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  1. Here's some concept art turned into an animation. Thumbs up?
  2. That trailer vid makes the game look janky as hell. It's been a while since I've such shit animation.
  3. Local Co-op and Steam Deck aspect ratio support added to Ys IX. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1351630/view/3100164020394220707
  4. Would have been more fun if this megaton was dropped on stage.
  5. https://old.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/s3vxvp/list_of_games_that_support_the_3_new_filters_like/
  6. DLSS is an upscaler. It's for more performance. DSR, in any form, is a downscaler. It's for when you have too much GPU headroom and want to spend that performance on a higher target resolution. It's for image quality, just like the old DSR. If it looks the same, turn it off. It's not going to be faster than native. It's only for performance if you were using DSR and the old scaling method was slow. Which is what Nvidia points out in their blog. i.e. It's faster than old Super Sampling DSR. They're basically getting the Tensor cores to perform the function of DSR. Tbh almost no one uses DSR anyway because it fucks the UI. (i.e. 4k scaled down to a 1080p screen is shite for text in games even if your RTX3080 can handle it). I guess this new feature might be good for older games, assuming the tiny text issues are mitigated. 8K Command and Conquer or something. If a modern game is using DLSS and you enable DSR, you'd probably only notice improvements in stuff that has a low sample resolution. i.e. raytraced reflections. Doom Eternal might be one to check to see any benefits, or if it even works while DLSS is active. Think of it as real-time Ansel.
  7. DLSS does some weird shit to the fur and hair rendering I read.
  8. Back in those days the artists made everything. We mapped out the levels on graph paper but the artists just built everything as one asset in 3DS Max. They mostly came from Newcastle though, so they had experience of living in Satan's armpit.
  9. Yeah, it was made in Stockton at the business park over the river behind the high street. Or more precisely, here
  10. Aye, it was shite. We never planned to do it. Got strong armed into it by the publisher. Same goes for Dreamcast but that machine could do 3d so it wasn't a trainwreck. It did ship with audio bugs though.
  11. Back in what day? I played it on a lot of hardware prior to the original launch. It was one of the first games to do hardware accelerated lighting so some cards/drivers might have been wonky. All the voodoo cards worked, even the banshee. Same goes for Riva TNT. Even the Geforce 256 which no one knew existed, other than moneybags publishers. Matrox were not good for 3d.
  12. Mother/Android. Netflix. 0 points. Utter tripe.
  13. PC users are in the same boat. If you connect via HDMI most of the time Windows defaults to Limited Range. Most people don't realise that the picture looks like washed out shite because of this. Let's not mention the amount of people with expensive monitors who leave them at 60Hz too.
  14. It's alright, yeah. If you think the live action Witcher series is good I doubt you'd be disappointed by it.
  15. Imagine the meltdown at Apple if they had to allow people to sell their iTunes and App Store purchases.
  16. If you ignore the obvious blockchain scams that art NFTs and coins currently are... Publishers/Steam/etc could create NFTs for licensed ownership of games. Essentially it would just be a way to represent a transferable unique product id. We, as individuals, could then sell our unwanted digital games! I don't think they would implement this voluntarily but it would be a practical use of a blockchain.
  17. The multiplayer was buggy as shit too. Losing loot when you left games, losing progress on quests etc. No idea if that ever got fixed. Something to keep an eye on if you go with the console version.
  18. re: Grim Dawn It was developed for Xbox One by a small team; they don't or didn't have a Series devkit. Quite a few complaints online about it being capped at 1080p/30. The readable text is/was kinda small, might be a bit of an issue on Xbox. Seen some comments confirming this. A patch is coming soon to scale the UI and uncap the FPS - not sure that actually means it runs at 60. The PC version had joypad support since day one. It was 'OK' enough to use (it doesn't have a dodge button like Diablo 3). The skill trees are better than Diablo. The music is pretty good but repetitive. Graphics are kinda mediocre. Performance on PC was also not the best when loads of monsters were on screen (everything was done on a single thread). I recall the boss fights were pretty unspectacular, except for perhaps the blood god thing but even that had no real mechanics. I don't think it's worth 45 quid right now but it's a pretty good B tier game even if you don't like Diablo clones. I'd probably try and get it on sale.
  19. I thought S2 was tripe. Pretty bumbed about it. Cavill was OK and EP1 was decent but it's all downhill after that.
  20. I don't think it's anything to do with GW. They dish out the WH40K license to any old studio. It's down to the studios who to make the games. I remember enjoying the original Space Marine for what it was but it had a terrible issue on PC that made the game run in slow motion at times.
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