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  1. yeah you'll get them, the Instant Game Collection stuff is for all active PS+ members.
  2. little presentation on the character modeling/animation rigs. (sorry if its a repost) I love hearing guys like this talk, this stuff seems like wizardry to me
  3. Started playing this today, good thing there was a load of "trap" comments around or I would've jumped right in. Seriously it looks like a Healthy white pit of magic goodness
  4. Then I've got a nice surprise for you. http://banjothreeie.com
  5. Went right back into hard and picked up all the cheevos too, never done that before even on AAA titles. lovely game
  6. Kevin Smith was high as fuck by the end of that interview, he said something like "your voice is beautiful like the ocean" good stuff.
  7. . Second was Thor: The Mighty Avenger by Roger Langridge and Chris Samnee. Criminally underrated comic that was an all-ages affair brilliantly written and wonderfully drawn. Marvel fucked up royally with that one - a comic that would have been worth preserving even if sales were a little lowI think it would have eventually picked up through word-of-mouth as it was critically acclaimed month after month. *sighs* I got Daredevil too, god it's good. It's like Matt Murdock is trying to be Wally West. Waid you devil
  8. I'm more worried how deep it is in Batman continuity, i'll give it a quick yarr harr preview before splashing out.
  9. Is Absolute Batman and Robin, Worth picking up? http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1401237371/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE
  10. Miller's Crossing is 4:3, did Netflix fuck up or is it supposed to be this way?
  11. I have been reading comics for 1 year now. lots lurking in this thread too. Here's my bought/read in 2012 list: Invincible (Compendium One + Ultimate collection 5,6,7 + TPB 16) Consistent great read. Easy to get into because you can buy all the issues conveniently and up to date. Are the big two even paying attention? Batman: Year One Batwoman: Eulogy Man I love this J.H. Williams III's art and funky panel layouts blew my mind. Queen and Country (Definitive edition 1 + 2) Wanted to check out more of Greg Ruckas work after reading Batwoman, enjoyable enough... but the constant changing of artists annoyed me, writing seemed a bit bland and more suited to the novel series. probably won't buy any more. Green River Killer Recommended by just one dude in this thread. More than just a detective story but a really heartfelt son to father tribute. I almost cried, thanks buddy. Punisher Max (Hardbacks 1 + 2) Another one recommended in this thread. Excellent book, much smarter writing than expected. dat dark humor. Orc Stain (TPB 1) More please Mr. Stoke. Animal Man (Nu52 vol.1 The Hunt tpb) Note to self: get Swamp Thing too. The Flash (Nu52 vol.1 Move Forward) Waited an extra couple of months for get the hardback. Big disappointment pages aren't oversized, nothing extra inside. This isn't a premium product at all, whats the point? I was expecting something like Invincible ultimate. Hawkeye (issues 1, 2, 4, 5) I love this but first time buying single issues and I wasn't expecting 6 ad pages in a 20-something page comic. I will buy the trades and pirate it in-between.
  12. Steam has a build in screenshot thing, just hit F12 ingame.
  13. I think imgur resized them (was 1080p) Have some average rez screenshots anyway. http://imgur.com/a/OnML6
  14. http://forums.gearbo...ad.php?t=171045 can't confirm this because I have the PC version, sounds legit.
  15. I'll buy it. The HK subs do have their own charm though...
  16. Nope animation is too expensive, the best you'll find is some shitty flash animations on newgrounds or something.
  17. Owl from Meg Mogg and Owl spotted. thats COOL

  18. 1600msp sounds right if this is proper HD with redrawn sprites, thats a lot of work. If they've just upscaled it and slapped on some GGPO netcode I'll be disappointed.
  19. yeah, I have some precum for Jojo. PLEASE DON'T BE SHIT.
  20. He wasn't really Spoilt though.
  21. SF x Tekken soundtrack was all cheap and annoying sounding. least hype ever.
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