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  1. I'm not entirely certain what I think yet, but something I did like is how earnest and it was and that it took all the high fantasy seriously. I am so over Disney style winking at the audience constantly, I really don't need Elrond turning around and going 'Well that just happened' after some spectacle.
  2. I think this is either the second quarter or third. There's more after this I believe.
  3. The King Nice But Dim plotline feels like a rehash of Robb Stark’s misadventures.
  4. Harsin


    Out of interest what did you think of Telling Lies? That was getting high scores all over the shop but I found it like watching paint dry. There was only so much of Pound Shop Tom Hardy over-emoting during dead air that I could take.
  5. The comics industry has dismal figures and Marvel/DC are kept on life support by their mother corporations as they serve as an IP factory for other media.
  6. Can’t see me bothering to re-up when my upgrade runs out after Christmas.
  7. If they’re not based on FOMO and hitting deadlines then they’re fine, one of the few things Halo Infinite multiplayer managed to get right. But 99% of them just make games start to feel like a second job to me.
  8. Can we get back to talking about the film instead of arguing with Kerra… Turino.
  9. I always find that Alan Sepinwall is a decent critic whose tastes tend to align with mine. He's pretty lukewarm on it. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-reviews/house-of-the-dragon-review-1398441/ I'll be interested in how this does. Apparently this has a ludicrously big marketing spend. Anecdotal evidence is worthless, but in terms of TV talk beyond forums like this one I don't think I've heard one person mention this in the office despite loads of people I work with being super into GoT at the time.
  10. I wouldn’t count on it going by the interviews he’s giving at the moment.
  11. Weirdly EA seem to be the one that hasn’t had rafts of horrific stories about sexual abuse yet. The days when we thought loot boxes were the worst the big publishers were up to seem like halcyon days now.
  12. I saw a tweet earlier from a black comedian saying that ultimately despite how many layers of playing a character or knowing transgression or don’t worry he’s a misanthrope who offends everyone equally you drape it under, ultimately it still boils down to arguing that a white man should be allowed to use racial slurs.
  13. Larry being so strung out the morning after binging loads of drugs that he can’t catch up to small child slowly waddling away makes a lot more sense than the show’s version.
  14. Maximum Overdrive x Doc Hollywood = Pixar's Cars
  15. The Day the Bat Cried
  16. People don't want to subscribe to dozens of different streaming services, who'd have think it. https://variety.com/2022/biz/news/peacock-loss-2021-more-doubled-1235164939/
  17. After I got over the Dear Deidre presentation style, I was enjoying As Dusk Falls, but it’s like you can feel the budget ebbing away by the second in Book 2. Way less interactivity and difficult choices. I thought was at about the 2/3 mark of the game and then it ended really abruptly. I just assumed there'd be a book 3 or at least one in the near future. But reading the web, nothing at all has been announced so that really was it or the off chance of a sequel way down the line. As much as I enjoyed the first half, overall I found it a pretty unsatisfying experience.
  18. Same here. I played Alyx wirelessly in a large open space three rooms away from a PC that cost a lot less than a PS5 and it performed great. I was amazed how simple it was to get up and running.
  19. Just finished The Dark Pictures Anthology Silent Hill Little Hope on PS+ Extra. As someone who felt Man of Medan was a huge letdown I would have said that this was a big improvement. Then I got to the ending (and I believe I probably got the best one) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game shit the bed so much in its closing moments. I actually wish they’d just played this as a straightforward spooky story instead of tacking on the laziest twist imaginable.
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