with a KD of 0.10 perhaps. Unlocked the Hurricane. First match with it, KD 3.50. Second match with unlocked red dot 20 kills and KD 4.0. The really need to do some balancing before launch.
  6. Not bad after you turn down all the blurr effects they insist having on by default. FoV slider is nice and it seems to run well. I had one hard crash though. Hope they add Ground War sometime during the beta. My favorite mode from MW 2019.
  7. Heavensward done. People found and dragons slain. Was a nice story but I still hope for more combat and less teleporting only to watch a 3 minutes cutscene. Almost level 64 on my black mage!
  8. I will power through, takes a bit longer with Heavensward as I actually watch and read most cutscenes. Having a bit of a hard time following everything in the story, too many dragons, crazy priests and mysterious men. But I think I have a grasp over the bigger picture. Had to change all my bars too as it turns out I haven't really understood what all the spells do, there are maybe a bit too many different passives and statuses to keep track of. And everything is so bizarrely named making it even harder to understand what it does. But really enjoying the game so far, my old record was about level 24 and I must say the game becomes much better after the first main game is done. Looking forward to the rest as I bought Endwalker yesterday.
  9. Must say that the main story line of Heavensward really has slowed down. I don't think I have done anything other than teleport between different places for the last 10-15 quests. Hopefully it will pick up again letting me actually use my characters skills. Realised I must buy the last three expansions now, just hit level 60 and can't progress any further until I buy the next expansion.
  10. Heavensward is quite different than the base game. Much more like a traditional MMORPG with larger and more open areas, I quite prefer that to the much more restricted surroundings of the base game. Still quite overleveled, just hit 58 and the main scenario is still around level 53 or so. Guessing it is still so that you have to finish the entire main scenario in order to progress to the next expansion? Not very fond of that structure. Also just realised that maybe I should level my companion. What spec is preferred? Was thinking of healer as I play as DPS (BLM).
  11. Probably beyond saving I'm afraid. There are 5 times as many people playing V on Steam, not a good sign. I played quite a lot of BF2042, got to level 85 I think but haven' played for a couple of weeks. The lack of content and replayability is my main issues.
  12. Holy shit that was the longest series of quests I have ever done. I never thought it would end, once I thought I was close and was met with "you need to do these three raids too". But finally done and started Heavensward by entering Ishengard and attuning.
  13. Here I was thinking that the end screen with text rolling by meant I was about to jump into the first expansion. But holy F the quest line between the "ending" and actually being able to start playin Heavensward is as long, if not longer, than the main scenario 1-50. Must say that keeping leveling behind such an extensive questline is not really my cup of tea. Especially not when every fourth quest means you have to wait 30 minutes in Duty que in order to complete a mandatory dungeon or boss. I think I am nearing the end now though, looking forward to some more "normal" questing as I do 50-60.
  14. Ok, caves is not my thing. First cave full of small super annoying Goblins hanging from the the roof. Impossible to spot and somehow they seem to spawn behind me and suddenly there was 4 instead of 2. 1 flask left, yellow wall, big guy, dead. Ok, back to the open world. Second cave, two undeads, easy, only issue they raise an alarm as soon as they spot me. Now 6 undeads in a narrow passage, dead. Ok, back to the open world. Third cave, rat, chest, WTF where did I go? Centipede walking upright, very slow, nice, easy to block and dodge. But with a ranged attack that takes 75% of my health and it turns out they were 2. Dead. At least I found 5 smithing stones (I hope you keep them upon death?) and a way out. Found two spells, arc something and a guy with a automatic bow that riddled me with arrows like it was a Gatling gun. Dead. Then it was time for work.
  15. Fast sword or slower harder hitting big sword for a Vagabond? I can't make up my mind.
  16. I still haven't ventured outside the first church thingy and the first camp. Found some wolves and their leader which I actually managed to kill! I am guessing going through the gate north of the first camp is of limits for the time being? I can't survive for more than 15 seconds.
  17. I just managed to clear the first camp! The Halbard was a better option against the Captain, although it took all 5 flasks to get it done. But I am still not sure how the progression works in this. On my Confessor I got a NPC on returning to the first shop guy, gave me a summoning spell of some sort. But when I return on my Vagabond nothing happens. Not sure if there is something I need to do or if it is a class thing?
  18. A question. Is the loot randomized in this? Have gotten the exact same two things in the two chests at the camp but the actual mobs seem to drop random stuff? Is grinding mobs a way of getting better gear or is that just done by following the story?
  19. If you are good at the game I would agree, but for us where one or more deaths is unavoidable it would make progress a bit easier and more rewarding. It could be a way to adjust the difficulty.
  20. I get the network status error too, on Xbox. I just assumed it was due to servers being overwhelmed.
  21. Almost managed to kill the bigger guy in the first little camp. Not fond of the respawning mobs, removes a bit of the immersion seeing the exact same NPC you killed only 2 min ago. A more classic respawn timer rather than respawn on death or resting would be better.
  22. So what class is everyone playing? I started with a Vagabond and the tried the mage for about 1h or so. Ranged and spells seem very strong, at least until you meet someone with a shield. Then you'll have to face them with your toothpick and a leather shield that doesn't block(?).
  23. Holy crap I am bad at this game. My Vagabond is getting his ass kicked by anything more lethal than a common soldier. And how on earth are you to handle anything more than one enemy at a time? Also realised I might have forgotten to pick up my leveling currency each time I died. I have absolutely no clue what or where I am supposed to go, went trough a gate and a big ugly 20 M zombie showed up and made me his bitch while I was being filled with arrows by 4 other mobs.
  24. Bought this earlier today, got to play about 40 min. I read somewhere about a tutorial but I must have missed it somehow? Some corridors, then the open world and a guy on a horse that beat the crap out of me in about 6.5 seconds.
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