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  1. I've been trying the Ebony Maw/Sandman/Kazar deck that SnapZone recommends transitioning to when you start getting pool 2 cards.




    I don’t know if I'm missing something, but I'm finding it pants compared to my pool 1 only deck to be honest. I get the idea is to disrupt the opponents game plan, but it just doesn’t work for me. The whole thing with Sandman is stopping opponents spamming cards late game. But nobody does that anyway. Everyone is running the Kazar>Blue Marvel>Onslaught combo so all you're doing is wasting turn 4 on a 1 power card.

  2. Wow the combat in this is utter dogshit. I was quite enjoying it as just an atmospheric wander around the derelict from Alien with the serial numbers filed off and doing some puzzles. Got killed and it stuck me two puzzles (with lengthy animations) back from where I was. Fuck right off. Before anyone says, yes I know how to heal.

  3. Out of interest what do you all actually think Sega would be doing differently now if they had a console? It’s not like they’re not an active company that’s still making games.


    This just seems like nebulous arrested development MAH CHILDHOOD stuff.

  4. The thing that struck me about this ‘event’ was the sheer lack of compelling software. Their biggest game announcement was a port of a two year old PSVR game. Their big headline software feature was putting feet on sub-Xbox 360 style avatars in their shitty Second Life thingy that nobody cares about. How little do people care? A leaked internal memo showed they’re having to try and force their own employees to use the thing even Meta staff with access to free hardware are that indifferent to it. I’d hoped Resident Evil 4 might be a precursor for loads of quality projects in the same vein instead it’s tumbleweeds.

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