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  1. Yeah, but no, Reuters is reporting that MS are saying to shareholders that this is going to cost them over a billion dollars. Multinational companies don't do stuff like this just to appease a few whingers on internet forums.
  2. It is true, there's an open letter about it up on the front-page of the US Xbox site now.
  3. Don't know if this will count as complaining, but recently it was obvious that public awareness of the unreliability of the console was building and building and starting to move beyond gaming forums and magazines. I think Microsoft's legal eagles probably realised they were probably going to be hit with expensive lawsuits before too long and would probably run afoul of a few laws releasing hardware with (as that console repair company put it) an 'endemic fault). Really this should have come far before now.
  4. Harsin

    Edge 178

    Tim Guest's finally finished his book (they review it in the mag). Does this mean hopefully we'll be getting a new columnist?
  5. Difference being that the 360 was pretty heavily supply constrained for at least six months while there's stacks and stacks of PS3's going begging. The fact that the Wii is still supply constrained even now is pretty astounding.
  6. Same month Edge appears to have lost it's Sony bias GamesTM has that statement on the cover. /puffs pipe
  7. Best issue in a long while, pity Guest and Crashlander are still there stinking the place up mind.
  8. Have they hit the nadir of ideas that is a 'Girls and Gaming' feature yet?
  9. Pretty grim, generic muscly videogame marine shooting his big gun. Sellotape a pack of Opal Fruits to it and you'd think it was one of the gazillion single format mags that clutter the shelves.
  10. Harsin

    Luke Smith

    Did you read Edge's article on designing the 'perfect' game?
  11. It's a mixture of GameFAQ level posts and GameFAQs posts where the poster has desperately trawled through MS Words theasaurus in the vain hope their revelatory post on why girls don't play games gets published in the magazine.
  12. Only in the US is it official as far as I'm aware, brought in to avert a class action lawsuit. Saying that though I;ve heard of people getting them fixed for free here and then there are other who get lumbered with £85 so who knows.
  13. What you mean MS' highly technical update of whacking loads of glue on didn't pay off! At least Neil Buchanan would have approved.
  14. Looks like they've done away with the Resi Evil 4 style viewpoint.
  15. I think the fact they're trying to pump them out as cheap as possible from godforsaken sweatshops is the main problem. They had a comparison thingy on the manufacturing costs of the Wii, PS3 and 360 over at Neo GAF and the 360 was ridiculously low compared to the other two. Would explain why they seem to go wrong in such a multitude of ways, if it was one thing constantly going kaput then they probably would have fixed it ages ago.
  16. Do they get a toffee or something everytime they run a few pages on some tin-pot Eastern European devleoper toting a me-too hilariously generic RPG that usually gets scrapped a month later. As there seems to be a feature in every issue.
  17. Just noticed that Play-Asia have a note up saying they won;t ship this to the EU.
  18. Thing is it's not hard to appear high-brow when most of your rivals are giving away water pistols and packets of skittles on the cover. I'd kill for something like Amiga Power (a magazine I enjoyed reading even though I didn't own an Amiga) or the others you mentioned. GamesTM seems to be slowly improving from just being a collection of regurgiated press releases and Top 10 lists in print, although it's not quite there yet.
  19. Also, how the hell does Tim Guest manage to keep a job, his column is so boring you could probably use it to successfully anaesthetise operation patients and I've yet to hear anyone admitting to enjoying it.
  20. What a poor issue, is it me or does it seem much thinner than usual with even more adverts. Also, Biffo's column starting with a couple of paragraphs apologising for being so negative to Sony. Wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't completley unrelated to the rest of his column and stuck out like a sore thumb.
  21. Harsin

    Edge 174

    The opening editorial and Biffo's column are like yin and yang this month.
  22. Eurogamer have taken an 'interesting' spin on the sale figures. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=73302 EDIT: Looks like it's a cut-down version of the Gamesidustry one, although still stange for them to take these figures and run a "Wow, Sony are ace!" story off the back of them.
  23. Harsin

    Edge 173

    Eurogamer must be really desperate if thay have to copy and paste from Edge's interview and pass it off as news. http://www.eurogamer.net/article.php?article_id=73085
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