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  1. If nobody else has noticed it then that would mean it's abnormal. None of mine have done that and all broke, so it could be a sign of healthy Xbox mind you.
  2. You can tell it's pretty ropey when even on Playstation specific forums they seem to have taken an unwritten pact not to talk about the actual gameplay and instead get post after post of "Wow did you see those cut-scenes!!!!!".
  3. I find myself actively looking for reasons to make the switch to PS3 (I'll galdly swallow the extra cost for a reliable console) and still find it coming up short, which shows how poor Sony's game is at the moment.
  4. Remember somehow these have got through various approval processes and committees and apparently at all these stages someone thought they looked good. I can only imagine it's some other J. Allard type (or J himself although I thought he was off failing dismally with Zune), you know some 40 year old tosser who wears a hoody and thinks he's 'down with the kids innit' and proabbly thought these looked 'wikkid'.
  5. Hang on, three year warranty with MS or Argos? They'll make you go through MS (and this was with a two month old machine). Although might be worth a try I might just have got a mentalist store manager as it's against the Sales of Goods Act if the machine is under a year.
  6. I enjoyed Tales of Symphonia, but it was if they had entered a competition to make the most cliche JRPG story possible.
  7. Oh God don't remind of their hideous hold system, just what you want to hear when your Xbox has gone tits up and you're about to be without it for a month is some 'hip' yank bellowing down the line about how "rad" faceplates for the 360 are and you should buy them straight away followed by dance music that sounds like it escaped from a nightclub in Bognor in 1998.
  8. Him and John Romero should start a site together where they can both bemoan the state of the industry and proclaim that MMOs and mobile phone games are totally the way forward for misunterstood visionaries such as themselves.
  9. That's the one, the first visit is just about bearable, it's the second time you have to go there that it all goes pear shaped.
  10. Apart from the Underground City bit, that was shit. This is an even more universal fact.
  11. Check out his site for some hilarious 'Man at C&A' photos. http://www.dperry.com/archives/about_dp/about_dp/ Move over Miyamoto!
  12. Why do the gaming media keep giving this guy so much exposure, he hasn't made anything remotely decent since MDK and if you read around then the game that made him an 'industry superstar' in the first place, Earthworm Jim, was probably more the work of someone else than him.
  13. I've got to admit I'm getting a lot of deja-vu with the run up to the release of Halo 2 and it's got me a bit antsy regarding the single-player.
  14. I heard he wrote his leaving letter in spider-man font.
  15. Well your point seems to be that nobody here should dare question the glorious business minds at MS, despite having made quite a few questionable decisions in the past that have backfired on them. It's a daft stance to take on a Discussion Forum full stop as we may as well all shut up shop and go home if we're not allowed to criticise or question anything unless we're high ranking individuals in that field. Well that's pretty much all threads about games out the window then unless you're a designer and don't even think about going into Film/TV and giving your views unless you're Steven Spielberg or Greg Dyke.
  16. The price cut hasn't even come into account in Europe yet has it? But anyway blimey!
  17. Erm I'm not sure what point you're trying to make here. Yes I've enjoyed playing on my 360 probably more than any other console this year, but what gamers on an internet forum want and what equals good business aren't always the same thing and that is what we're talking about here Microsoft's business strategies and the success (or not) of them. Lots of gamers don't seem pleased with the direction Nintendo is taking at the moment, and WiiFit doesn't particularly appeal to me, but I'll bet it rakes them in a shedload of profit.
  18. The same business nous that has seen them consistently miss sales targets and throw $1.15 billion down the sink because they released a console with the reliability of a fishnet condom?
  19. Microsoft's slate after the big game rush this Christmas seems a bit sparse to say the least, so far it consists of Fable 2 and a Viva Pinata party game and, erm, that's about it. It's as if they've convinced themselves that Halo 3 is going to sell a gajillion consoles on its own and they can put their feet up after that.
  20. If Microsoft soleley consisted of the Xbox division then he'd have been drawing his giro long ago.
  21. Harsin

    Nobi Nobi Boy

    Shhhh you'll lose 'hardcore' credentials, quick make a post slagging off Need For Speed and chavs or something to top it back up.
  22. That's what Sony and Nintendo do I believe (nintendo certainly did with the DS cracked hinge outbreak). Anecdotal evidence ahoy: the UPS blokey picked up my 360 today and told me that he picks at least 5 of them up per day.
  23. Theory is that thay're actually fixing them now instead of just grabbing the nearest one of the 'In' pile, switching it on and if it doesn't display red-lights straight away bunging it in a box to you.
  24. E3 taught me that he has the voice of a 13 year old Xbox Live User, which certainly explains a lot.
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