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  1. Does the physical Series version, which is the one I have, give access to the Xbox One version?
  2. Such an inconsistent game this. Just had two really good and fun games of 128 Conquest, and one of them on one of my least favorite maps, the snow one. Managed to sidestep an charging small tank, whatever the name is, the level 50 unlock. Turned 180 and blew three people to pieces. Only to seconds later snipe a guy in a jeep trying to run me over with a rocket and then having the empty jeep fly by me with inches to spare. Also had some really good infantry fights around the middle points and on the oil rig. But I swear next time I will be killed by PC snipers and totally silent vehicles over and over again.
  3. Played a quick game of Conquest 128 man earlier and realised my main issue is that it is just not very fun to play. Hard to put the finger on one special thing but I think the main thing is the lack of fun and engaging firefights. Death is either by a PC sniper that you never saw or by a vehicle you never saw or heard.
  4. It was bugger than ever before yesterday (Series X). I played 4 games of 128 player Conquest. Every game had the loadout bug. One game crashed just before ending, and put me back at the main console menu. One game had the deploy bug so I had to leave before it started. Two games had deteriorating performance at the end, with one game being unplayable for the last 5 minutes, with a like 5 FPS framerate and 5-10 second long freezes. Unlocked the 3:rd AR though which seemed really nice.
  5. That no-one plays Hazard Zone is a given I guess but is anyone playing Portal to any extent? I really don't see the point, to me it is still just a mess of servers with unfun rules 98% of the time. Sure DICE have made 4 game modes but I don't really see why I would play old games with prettier graphics. They should have focused on their main mode and released it with more and better maps.
  6. Well assault rifle(s) are much more usable now, only played one game as the first game gave me the "empty loadout"-bug, so only managed to try the first of the ARs. But there was a clear difference in effectiveness, now it was possible to kill people at ranges above 5 M.
  7. Not true, Planetside 2 can be amazing and with a lot more than 128 players. It all depends on the game mode at which you decide to throw any number of players. I still say that my wet FPS dream is Planetside 2 having a baby with Battlefield. Think Planetside 2 games modes and MMO like persistent progression combined with the gunplay and aesthetics of Battlefield.
  8. Have a Series X and a PS5. The Xbox is my go to console, haven't played anything on the PS5 since finishing Ratchet and Clank. I really like the Series X, it is not until I use my sons One X that I realise just how fast it is. The speed of loading and menus are probably the number one reason that I play more games now, even a game like Battlefield only takes a couple of minutes to start meaning that just playing that one match (damn kids ) is possible without a massive time commitment.
  9. I thought it was agreed that having a apotting mechanism without letting anyone know they are spotted is a bad thing. The spotting grenade makes Amy form of PTFO bloody annoying as everyone is farming XP with them. Even getting near an objective without at least 10 enemies knowing exactly where you are seems impossible.
  10. Had two good games of Conquest earlier today. Running with the PP makes life as infantry much more enjoyable. Played another game just now where it once again crawled to a halt mid match. Running at 20 fps for a good 5-10 minutes. I think it might be weather related and not to the big tornado thingy.
  11. Just had another hard crash om Series X. Everything freezes and the Xbox shuts off after 10 seconds. Managed to play a bit with the PP. Much lower damage than any of the first two AR but way more lethal at all ranges. Weapons balance is off by quite a margin.
  12. Agree, 2042 seems more unfinished, BF4 was more broken. There are so many unfinished stuff in 2042, for example why can't I spawn on vehicles when the round starts. I only play as infantry so I don't want to take up a driving position from someone who knows what they are doing but I would like to be able to get a ride at the start of a round. Spending the first 2-5 minutes just running is not super engaging gameplay.
  13. Does the same apply for the SMG? I see a lot of people using the PP29 and they seem to be able to laser me at incredible distances. Nah, I remember Battlefield 4 being more or less unplayable for the first 6 months or so. Not the worst I would say, just a normal launch of a DICE game, i.e. horrible but expected.
  14. Is the soundmix a bit off? Sometimes it seems that certain sound more or less disappears. I had a tank roll up on me the other day, shooting me in the back from like 5 M without me hearing anything. One would think you would hear a tank sneaking up on you. But using DMRs have really improved the enjoyability of the game. I just can't seem to compete with snipers in general and the pin point accuracy and recoil control of mouse and keyboard when using assault rifles.
  15. Nope I still don't like Halo MP. I don't know what it is but it just doesn't click with me. Getting destroyed by some guy in a flying tank with rockets over and over again in BtB didn't help. Is there any way to just play Slayer games? They are much more enjoyable than playing objective based game modes where players play them like they were Slayer games anyway.
  16. I had a game (Series X) where the last 5-10 minutes ran at about 10 fps. Performance seems to deteriorate the farther into a match you get. But using a DMR has improved the "fun". The SVK seems to be a 2 shot kill at almost all ranges bar the extreme.
  17. You don't, they have conveniently removed the network graph. Which was selectable in the beta but didn't work.
  18. Is there any reason to use other weapons than the DMRs? Just had a Conquest game on the map with the oil platform. There is literally zero close quarter combat as every spot seems coverable by long range weapons. They should halve (at least) the size of all maps and add much more buildings. It is more World of Tanks than Battlefield.
  19. DICE quality servers... Does not bode well when this is not even the full release.
  20. It is an Ultimate thing I think, you need to have access to EA Play. I went to the normal store and downloaded it. About 52Gb.
  21. Got to play it a bit yesterday. Was quite OK apart from the servers not holding up, there were some serious lagg when playing 128 man Conquest. Some really weird animation too that seemed to operate at 10 fps. Throwing armor plates for example. The UI (menues) can as always f**k off. I don't understand how it can be so hard to create a well functioning UI. For example I couldn't find a way to favorite a Portal server while playing. So I have to search again and hope that I remember what it was called, and with the full launch there will be thousands of servers. The search filters also seemed very limited. Sound seemed strangely balanced with gun fire very muted and super high footstep sound.
  22. Battlefield V looked very different. Colours in Dolby Vision was much more subdued and realistic. Turned it off and it was back to being much more vibrant and colourful, just found HDR made it easier to spot stuff. On a 48" LG CX Oled.
  23. Have they put some auto Dolby Vision on things? Just played some Battlefield V and suddenly it looked completely different to just this morning. Turned out it suddenly defaulted to Dolby Vision instead of HDR.
  24. I hope the UI changes quite drastically for the full release, because right now it is horrible and not working very well. Why does changing my grip also change my sight. Why does it say that I can show the network-graph but nothing appears. Right now my two main issues are the UI and the net code. I can probably live with them not fixing the first but they really need to do something about that net code. This morning I had an enemy move like a bunny on LSD. Try to hit that with a slow moving LMG. It is also more or less impossible to differ friend from foe up close because the the enemy model seems to update only once every second.
  25. There is no active spotting I think. I have only played the healing lady-class but it seems to work like BFV. If you look at an enemy, they are in your line of sight and within a certain distance you will spot them. At least I think that is how it works An question not related to the one above. Are there only the attachements visible in the quick select menu available for each gun or can you somehow change the three options somewhere? The menus are the normal Battlefield horrible and I couldn't really make out how to change anything on your selected weapon.
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