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  1. If your entire argument hinges on how much you can flog something on for if you lose interest in it really quickly then I'd say you've already lost it.
  2. Harsin


    Yeah that's pretty mundane by JoJo standards.
  3. Who would do that? /hastily scrunches up sheet of A4 behind back
  4. I keep nearly cracking and buying a Titan, but then everytime I look I'd have to wait until just before the heat death of the universe for a softweave one in a decent colour and my logical side prevails.
  5. I really wouldn't lean on Cold War's period setting to exclude it. The period is a thin dusting of flavour at best. Your supposed 80's soldier man has more high-tech kit than Skynet at this disposal.
  6. EA best make sure their quality assurance is up to scratch this time around. Every Battlefield (with the possible exception of 1) was a complete dog's dinner at release. I'm not sure the larger public will grin and bear having a useless download and back-patting scrolling message about how the game was even more successful than they expected and they're working on server capacity this go round, I think they'll just bugger off back to Fortnite and Warzone in the face of negative headlines.
  7. They're not yet, like most subscription services they're playing the long game.
  8. Go to groups, press start when hovering over it and add to home screen.
  9. Watching the shitshow that was the development of Battlefield 5 was quite something, Remember the reveal trailer with a wackier over-the-top tone and a soldier with a steampunk Bucky robot arm? It was developed after things like Overwatch and Fortnite blew up and it's easy to imagine that the focus group he’ll that is EA AAA game development thought that cartoony larger than life characters = $$$. None of that is in the final game. It got a fairly negative reaction so they reworked whatever they were doing to a more ‘serious' traditional WW2 shooter.
  10. After nearly destroying their flagship shooter with the big ol' flop that was Battlefield 5, EA are hoping to revitalise the fortunes of the series with Battlefield 6. Creepy android man, and CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson has said it will be formally revealed in June and we can expect. Epic scale All-out warfare Game-changing destruction A true next-generation game! * He also said it's going to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  11. Nintendo might not put a traditional easy, normal, difficult option at the start of their games. But there is stuff like assist mode in Mario Kart and the White Tanooki suit.
  12. I initially liked Mad Max, played about 6 hours of it, realised that I'd seen absolutely everything it had to offer and it would just be hours and hours of the same identikit activities with diminishing enjoyment returns. Then I played Rage 2 by the same team and had exactly the same experience. To quote Tolkien the game can be summed up as 'thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread'.
  13. She's not particularly convincing as a child either. Like a female Baby Herman from Roger Rabbit.
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