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  1. 4 hours ago, Don Wiskerando said:

    I've played through Half Life Alyx on the Quest 2, wirelessly, via a laptop that didn't cost £400.  I didn't get any perceptible lag and I could do it in the garden so plenty of space to walk around.  Wires can get fucked.


    Edit: fucking autocorrect

    Same here. I played Alyx wirelessly in a large open space three rooms away from a PC that cost a lot less than a PS5 and it performed great. I was amazed how simple it was to get up and running.

  2. Spoiler

    It’s more likely to be Zemo and the Aldi-brand versions of heroes they’ve been introducing who are getting hired by Elaine from Seinfeld. Knock-off Captain America played by Kurt Russell’s son. Black Widow’s sister. And whatever others they introduce.


  3. Just finished The Dark Pictures Anthology Silent Hill Little Hope on PS+ Extra. As someone who felt Man of Medan was a huge letdown I would have said that this was a big improvement. Then I got to the ending (and I believe I probably got the best one) and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game shit the bed so much in its closing moments. I actually wish they’d just played this as a straightforward spooky story instead of tacking on the laziest twist imaginable.

  4. So stupid that if I want to watch the latest series of Bosch (I know it’s technically a spin-off, but it really is just a continuation), I have to watch a ‘free’ version with annoying adverts on a platform I’m paying a subscription for. Whereas I could happily track down a hooky version in about 2 minutes with no ads.

  5. On 21/07/2022 at 12:55, Made of Ghosts said:

    [taps the “unanswered questions are not plot holes” sign]

    Us does have some legitimate flaws but it’s very weird to go see such a surreal/fantastical film and sit there thinking “I can’t possibly enjoy this until they explain how the rabbits are fed”

    The ending is Us would have worked if, say, David Lynch was in  the director's seat as the whole thing was absolutely begging for a hefty does of his hazy nightmare logic style of filmmaking (see Fire Walk With Me which I will happily spend pages arguing with anyone is one of the greatest horror films ever made). Instead I was sat watching the third act just thinking this is really fucking stupid. The problem is Peele ddidn't really have it in him to pull of “surreal” and “fanstastical' in the way that film needed. The issue with Us definitely isn't unanswered questions, if anything it’s that it answers too much. Obviously that's my own subjective opinion and if what it was going for worked for you, then more power to you.


    Also can we stop with the lol u like Cinemasins shit trying to shut down discussion.

  6. The main issue is that it’s a great basic premise that’s inherently limited. You have two basic stages show future theme park working okay and then show future theme park once everything’s gone to shit. That’s why it worked well as a film. As a long-form series you quickly burn through the attraction of the setting and end up with whatever the hell this now. Crichton’s successor to Westworld, Jurassic Park has also suffered with diminishing returns (not in terms of box office)  as they try to stretch the premise beyond breaking point. Oh we’re going to try setting up a dinosaur theme park for a third time.

  7. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-features/justice-league-the-snyder-cut-bots-fans-1384231/


    According to two reports commissioned by WarnerMedia and recently obtained by Rolling Stone, at least 13 percent of the accounts that took part in the conversation about the Snyder Cut were deemed fake, well above the three to five percent that cyber experts say they typically see on any trending topic.



    Rolling Stone spoke with more than 20 people involved with both the original Justice League and Snyder’s cut, most of whom believe that the director was working to manipulate the ongoing campaign. Snyder claims that, “if anyone” was pulling strings on the social media fervor, it was Warner Bros. “trying to leverage my fan base to bolster subscribers to their new streaming service.” But one source maintains, “Zack was like a Lex Luthor wreaking havoc.” 



    That means a fandom amplified by fake accounts helped shake down a major studio — at an ultimate cost to Warner Bros. of more than $100 million — to re-release a movie that had already bombed years earlier.

    The campaign didn’t end with the March 18, 2021, release of the Snyder Cut. The Wrap reported in May that bots may have factored into Snyder winning two fan-favorite awards at this year’s Oscars. And according to the social media firm Graphika, the pattern of a mostly organic social media fan frenzy augmented by a small number of inauthentic accounts is still playing out. “We see clear signs of coordinated online activity from May and June this year, when multiple communities pushed hashtags promoting Zack Snyder and deriding Warner Bros.



    Every superhero tale needs an origin story. And the groundwork for the SnyderVerse siege had been laid well before 2020. While Snyder denies it, one source tells Rolling Stone the director hired a digital marketing firm to juice fan engagement back in 2016, when his $250 million film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was savaged by critics (earning a dismal 29-percent RottenTomatoes rating) and disappointed Warner Bros. brass at the box office, as well as the DC fan base. 



    It’s unclear who, precisely, is behind the site. Four participants are listed there as its developers, including a self-identified fan and site founder who purports to be from China named Fiona Zheng. The site was originally registered using a privacy service in December 2017, but web registration records show that, during a brief lapse in the privacy protection from mid March to mid-October 2021, a digital marketing consultant named Xavier Lannes was listed as the registrant of forsnydercut.com. The social media analytics firm Alethea tells Rolling Stone that it is highly unlikely that ownership changed hands before or after that period. 

    A LinkedIn account for Lannes, who is not mentioned on forsnydercut.com, identifies him as the CEO of a Los Angeles-based digital ad firm called MyAdGency. The website MyAdGency.com is no longer active, but an archived version of the site touted such services as bringing “cheap, instant Avatar traffic to your website.” The agency boasted: “We use the latest technology concentrated in the palm of your customer’s hands to grow your business beyond your wildest dreams!” 



    What the studio didn’t know at the time was that Snyder had already shot footage in his backyard at the height of the pandemic. 


    Other stuff in there includes Visionary Director Zack Snyder contacting journalists who had written up articles on simple castings announcements on DC projects and asking them to change their stories to his liking as it would be a shame if the fans, who I have no control over of course, go after you. In the manner of Paulie Walnuts shaking down a local business.



  8. I wish. If they were putting out truly unhinged 70s/80s style yeah we were all so off our tits half of us can’t remember making it like Zardoz or Lifeforce, I’d be all for it. All the ‘wackiness’ in this feels quite cynical and focus grouped to the Nth degree with an eye to what lol monkeycheese moment will have the greatest potential to make a gif and go viral.

  9. 2 hours ago, The Bag said:


    That explains a lot, it has that feel of so many modern comedies (thinking stuff like Ghostbusters 2016 - where the director also boasted about just letting Hemsworth riff - or Anchorman 2)  where they just let the actors improv for ages. While I'm sure it was hilarious for everyone on set, generally what you end up with is jokes that go on and on and on and on until any vestige of humour is drained. A scene that annoyed me even while I was watching it was:



    Where they answer Sif's distress call. In Endgame the Russo's did a good job of making stuff like Fortnite playing fat Thor funny, but also balanced that with the pathos of him obviously being deeply affected by all the people he's lost. Likewise Raganarok has a lot of comedy, but stuff like Thor's mate being killed trying to defend people in the square is played straight. Here you have a scene that's supposed to be our first glimpse of how much of a threat the bad guy is. Instead the whole scene is played with a tone like Lancelot talking to the 'dying' Concord in Monty Python and the Holy Grail with them making gags about her losing a limb.


    Likewise after Gorr has kidnapped all the children, it’s hard to care about those stakes because the film is still in full-on relentless joke mode bringing back the acting troupe members again (after the reprisal of that gag - which was funny in Ragnarok - doing the sequel thing of let’s tell the exact same joke but longer and with more cameos), more of the running axe as jealous girlfriend joke, quip after quip after quip after quip.

    There's a scene where Thor is trying to comfort the scared children via astral projection. Not long after a scene where Bale terrorises them where he's really effectively creepy. Valkyrie spends the entirety of it trying to annoy Thor by tickling his nose with her braids for lols. It might have been hilarious on the set on the day, but it doesn't make a lick of sense for her character given the situation they're in at the time. The comedy in Ragnarok felt much truer to the characters and their situations.


    I'm not asking for some sort of grimdark Snyderfest. But Taika Waititi has been so good at balancing comedy and drama in his other films that this feels like a massive step backwards for him. If they wanted to make an out-an-out even lighter comedy after what he went through in Infinity War/Endgame I have no problem with that. But I question why they decided to mash together the comics' God Butcher and Jane Foster has cancer storylines when neither really suit that and you end up with what feels like a lesser Will Ferrell film with an incongruous child dying of dehydration scene.


  10. I loved Thor Ragnarok and have really enjoyed all of Taika Waititi's filmography. But, apart from a couple of moments, I found this to be a big disappointment. It reminded me a bit of Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 where they just ramped up the bits that people liked about the first to 11 and in the process destroyed what made it work in the first place. It never has a moment to breath and it’s constantly undercutting any moments that might have any actual gravity by inserting more and more jokes (usually retreading the same comedy beat for the Nth time), whether they're appropriate for the moment or not. How the hell are you supposed to give a toss about the stakes when none of characters seem to care that much. I remember Ragnarok and his other films being far more adept at juggling tones. The stories about the current visual effects studios crunch in Hollywood are real as the special effects in this were all over the shop. My main feeling after coming out was that I wish I'd bought a ticket to see Top Gun: Maverick again instead of this overblown weightless CGI nonsense.

  11. The bit at around 2m 40s where they they pull up to an island like it’s a McDonald's drivethrough and a hacksaw symbol appears and numbers start flying out to fill a bar somewhere is some leak Ubisoft shit.


    EDIT: Just noticed it’s a certain type of wood to boot. Look forward to having to grind 'rare' woods and the like to get the best upgrades.

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