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  1. Yes, if you have any interest whatsoever in feuds, backbiting and politicking behind the scenes on TNG/DS9/Voyager then that book is a must (and it’s predecessor for crazy Gene Roddenberry stories for the original series). About the only people everyone agrees was lovely in the book are Frakes and Scott Bakula.
  2. It’s nice that all those out of work Mad Catz designers found a new home.
  3. If you’re a newcomer to Yakuza the. start with Yakuza 0. The answer to this question is always Yakuza 0. It can be had for £15.99 on PSN or if you have an Xbox it’s ‘free’ on Game Pass.
  4. It’s okay Donut is kindly visiting with some
  5. Also have a ventilator fan, picnic basket and a pedal board in the shop.
  6. Bat Umbrella. Want me to bring one with me?
  7. 6 pieces, not got much to swap in return I’m afraid.
  8. Anyone got any clay they can spare, not much, about 6 pieces.
  9. Watching episode one. Do yourselves a favour and do NOT use X-Ray while watching this episode as it just casually gives away a big spoiler.
  10. Not just releasing the digital version has to be a legal issue as someone suggested earlier in the thread yeah? I mean it’s not in Square's interests to hold it back, if this gets a negative reaction from people with the physical edition then they run the danger of losing digital sales in the large gap between the two. Or is a case of you can't cancel preorders on digital anyway lol?
  11. I've levelled up twice playing it, but it just gives me Guardian Rank as previously.
  12. Am I missing something, everywhere says the the level cap has gone up, but playing the DLC and I still can't level past 50.
  13. Are they still stubbornly holding onto the digital release date despite everyone and their uncle already selling it?
  14. I'm going through some not nice real life stuff at the moment, so I've dusted off the Switch and I'm downloading this as I type, so I can have something cheerful to play that will (hopefully) distract me while I can keep my dad company through what's going on. My friend code is SW-6794-6893-3974 if anyone would like to add me.
  15. Best of luck. Sorry for all the times I was the one guy holding back a Destiny raid.
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