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  1. It's basically a feature length film of that TNG episode where Beverley Crusher goes to Planet Scotland.
  2. Harsin

    Apple TV +

    Wonder if that's the sort of thing where they CGI it in and alter it for different regions, like Captain America's to do list in Winter Soldier?
  3. There is a hushed silence in the court as the judge raises his gavel... INNOCENT! The benches erupt in cheers, Emilia Clark leaps into the arms of a blandly handsome unthreatening man. 'I can finally dance again, my feet now have rhythm!'
  4. Harsin

    Google Stadia

    It's negative latency man. You play a buttery smooth game, but you back in 1992 starts skipping frames on the Megadrive version of Street Fighter 2.
  5. The film feels very much of its time. It also came out in that window when people still though Frank Miller was being ironic before cottoning on that, no, he really is a racist misogynist creepazoid. They made a sequel and nobody gave a fuck about it, so not sure how wise an investment this is.
  6. Lea Seydoux keeps pronouncing the word fragile differently. Sometimes in the same sentence.
  7. We need to get in on this jukebox nostalgia racket. There's gold in them there hills. Anyone fancy co-writing a screenplay based around Agadoo with me?
  8. Small universe syndrome setting it a bit in the second episode.
  9. She goes out, but didn’t wake him up before she went went. Then he gets fired for being late for work.
  10. I find your lack of frames disturbing.
  11. A bar you'd need a shovel to limbo under.
  12. Drake, you have to find the lost Macguffin in deepest Vietnam... also if you could blind a few of them for me while you're at it that'd be super. Don't worry Drake this will no impediment to future success do some reason.
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