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  1. I saw The Outer Wilds and was like u wot mate? Then realised I keep getting it mixed up with recent similarly named Obsidian RPG which I found mediocre. I didn't much get on with The Outer Wilds either, but it was one of those games that I could see while I bounced off it other people would adore it.
  2. This feels like a massive step backwards from MW in almost every aspect.
  3. You'd think with these cross-gen games they'd put something out highlighting the differences and why you want to upgrade to play the best version. Even MS put something out showing Gears looking a bit better. The fact they haven't says to be that the differences are going to be pretty minimal.
  4. Covers that didn't age well #1 https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-09-17-halo-co-creators-disintegration-shutting-down-multiplayer-servers-in-november
  5. It’s fine. I’ve only played it handheld so far. Some of the text is bloody tiny though.
  6. The boons are just for your current run, is that correct?
  7. The plot has leaked. The evil necromancer Kor’Bin has arisen! The good sensible wizards at Hogwarts have genuine concerns over his sinister plans to nationalise the Hogwarts Express and provide all members of the wizarding world with free access to the Floo Network.
  8. Big Al says gospvgs can't look up.
  9. Has anyone made a half-arsed attempt to justify the new game prices by citing how much they paid for Street Fighter 2 on Megadrive/SNES yet? Because you better believe that’s a paddlin'.
  10. Alan 'Predator and Back to the Future' Silvestri did the Avengers theme.
  11. Because I'm going to scalp a load on eBay and retire to the Bahamas.
  12. Yeah they also made a big deal about how they were proper next-gen compared to MS' cross gen strategy...
  13. I wouldn’t say the presentation was amazing, but I came out of it thinking I'd still put in a pre-order. But then everything else that's come out since has made me feel like Homer Simpson buying the evil Krusty doll. Take this console, it costs £360... but beware the games cost £70. Ooooh, that's bad. But it comes with Spider-Man: Miles Morales at launch. That's good. But you could just pick that up on your PS4 instead. That's bad. But Horizon: Forbidden West will be out next year. That's good. You can also just buy that
  14. All that and how incredibly sinister Facebook is makes me go noooooope.
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