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  1. At least the Mordor scenes will be a breeze.
  2. The little song at the end of EP8 was cool. The rushing of all the important stuff and the time wasted on proto-hobbits, not so much.
  3. These drivers? https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/6121-ECCD-D643-BAA8 Which Windows version? You may need to mess around like this https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/steam-deck-audio-driver-installation-causes-blue/fa215a09-29ca-47ef-b057-89d89d1e6d52
  4. Gone gold. 2gig day one patch.
  5. yashiro


    Or maybe Return of the living Mickey.
  6. It gets much more batshit later. It's pap, unfortunately.
  7. It was better than the previous ones, yeah. It's on course to be the most pirated show of the year!
  8. This is like an alternate reality Resident Evil. Very odd.
  9. That's some wild rainbow colouring on that text. Are you posting from Windows XP?
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