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  1. Also stickers guys was doing it no matter what from the moment he powered the thing on, when I think most of us notice a difference between dash and game.
  2. Looking at Activision's website, it seems only the big standard version is available physically. If you want the 'cross gen bundle' you have to buy it digitally or pay an upgrade fee if you already have it on disc. When I bought it digitally it downloaded both versions - PS4 and PS5. Thanks for making me download an unneeded 100gb Activision!
  3. I for one am, shocked, shocked I tells ya, that out of everybody on this forum Gooner just happened to be the one to tell us he managed to snag a PS5 that's even quieter than an XBX.
  4. No, unless it says it's the more expensive cross-gen bundle version then you'll be buying the last gen version. It'll work via backwards compatibility but won't have ray tracing and whatnot. It's the same on Xbox because Activision are money grubbing bastards and didn't sign up to smart delivery.
  5. Can only speak to my personal experience, my XBX is silent over the TV unless you go right up to it, my PS5 is fine on the dash, but the second you start a game you can hear the fan/coil (not expert enough to know which it is) over the TV, although it is quieter than the Pro (though that's a pretty low bar). A lot will depend on how sensitive your ears are to this type of sound.
  6. Mine is disappointingly noisy as well. Unsure if it’s the dreaded coil whine or the fan. Think it’s the latter as it’s more like a whirring buzzy noise than anything else. It,s quieter than my PS4 Pro was, but can still hear it during quieter scenes if using the TV speakers instead of headphones. Disappointing after hyperbolic tech 'journalists' going on about it being silent. You think I'd learn as I remember them saying just how quiet the Pro was prior to release and I bet you can dig up previews of the Xbox 360 calling it 'whisper quiet'. There's so many people reporting similar that I thin
  7. It feels a bit like a switcheroo of the PS3/360 launch era. The more powerful console is running worse than you'd expect while the other console is running better but the hardware is also buggy as fuck. For the PS3 is was because of Krazy Ken's bonkers architecture, one of the strangths of the XBX was supposed to be how conventional it was for ease of development. John Linneman seems fairly confident that MS can solve this with better development tools.
  8. Now and again I forget about the sequels when watching this and get excited thinking what might come after this post-RotJ transitional era, then I remember they exist and it's just The Empire v2.0 (now with black uniforms!) and lol The Emperor's not dead and feel a bit sad.
  9. Both new consoles feel like they needed more time in the oven.
  10. Yay, had my first hard lock. Went to play CoD. Got to the start screen, then a system pop up appeared that it was downloading an update. Then the screen froze for a while with the music still playing, then it went to black screen making garbled sounds. Controller completely unresponsive and holding down the power button to reboot for ages did zilch. So eventually I had to unplug it from the wall just to power it down. Far from an isolated case looking at Google.
  11. Yes. I used the C to C cable from my iPad with it.
  12. I think people will switch off the haptic stuff in most MP games. Played a few rounds of CoD and while it's fun having stuff like rocket launchers feeling heavy, I definitely felt at a disadvantage by having trigger tension on my guns in terms of fastest draw wins shootouts.
  13. How does that scam work exactly. Both their warehouse workers and drivers are under an extreme amount of scrutiny and easy to identify who did what in the chain. So what they nick a PS4 then as soon as the customer reports it they get fired and have the rozzers called on them?
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