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  1. One man's meat and all that. Doesn't Stroker think Dead Rising is pants (I agree with him on that) while loads of people here thought it was Game of the Year material. You just sound like a hysterical internet stereotype screaming for a bloke to be professionally disciplined for giving a low mark to a game you fancy. If it is a marmite game then the high marks it'll get from other publications will offset OXM's views.
  2. Hang on, nobody has even read the full review yet, at most I think one sentence is floating about, certainly not enough for you to be frothing at the gash over unprofessionalism anyway. I bet the devs of Wing Commander Arena and the oodles of other dodgy XBLA offerings wish they had people running to their defence so readily.
  3. I'm in the same boat, I hate those sodding triangle levels. Even watched a video tutorial on them on Youtube and still can't get my head around them. I hope they get rid of all the sci-fi bollocks in the next one I'd be much happier doing a routine appendectomy than firing lasers at some reject from a Final Fantasy game.
  4. Thing is, if there was some kind of conspiracy, wouldn't an official mag be more likely to big up a crap game that's exclusive to the platform rather than deliberately sabotaging a good one?
  5. So apparently Space Giraffe got 2/10 in the US Official Xbox mag and Jeff Minter hasn't taken it too well accusing them of deliberately sabotaging the game and stuff. I'm actually sorry his Edge column is over as we might have had some entertaining inter-magazine rucking.
  6. No you have 12 month warranty with the retailer for a replacement/repair, although a worrying number of retailers try to weasel their way out of this.
  7. As opposed to the ones that are sent via transporter beam directly to Game's stock room?
  8. Harsin


    The main problem with Gears is that for all CliffyB's hyperbole about 'Destroyed Beauty' it still feels more like walking around 'Destroyed Swindon'.
  9. You'd be a mug to buy it if HDMI is your primary reason what with the HDMI enabled Premiums on their way.
  10. Playsta... ah shit! Probably the Mega CD, although I still think it was probably worth it for Snatcher and I recall loving Ground Zero Texas even though it was most likely complete crap in every single way. Even I wasn't dumb enough to get suckered by a 32X.
  11. You should get an e-mail like this:
  12. She gives some of the munters in Oblivion a run for their money.
  13. Harsin


    Perspective, we're talking about a multi-million dollar videogame, not a small cancer stricken child. If some people don't like it as much as others what's the big deal, no need for wailing and gnashing of teeth.
  14. Harsin


    Don't worry, it's the 1940s, there wasn't a court going that'd do you for shooting an Irishman.
  15. Harsin


    Looks like the CE doesn't come with the metal case after all.
  16. Christ I feel like I've taken the Tardis back to 1995. Coming soon Sewer Shark: The Next Generation for PS3.
  17. Harsin

    anyone got R4DS?

    It's true and my mate, who's Dad works for Nintendo, told me that on Super Mario World if you enter Up, Up, Down, Down, and hold down all the buttons at once you can play as Sonic the Hedgehog.
  18. Harsin


    It's the UK one as well, unless you go for the LE or CE.
  19. Harsin


    Why are you arguing, he was agreeing with you?
  20. Harsin


    Video of someone who's got their hands on the game taking on a Big Daddy, hadn't seen it before, apologies if already posted but couldn't see anything. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/usermov...aylist=featured
  21. That's only for 3 red lights, dodgy DVD drive still only has the standard 1 year warranty.
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