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  1. https://www.netflix.com/search?q=atkins&suggestionId=20002299_person
  2. If Dolby Vision looks 'completely different' to HDR then something somewhere in the setup is/was fucked.
  3. Also runs cooler if you remove the case completely and fire a 30inch fan at the motherboard.
  4. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2021/10/valves-deck-verified-badge-will-show-which-games-run-well-on-steam-deck/
  5. yashiro


    Don’t forget to watch the Arms University playlist!
  6. Type Tom Atkins in the search box.
  7. You could only make the original look nice by using custom shader mods. The max res was 800*600 and it only ran at 25fps. So yes, it will look choppy in classic graphic mode. It looks even worse if you have gear because they don't speed up animations to fit. They drop animation frames when you have high haste/cast time reduction instead. They might add some options to scale classic mode better when they fix the launch problems. AMD FSR perhaps.
  8. This is rllmuk son. A bold statement indeed.
  9. You have to remove a cover and even a screw! It's beyond casual users! You must be a god.
  10. Dog shit quality music in that trailer though.
  11. yashiro

    Zool Remake

    It had one level and only 4-5 people had a disc of it, so probably not the thing you saw. Undoubtedly more people will have mocked up some 3D Zool shite.
  12. yashiro

    Zool Remake

    A place I worked at made a pitch demo of Zool in 3D for Playstation 2 (on request of the rights owner) somewhere around 2005. I never understood why, the original was gash.
  13. Yeah but you still have to look at it.
  14. Consider a 1660 if it will only be used for rasterization. It will give you the option of driver supported integer scaling.(Only Turing onwards supports this on Nvidia)
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