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    So how scary is it? I was fine with Condemned but with Silent Hill 2 I found I could only play in short bursts like a great big chicken.
  2. Alright then for another example of 'punishment' as opposed to challenge let's take something like GTA 3, do you like the system whereby you have to hare around the map to trigger various bits everytime you fail a mission just to get back to the start of it as opposed to a simple restart at the last checkpoint. The actual mission itself is the challenge, eveything else is basically commuting and surely nobody likes that.
  3. Even if not full quick-saving, a suspend type one use save like you get on DS games. Whoopee visitors have just arrived unexpectedly, I can either lose 20 minutes progress or ask them to twiddle their tumbs while I traipse about looking for a save point.
  4. I don't see the harm in loads of difficulty levels and don't know why more games don't have them. If people want to knock themselves out on Super Bastard Hard Mega difficulty what harm does it do if there's also a Super Ultra Easy* difficulty for the people not so good, at least that way both people buying the game will get full enjoyment. Sod what l33t tpes on US forums think. *I seem to remember Spider-man on the PS1 had something like this so even little kids could enjoy the game.
  5. Off the top of my head? Any game that makes you mindlessly trudge through a long time consuming section again and again just so you can reach the particularly difficult bit you're having trouble with, especially if they bung in some unskippable cut-scenes there while they're at it. That's the kind of 'punishment' I'm on about, which is still all too common in many games, nowt wrong with a game being difficult and challenging liking that's healthy. Not saying MP was guilty of that since it's been years since I've played it mind and can't remember, so I apologise for taking this off-track.
  6. There's a difference between challenging games and punishing games. And I stand by my comments for the latter.
  7. Nope if football were more like some of the ass-backwards games released it'd be more like everytime someone missed a goal the ref would reset the clock to start the 90 minutes again.
  8. What do you reckon is next on the tick list of cliche articles. My money is on a 'Girls and Gaming' one.
  9. Anyone championing punsishing games is most likely a social shut-in who thinks that getting the high-score somehow offests not touching a girl for a decade.
  10. Harsin


    Maybe they'll release one of those Tiger electronic games versions you can get from Argos so the PS3 owners have something to play.
  11. I'll say this for Game/Gamestation, they're very good with swapping out hardware with no fuss, compared with all the other high-street stores, which is a bit of a must with the Xbox 360.
  12. If only it were that easy, I also don't like stealth so I'm fine and dandy dodging games where stealth is the focus. But thanks to design by committee type pricks there are a lot of games that suddenly have a stealth section shoe-horned in as they've heard that that is what the kidz want.
  13. Harsin


    The Game/Gameplay Special Edition contains: Limited Edition Embossed Steel game case Two Discs worth of bonus content containing the game soundtrack and a 'Making Of' DVD Big Daddy scaled replica Don't know about these other ones though.
  14. Got mine back from MS today (sent to them on 18th July), there was no note about the repair in the box like I heard you got and it had the stickers over the disc tray and infra-red doobry that you get on new ones so I don't know if it's a refurb or a new one or whether it has the new heatsink or not. The one I sent off was a July 06 model and this one is April 06. It also has a rattly sounding DVD drive which isn't filling me with confidence, I think it's a Toshiba-Samsung one, anyone know what they're meant to be like?
  15. 1. Go to Google Image Search 2. Enter 'sonic and tails' 3. Wash out eyes with Domestos
  16. And now a disturbing journey into the world of Sonic the Hedgehog fan-fiction. http://www.fanfiction.net/game/Sonic_the_Hedgehog/
  17. Harsin


    They gave Doom 3 94% according to a quick search, looks like Eurogamer also went gaga over it.
  18. http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=169771
  19. Harsin


    It's still the combination of respawning enemies + limited ammo that is giving me the jitters.
  20. I'm still waiting for the being chased through a hospital zone by robot monkey ninjas on fire at 200mph, or however it was they described Halo 2 as.
  21. "Hello I'd like to buy an Xbox 360" "Right this way sir, would you like a Core pack or a Premium pack, available in a range of with or without HDMI and extra heatsinks, if you want the Core then I'd recommend a memory card available in two sizes, or of course you could plump for the Elite which has HDMI and a large HD, that's a hard-drive sir and not high definition, or maybe I can tempt you with a Halo pack which comes with HDMI so you can get HD, that's high definition and not hard-drive sir, and a small HD in a fetching shade of baby poo green for only $50 more."
  22. It also should be ruled out just because of Rockstar's stupid trademark restarting mission rules. Oh I just failed again, guess I'll have to wander right back across the map to the trigger mission point, wait for cutscreen to load, skip it, wait for map to load back up, wander back across map to the mission and pray to God I pass it.
  23. I'd imagine that it would take a while for them to get into circulation, MS channel stuffed like mad so they could proclaim they'd met a figure so stock rooms are awash with old dodgy models and likely to remain so for some time. I'd imagine they're hoping that Christmas will purge them out of the system.
  24. I'd argue that games have gone actually backwards in terms of storytelling as technology has progressed with the death of the adventure game, Grim Fandango wasn't far off being worthy of being a Pixar film in my opinion. Now even storycentric games feel more like you're getting story interludes as a means to break up 'pew pew' shooting sections.
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