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  1. My guess is there'll be about 5-6 main planets with proper hand-crafted quests and intricate locations and then maybe another double figure number or so with more basic stuff but still 'designed' if you're lucky, and then 900 odd random ones with copy paste portacabin enemy bases.
  2. I did lol at the bit in the reveal where your blokey comes across a locked box and goes to his stock of 'digipicks' to open it and then it brings up three tumblers you have to pick, but because it's the future they're now green pixel tumblers on a screen. Struck me as a bit 'So, Poochie okay with everyone?'
  3. He drops dangerous truths the public isn’t ready for.
  4. It's the cold dead uncanny valley eyes that I find most off putting. EDIT: Sorry, Youtube was showing the Todd Howard intro, will let you know what I think in a bit.
  5. Were we watching the same show? The Robert Rodriguez directed episodes looked like an ITV adaptation of Star Wars.
  6. Just catching up on the news on this. Holy fucking lol they really want £70? My PS5 is currently gathering dust and sort from God of War don’t see much else changing that soon. Jim Ryan is starting to make Cyril Sneer look like a philanthropist.
  7. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it’s cover, but if I was a casting director for Law and Order he would be getting a call if we were looking for someone who looks like a sex creep for an episode.
  8. Something I've noticed with a lot of these nostalgia projects is that they seem to lean on making the characters having lived in abject misery about 5 minutes of the supposedly happy ending of the original. Star Wars. Ghostbusters. Star Trek: The Next Generation… I liked that in this Maverick is pretty happy and still doing what he loves. I now have three years later sequels I actually rate, this, Fury Road and Blade Runner 2049.
  9. Is there an Rllmuk clan or warband or whatever it’s called.
  10. Does anyone know what generation the enemy fighters were?
  11. Made a rare trip to the cinema to see this and glad I did because the vistas on the big screen and the roar of the jets on the sound system was *chef's kiss*. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to watch a modern big budget mainstream studio film that just happily told a nice simple A to B to C story without numerous superfluous sub-plots setting up 3 films and 5 TV series.
  12. Not strictly streaming, but its bedfellow eSports.
  13. Much better episode, but still a bit cheap and naff in places. The laser gate bit reminded me think of this.
  14. Their Batman corpse appears to be a bloke in a black tracksuit with a 50p child's Batman mask from a shop on a pier. Fucking lol, I'm pretty sure you can get a better one than that from your average comics shop.
  15. https://kotaku.com/ni-no-kuni-studio-ghibli-cryptocurrency-crypto-nft-scam-1848994266
  16. Wouldn’t take him long to find out if he looked in the Space Yellow Pages mind.
  17. That was one of those things that the prequels made retrospectively really dumb. When I used to watch the originals I never thought that Tatooine was Darth Vader's home planet. I assumed Obi Wan had deliberately shipped his kid and remaining family off to the arse end of nowhere like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas and now they're stuck drinking blue milk like schnooks. Then the prequels come out and not only does 'Lil Vader live there, he won space Formula One as small child so the name Skywalker would be pretty bloody infamous around there. Then AotC even has him visit the bloody farm. There was some fanwanking around when the prequels came out that actually it was a genius move because it’s the one place Darth Vader would never look because he hates sand, but nah it’s bollocks. Doesn't help that every new project that comes out seems to more and more make the planet bright centre of the universe instead of the opposite. Owen Lars is a bloody saint*. Some weirdo and his girlfriend turn up out of the blue and ask if they can crash in the garage for a weekend. Then the weirdo smashes up the garage in a fit of rage and buggers off. Then a few years later some stranger turns up on his doorstep and goes 'Yo, raise this child would ya? Oh btw he's the son of Space Hitler's number 2 and they may be hunting for him so try and keep that on the down low k thx bye'. And he says yes! * We'll ignore that he's part of a slave owning family.
  18. She was good in The Queen's Gambit so I don’t think it’s a lack of talent. Maybe they’re being so faithful to the prequels that they’re getting bad performances out of good actors. Something I liked in Rebels was that while the Inquisitors were scary dangerous opponents to the likes of a padawan who never completed his training and other amateur force users, the second they tried to go up against an actual proper Jedi or Sith they got absolutely clowned upon. Thought that was a nice piece of worldbuilding and have a feeling this series will undo it.
  19. I thought it was the definition of a 7/10 game myself.
  20. I think it’s one of those designs that works better in animation.
  21. I know he's older and bit broken down in this, but I'm still pretty sure he should be able to catch a small child, with a foot span about a third of his, waddling away from him in about 10 seconds. Hell, I think I could probably have caught her quicker than a Jedi and bunch of mercenaries managed.
  22. That would be an absolute nightmare to keep clean.
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