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  1. I’m thinking of picking up the new God of War as I have a few days to myself. After months of GamePass it was a rude reminder that holy fuck of course they want seventy quid for a new game nowadays. It also highlights how screwed up the value proposition of buying games digitally versus physical still is. £70 on PSN for the digital version. The disc version can be had for around £60 at various places and I see CEX are offering £40 for used copies. For a game that I’ll only ever play through the once it’s a real no brainer.
  2. Glen A. Schofield sounds like an absolute bellend. Parroting the same old bullshit as every fuckwit boss taking advantage of their workers ever.
  3. I don't think I've seen a single series 3 card yet, mine's been a constant stream of expensive series 4 and 5 cards. Had Attuma in the shop and waited for the timer to tick down and it’s replaced him with Super Skrull. Before that it was Agent Coulson and She Hulk.
  4. Kevvy, you know when you're regularly reminding us that you're actually a very positive person you and that you don't like reading recurring negativity from posters on here. Think how the rest of us feel having to read you repeating the same complaints again and again and again and again in every single Edge thread like some kind of games magazine related Groundhog Day.
  5. The ending where it just cuts to Warner Herzog listening to the bear snorting lines on some headphones is a bit jarring.
  6. I thought Rogue One is a turgid mess for the first two thirds then turns into a different, much better film, in the last third all of a sudden.
  7. Oh no, does that mean after a stellar first season it’s about to nosedive.
  8. The avatar is horrible, but you also get 100 credits if you forge one item so worth doing that
  9. Lol the Quest Pro sounds pretty shitty, even as a productivity device. https://www.theverge.com/23451629/meta-quest-pro-vr-headset-horizon-review
  10. Worth saving up your credits for when the patch drops so you don’t go wasting them on boxes with boosters in. Credit limit is 5000.
  11. I quite like the way Yakuza does it. Big main story quests are fully voiced but side-quests are mostly text and some flavour audio like the legend that is Bacchus.
  12. I just had a pure gold moment. X Mansion dealer the opponent a Green Goblin which flew over to my side of the board. Then it dealt me my card… Arnim Zola which destoyed and created two more which went shooting over to him in the other lanes. He retreated in about a nanosecond. 🤣
  13. Anyone else keep a dedicated junk deck of all their greys just for when you're one collection point off the next collector's box?
  14. I’m not convinced by Black Panther. Yeah you can get him to high numbers with a bunch of prep work that relies heavily on luck of the draw. But you could just go for the Moon Girl/Devil Dinosaur combo which is far more reliable and easier to pull of and you get two beefy high power cars going that route, instead of overextending into a single lane and being highly vulnerable to a Shang Chi the face. Doesn’t help that the card pool is awash with really good 5 power cards that generally outshine this.
  15. I hope they can do justice to the deep and nuanced story of Gears of War.
  16. Going off Reddit and YouTube you'd swear reaching Infinite was a piece of piss you can do in a morning. Need to remind myself amongst the humblebraggers there,s plenty of bullshit artists and streamer videos with titles like EZ INFINITE WITH THIS ONE WEIRD DECK are just trying to drive traffic. Apparently 3% of players manage it.
  17. That’s now 3 maps that have got them in hot water because they based them in real locations. It was touch and go if the Grand Prix map would make it in, but they reached an agreement and changed the name, and the museum map from the beta has also gone missing with no word if it will ever come back.
  18. Imagine if you went back in time and, in between placing bets and buying Apple stock, told your younger self that Mon Mothma trying to keep her finances on the down low from her husband Space Hierophant was more gripping than anything in the two trilogies they made since.
  19. So satisfying when you manage to get someone to kamikaze their own deck with what they think will be a clever play.
  20. Evolve Went from the games media breathlessly enthusing about it and picking up pre-release awards left right and centre. To be released to an apathetic shrug, selling about as well as Gary Glitter CDs and quickly put in the recycle bin of the collective consciousness. As people quickly realised that the actual gameplay bore little resemblances to PR gonks providing carefully curated experiences to games journos.
  21. I really don't like the featured location mechanic. All it leads to is every fucker playing the same deck. It's wall to wall Infinaut decks today.
  22. I've been trying the Ebony Maw/Sandman/Kazar deck that SnapZone recommends transitioning to when you start getting pool 2 cards. https://marvelsnapzone.com/decks/sandman-kazoo-1/ I don’t know if I'm missing something, but I'm finding it pants compared to my pool 1 only deck to be honest. I get the idea is to disrupt the opponents game plan, but it just doesn’t work for me. The whole thing with Sandman is stopping opponents spamming cards late game. But nobody does that anyway. Everyone is running the Kazar>Blue Marvel>Onslaught combo so all you're doing is wasting turn 4 on a 1 power card.
  23. The real bastard about moving to Pool 2 is people who with sodding Killmonger. Your trusty Kazoo deck becomes a lot less viable.
  24. https://marvelsnapzone.com This is a great resource for suggested decks you can build from the cards that you have, depending on your pool.
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