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  1. The same business nous that has seen them consistently miss sales targets and throw $1.15 billion down the sink because they released a console with the reliability of a fishnet condom?
  2. Microsoft's slate after the big game rush this Christmas seems a bit sparse to say the least, so far it consists of Fable 2 and a Viva Pinata party game and, erm, that's about it. It's as if they've convinced themselves that Halo 3 is going to sell a gajillion consoles on its own and they can put their feet up after that.
  3. If Microsoft soleley consisted of the Xbox division then he'd have been drawing his giro long ago.
  4. Harsin

    Nobi Nobi Boy

    Shhhh you'll lose 'hardcore' credentials, quick make a post slagging off Need For Speed and chavs or something to top it back up.
  5. That's what Sony and Nintendo do I believe (nintendo certainly did with the DS cracked hinge outbreak). Anecdotal evidence ahoy: the UPS blokey picked up my 360 today and told me that he picks at least 5 of them up per day.
  6. Theory is that thay're actually fixing them now instead of just grabbing the nearest one of the 'In' pile, switching it on and if it doesn't display red-lights straight away bunging it in a box to you.
  7. E3 taught me that he has the voice of a 13 year old Xbox Live User, which certainly explains a lot.
  8. Is this some Currys/Dixons style extended warranty or the MS one? because if you mean the MS one you'll be without a console for around a month if your 360 goes tits up.
  9. Doubt they'd give you a refund, they certainly don't have to legally. Here's a point, MS have basically admitted that all the backlog of unsold 360s sitting there in stockrooms up and down the country have this design flaw. Isn't it against the law to knowingly sell faulty goods, I'm surprised they haven't been forced to do a full recall on those.
  10. Yeah the woman from Trading Standards said that I shouldn't bother with the actual store and that all correpondence should now go to their head office via recorded delivery. I think you're probably right about being strung out, what I'll proabbly do is ring MS in a minute and also write a letter of complaint to Argos head office about this.
  11. I know GAME get a lot of stick on here, but I will say that I've always found them superb when it comes to things like replacements. Here's a bit more (detail, what I posted over at the DVD Forums). Well just been down Argos to return the 360 (bear in mind that it's only two months old) and their response was that it was nothing to do with them and I had to contact MS direct to arrange my own repair. From reading a poster in the previous threads unfortunate experience with Argos I went forearmed with the relevant part of the Sales of Goods Act (Section 14) and the response from the store manager "Our company policy supercedes that" (no I'm not joking). Just to be sure I rang Trading Standards when I got back home and they told me that Argos was 100% in the wrong on this, although not automatically entitled to a replacement it is the retailers responsibility to arrange any repairs within the 6 months of purchase and I was advised to write to their Head Office. Now I'm not sure if it's worth it as on one hand it would probably be quicker for me to arrange my own repair than Argos if they dig their heels in and go for the repair rather than replacement route, but on the other I don't particularly like letting companies get away with cowboy antics like this.
  12. Looks like I'm going to have a similar experience to Deeptone, only with Argos. Took in my two month old 360 which had red lighted and was told that it was up to me to contact MS to arrange a repair and Argos had nothing to do with it anymore.
  13. Harsin

    PS3 Price Drop

    What struck me was the bloke doing the feature seemed mind-boggled by the £425rrp and kept saying variations of 'It's a hugely expensive product'.
  14. Says the bloke who resembled Fraser from Dad's Army during the first two presentations only to spring up like Zebedee during the last one to shout "Everything's coming up Sony!"
  15. That PSP redesign is pretty much the most pointless thing ever. More pointless than Paul Ross even.
  16. Looked liked timed exclusives he was very careful to say things like "Exclusive this year/hilday season"
  17. Oh God you just know he's probably going to redirect his column to this now his Second Life book is done. Whoooo 400 words about disabled people buying a virtual chair agogo.
  18. Reggie always looks like some creepy molester who managed to sneak past security and get up on stage.
  19. It's like your Uncle dancing at a wedding distilled into conference form.
  20. Ooh good another back-slapping montage video, hadn't had one of those for nearly three minutes there.
  21. I hope they have a Q&A. "Hey Reggie, why did you stop Manhunt 2 from releasing but let that paedo witch touching game sail through."
  22. Trying to convince that their online service is alreeady top-notch?
  23. Christ, at this rate Sony could win best conference even if it just consisted of Phil and Kaz playing soggy biscuit with a MGS4 Blu-Ray while Final Fantasy music runs in the background.
  24. Less stats please, it's starting to resemble a Sony conference with less made up info.
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