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  1. That's just fine as it is Jerry. Thanks for confirming.
  2. I ordered a while back (because of this thread) from the website but I've never been asked what name I'd like to have printed. Will you just use the name on the payment details of the order? Do I need to do anything basically?
  3. I'll always remember being at the coast one summertime (Cromer) and being allowed into the onsite arcade. It was an Aladdin's cave for me and I can't describe how incredible and overwhelming all the sounds and images were to a young 10 year old. I remember the speech of Gauntlet as the most amazing audio from the arcade but visually it had to be this: I was new to arcades at the time and had only seen what a C64 or a Spectrum could do (and these were the early games for those systems too). So seeing fully filled 3D polygons absolutely blew my mind. I
  4. Ordered straight away. Love the previous two books in the series.
  5. How do you go about getting a retail version of retroarch though? That's the bit that confuses me. And then, even if you can get it installed, how do you go about getting your ROMs onto the machine for retroarch to play? (I understand how it all works in developer mode - it's just the retail version I'm unsure of).
  6. I hope so too. I'd love to see Old Nerd become a regular here in the retro forum as long as there's a mixture of proper posts along with his youtube links.
  7. I'm sorry if this comes across as grumpy but isn't this behaviour a bit spammy? I'm sure the Old Nerd makes great YouTube videos (I might check them out at some point) but there's nothing here more than some links to the videos. No engaging in the forum with interesting comments or posts, just direct links to the videos. That feels a bit spammy to me and in the past I've seen people warned and even banned for such behaviour. Perhaps you should talk more about your videos and get involved in the community here at rllmuk before just creating empty posts? May
  8. It is, but it's a clever bit of kit that auto switches and has a cool 'knight rider' effect as it scans through the 16 inputs. I had some money to spare one month and wanted the easiest way of switching between nearly 20 retro consoles and computers.
  9. I used to daisy chain several of these Argos ones together (link here) with no discernible video quality drop. However, when I got to the point where I had so many daisy chained up I upgraded to this beast: https://lotharek.pl/productdetail.php?id=207. It has 16 inputs and 2 outputs which is perfect for my CRT and my lovely big screen Panasonic plasma at the same time. Both are perfect based on your needs and budget.
  10. I've got no experience of this game and yet just within the first hour or two I had 2 cards on the top row and two on the bottom row.
  11. Thanks @dumpster and @Ninja Doctor. I've just spent the last 3 hours or so playing Circle of the Moon for the first time using this patch. I've got no reference point but it's really good so far. Nice one.
  12. I won't get a chance to play them on Xmas day really either (two youngish kids that will take all my attention). I will make sure I get time to connect them up though and get the updates and downloads going.
  13. Arrived just after 9am this morning thanks to shopto.net (and delivered by DPD). The wife (who bought them for me) asked me if I wanted to open them now or at Xmas. I've gone with Xmas (can't beat a new console on Xmas day!). Does mean I'll have to ignore the world for the next 37 days though.
  14. Just as a final check then. If I wanted to build a MiSTer that I could then connect to my RGB Scart set-up I'd buy these 4 things? The actual MiSTer here. The IO board here. This cable to convert from the IO board to Scart. A 128MB upgrade here. Once I've got all of that, it's a case of connecting all up, sorting the memory card out and then configuring the software side of things?
  15. Thanks very much guys. I'll take a look at the links, work out the total cost and then add them to my list of Xmas pressies.
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