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  1. Maximum Overdrive x Doc Hollywood = Pixar's Cars
  2. People don't want to subscribe to dozens of different streaming services, who'd have think it. https://variety.com/2022/biz/news/peacock-loss-2021-more-doubled-1235164939/
  3. After I got over the Dear Deidre presentation style, I was enjoying As Dusk Falls, but it’s like you can feel the budget ebbing away by the second in Book 2. Way less interactivity and difficult choices. I thought was at about the 2/3 mark of the game and then it ended really abruptly. I just assumed there'd be a book 3 or at least one in the near future. But reading the web, nothing at all has been announced so that really was it or the off chance of a sequel way down the line. As much as I enjoyed the first half, overall I found it a pretty unsatisfying experience.
  4. Same here. I played Alyx wirelessly in a large open space three rooms away from a PC that cost a lot less than a PS5 and it performed great. I was amazed how simple it was to get up and running.
  5. Just finished The Dark Pictures Anthology Silent Hill Little Hope on PS+ Extra. As someone who felt Man of Medan was a huge letdown I would have said that this was a big improvement. Then I got to the ending (and I believe I probably got the best one) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game shit the bed so much in its closing moments. I actually wish they’d just played this as a straightforward spooky story instead of tacking on the laziest twist imaginable.
  6. So stupid that if I want to watch the latest series of Bosch (I know it’s technically a spin-off, but it really is just a continuation), I have to watch a ‘free’ version with annoying adverts on a platform I’m paying a subscription for. Whereas I could happily track down a hooky version in about 2 minutes with no ads.
  7. The ending is Us would have worked if, say, David Lynch was in the director's seat as the whole thing was absolutely begging for a hefty does of his hazy nightmare logic style of filmmaking (see Fire Walk With Me which I will happily spend pages arguing with anyone is one of the greatest horror films ever made). Instead I was sat watching the third act just thinking this is really fucking stupid. The problem is Peele ddidn't really have it in him to pull of “surreal” and “fanstastical' in the way that film needed. The issue with Us definitely isn't unanswered questions, if anything it’s that it answers too much. Obviously that's my own subjective opinion and if what it was going for worked for you, then more power to you. Also can we stop with the lol u like Cinemasins shit trying to shut down discussion.
  8. The main issue is that it’s a great basic premise that’s inherently limited. You have two basic stages show future theme park working okay and then show future theme park once everything’s gone to shit. That’s why it worked well as a film. As a long-form series you quickly burn through the attraction of the setting and end up with whatever the hell this now. Crichton’s successor to Westworld, Jurassic Park has also suffered with diminishing returns (not in terms of box office) as they try to stretch the premise beyond breaking point. Oh we’re going to try setting up a dinosaur theme park for a third time.
  9. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-features/justice-league-the-snyder-cut-bots-fans-1384231/ Other stuff in there includes Visionary Director Zack Snyder contacting journalists who had written up articles on simple castings announcements on DC projects and asking them to change their stories to his liking as it would be a shame if the fans, who I have no control over of course, go after you. In the manner of Paulie Walnuts shaking down a local business.
  10. I’d be a bit wary of how long you have to wait for updates with that one.
  11. Crikey, I’ve seen camcorder footage of school plays that looks more professional than that.
  12. I loved Until Dawn and I'm a sucker for that type of game, but I found Man of Medan pretty ropey.
  13. Did anyone watch his The Time Traveller's Wife show on HBO? Apparently it was none too hot and got swiftly cancelled.
  14. And of course it’s everyone's favourite NFT fans, and enablers of sexual assault, Ubisoft. I know this kind of thing has happened in cases where games are caught up in copyright hell before, although even PT remained playable as long as it was on your hard-drive. But I think this is the first case of a publisher just switching off a single-player game presumably to save a few quid. Couldn’t they just switch off the online functionality? Now I appreciate it’s not exactly a hugely popular fondly remembered game. It's a spin-off from Assassin's Creed 3 for the PS Vita that was ported to PC. But not only are they stopping selling it, they're also stopping people who bought it from playing it as well. What makes this extra slimy is that a few weeks ago they were selling this off during Steam's Summer Sale apparently.
  15. I wish. If they were putting out truly unhinged 70s/80s style yeah we were all so off our tits half of us can’t remember making it like Zardoz or Lifeforce, I’d be all for it. All the ‘wackiness’ in this feels quite cynical and focus grouped to the Nth degree with an eye to what lol monkeycheese moment will have the greatest potential to make a gif and go viral.
  16. That explains a lot, it has that feel of so many modern comedies (thinking stuff like Ghostbusters 2016 - where the director also boasted about just letting Hemsworth riff - or Anchorman 2) where they just let the actors improv for ages. While I'm sure it was hilarious for everyone on set, generally what you end up with is jokes that go on and on and on and on until any vestige of humour is drained. A scene that annoyed me even while I was watching it was:
  17. If you're one of those people who insist on putting dates in thread titles, when game release date announcements are about as reliable as a fishnet condom, at least have the good grace to update them when it inevitably gets delayed.
  18. Bale was doing some sterling work and felt like he'd wandered in from a different, better, movie in all of his (short) screen time.
  19. I loved Thor Ragnarok and have really enjoyed all of Taika Waititi's filmography. But, apart from a couple of moments, I found this to be a big disappointment. It reminded me a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 where they just ramped up the bits that people liked about the first to 11 and in the process destroyed what made it work in the first place. It never has a moment to breath and it’s constantly undercutting any moments that might have any actual gravity by inserting more and more jokes (usually retreading the same comedy beat for the Nth time), whether they're appropriate for the moment or not. How the hell are you supposed to give a toss about the stakes when none of characters seem to care that much. I remember Ragnarok and his other films being far more adept at juggling tones. The stories about the current visual effects studios crunch in Hollywood are real as the special effects in this were all over the shop. My main feeling after coming out was that I wish I'd bought a ticket to see Top Gun: Maverick again instead of this overblown weightless CGI nonsense.
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