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  1. I don't have a hacked 360 so I can't confirm. I did do a quick google search for you but nothing really came up - but then again it's not easy to find much about any port to be honest. When you do search there are a lot of emulation links too so it's hard to know. Have a google yourself and see what you can find. I suspect it's very likely that it exists though.
  2. The best version IMO is the recently released open source version that was created by reverse engineering the code from the original N64 version. Some really clever people have added 60fps, full camera control and super high resolution to it and it runs perfectly on old PCs, Xbox originals and even PS2s. It's a bit like Doom in that it has now been ported to just about everything. That's the version I'm playing through. You could get an N64 controller & adapter for extra authenticity.
  3. What fun (and no, I don't mean replying to my own thread again ). I received the new PSU from the US yesterday and it does look like a quality bit of kit. However, when I plugged it in all that I saw was a screen full of garbled text. I tried the other PSU I have access to (my friend's official PSU) and it too showed the messed up graphics. Looking online it appears that 2 RAM chips have died. So that tells me that either: The Colecovision somehow broke since my last post two weeks ago despite it not being used at all OR The new PSU damaged the RAM when I first pl
  4. Off topic maybe but New Retro Arcade Neon is amazing in VR. You can almost smell the beer stained carpets as you (virtually) walk around your custom made arcade. It needs a really beefy PC to run at a decent framerate and it's a pain having to drop the VR controls to pick up a, let's say, Xbox 360 pad to actually play the games but overall it's a really neat idea and works really well.
  5. I've been researching this for a the past couple of days and have decided I've no real choice but to buy this power supply from eBay in the US. It's $49.99 which isn't too bad but once you add on delivery and import duties it comes in at over $90! (About £80 at the moment I think). At least they offer the option of the UK plug when you buy the item. I've heard it's REALLY good quality and might even improve the quality of the TV signal (over RF) but I can't imagine it being $90 good. Still, at least my Colecovision will work again.
  6. Hi everyone. I'm having a problem with my UK/Pal Colecovision and, thanks to a friend, I've been able to prove the problem relates to the power supply. Unfortunately, I'm not really any good with repairing things at a component level so I need to buy a new or working replacement power supply. The thing is, they are not easy to find and so I'm hoping someone on here can guide me in the right direction to finding one somewhere. There is a modern replacement called a ColUSB that I would buy in an instant if they actually had any in stock. I don't think th
  7. It might help to think of it like an actual Commodore 64 motherboard (with all the chips and circuitry) that at the press of a button, summons a wizard to cast a magic spell on it thus turning it into a Spectrum motherboard. Another button press and the MiSTer wizard re-appears and turns it into a Bubble Bobble arcade machine motherboard. Each time it magically changes, all of the connected devices (keyboard, joystick/joypad and screen) can still connect to the motherboard (again by two types of magic called USB and HDMI). The idea is that each core (or magic spell) makes a 1
  8. What is this? How the? What the?
  9. I want the full Sanwa parts from the actual Astro City cabs - nothing else will do for me. That's basically because I want the form factor and the controls more than the bundled games (but only if it can be hacked ala the other minis).
  10. Now this is something I'll be all over from day one. I love the astro city cabs and their sanwa sticks/buttons (aren't they the same that was used on the DC Arcade Stick?) and I also loved the idea of the Starforce Pi (here). So... if I could get one of these and mod it to play lots of games then that would be awesome. Will be looking forwards to this one.
  11. I bought my lad one of these for Christmas and it's REALLY good. It has NFC for Amiibos and full gyro support too. Really impressed for the price.
  12. Now that I've got mine all working fine, despite the battle I had with the screen in the first instance, the Odroid Advance is a great bit of kit. I highly recommend it. I also bought my brother a RG350 for Xmas and that's probably on par overall with the Odroid Advance. You won't go too far wrong with either.
  13. I've just pre-ordered it now. It looks great. In fairness, all of their books are great in my opinion.
  14. Can we have a version for the Vectrex please? It'd be amazing. I think I'll buy that on Switch right away. Thanks for the heads-up.
  15. I don't know if it's acceptable to mention something you're selling in here (I kinda did already a couple of posts up) but I've just created a 'For Sale' item in the Trading folder: I'd love these games to go to a welcoming home so please do feel like you can make me an offer. If there's no interest after a while I'll probably split them and sell them individually. I spent a fair bit of time taking photos of each game and scouring eBay for a realistic/fair price for each so hopefully I'm not too far from a fair asking price. If this isn't good form, then
  16. Hi folks. I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this but before I start selling my Saturn collection (such that it is), I was wondering if you guys could give me a rough indication of value for the 21 games I have? Most of them have instruction manuals and most cases vary between okay and pretty decent. There might be one that's a bit tatty or one that's in really good condition. Hopefully the photo will show you that though. I suspect a lot of them are the £10 on eBay types but I also suspect that a few might go for £20 or even £40 plus. Any thoughts o
  17. Could you not get a version of MAME for your phone (especially if it's Android) along with the ROM and then use HDMI out in conjunction with an OTG port with a USB trackball (which acts like a mouse, which MAME will support)? Something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kensington-Orbit-Trackball-ergonomic-ambidextrous/dp/B000HEW0KW. That would give you a pretty much perfect replica on your home TV using a portable(ish) device.
  18. No integer scaling or pixel perfect output options? Ouch. At that res it's got to be smear-o-vision surely? I hope they rectify that in a future update, but then again... how can they if the emulators are built into each cartridge?
  19. A hacked Switch is an amazing thing. Retroarch with LOADS of emulators along with some more modern remakes and re-releases means you're kinda carrying around the entire gaming world on a portable device that you can plug into any TV. Mine has been banned from going online now which is a shame but I knew that going into it. I might even buy a second one later on for Mario Maker 2 and the odd online game. I can't recommend it enough - best console ever for me (even more so than the SNES, Dreamcast, and Xbox OG!).
  20. Agree - that does seem to be their approach. I'm more referring to the big YouTube channels (MVG etc.) that would normally be all over this kind of thing. Maybe I've missed it? I just haven't heard anyone saying "here's the code, here's the process I used to make my own copy and here's the result and here's me playing it in 4k 60fps". I'm also interested in seeing what we can do with it next - just take a look at what happened with Doom after the source code was released. It'd be great to have higher-res textures, higher polygon models, better lighting, a playable Luigi etc. etc
  21. I'm not seeing anyone really mentioning that this is not IP infringement because the code was reverse engineered over thousands of pain staking hours. Nothing was stolen, everything was created from scratch. There are other (legal) projects like this already (Diablo, Outrun, Tomb Raider etc.) with their source code on github so why is this different? No-one seems to be bringing that up. Naturally, the version released on the web (and being downloaded and discussed) ISN'T legal and does infringe as it comes with Nintendo owned assets (sounds, textures etc.) but that's only a part
  22. The 8-bit guy did an episode on this kind of thing a while back and there is a sweet spot in terms of age and screen type. Have a look at this Lorf: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2v7k-wAm2E.
  23. For some people, myself included, this actually adds to the fun. I use a Framemeister and a Hydra 2 (a 16 port mega RGB scart switch that costs a fortune but is brill) and have about 20 consoles in a permanent set-up. Every time I add a new console to the collection, I really enjoy getting it RGB modded (if possible), getting it connected to the Framemeister and then spending hours tweaking the image settings in the Framemeister to get it as close as possible to a traditional CRT image. It's handy that the Hydra 2 has 2 SCART outputs with one going to the Framemeister (and then o
  24. Bit of a 'rise from your gwave' one this but I was wondering if there's a nice, simple, easy way of downloading homebrew games for old systems in one central place? I'm not after anything commercial - only those games that are freely downloadable as homebrew. Having just got my Spectrum Next set up with Spectral Interlude on it along with Old Tower I'm keen to download a pack of all the recent Spectrum games to try out. I'm sure if I went to WOS I could dig around and find them all each with their own download link, one by one. Even better would be if I could look at
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