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  1. Which sound card are you using? Have you tried changing the output sample rate in Windows?
  2. I don't think having people invading on boats is a sound idea for a marketing video in the UK. Also, wtf at the PS4 guy video when it cuts to the 20fps game footage. Imagine thinking yeah boss, this is good to go.
  3. Ah the PS1. I remember that day. Strolling into Game, money in hand to buy a Saturn. They had both on display, side by side, big 40+ inch screens. Left the shop with a PS1 and 100 quid up.
  4. The surprise is it plays a boot up jingle that sounds like ye olde PS1.
  5. Or just cast Iron Flesh, stand there, and beat him up. No skills required.
  6. Third way round is always the charm.
  7. Getting a bit bored of people's price guessing posts, man. Can we move on to launch line-up posts instead?
  8. yashiro

    Nintendo Switch

    Apart from the expensive faulty controllers. Yeah.
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