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  1. close. it was actually this, a rather obscure band from the late 80s from lancaster, pennsylvania karen peris has a haunting, yet very melodic voice. both their debut and 2nd album (umbrella) featured a very interesting sound and some great tracks
  2. hello there, some of you may remember me from a few years back. I'm still into gaming but my passion in the hobby has shifted more towards pinball and arcade game restorations. (I currently am in the process of restoring a creature from the black lagoon and seawitch pinballs and 2 q*bert's and a tempest cabaret on the arcade side) for anyone that is planning on attending the MGC (midwest gaming classic) in wisconsin here in the states (april 8-10, 2016), please stop by my booth and say "hi" I will be attempting to unload a good portion of my 20+ year collection of sealed video games in the vendor area under the "digital rat's nest" banner I hope to see some of you there (and meet you finally for the first time). cheers - j.m.
  3. my question is that when you purchase the VR headset, does it come bundled with that stark white onesy?
  4. wow! talk about a strangehold. nintendo's products account for nearly 75% of *all* systems sold for that week/month? it boggles the mind when people keep stating things like, "nintendo should really re-think and get out of the hardware market"
  5. hmm... counting out the company which has a handheld device that is currently outselling *everything* else out on the market combined
  6. I'm not sure which one I'm more excited for? the xbox one or the gold/black 3DS XL bundle the ps4 launch was quite the disappointment, but thankfully made 200usd by flipping the extra system that I had pre-ordered for a mate that cancelled on me 2 days prior to launch
  7. personally, I think that there are a couple of things that the manufacturers need to address if they want to "wow" the [general] public and those who are upgrading from the last gen with each new generation launch - faster boot up and loading for games (I know that I'm comparing apples to oranges here, but remember how nice is was with your NES? put in the cart, turn it on and <bam!> 2-3 secs later you were playing the game (even the 3DS is a big offender here. for those of you that still have a game boy, gb color, advance or ds, check out your power up sequence times compared to the 3DS's. load up a game as well. there's a ton of decompression going on there - more stable hardware (yeah, faster and more polygons are great, but the fact that these newer machines [even the current gen] are running so hot that we've had to worry about things like motherboards flexing and causing the BGA (ball grid array) for cpu and gpu chips coming off of the boards [in both the ps3 and 360, even with massive heat sinks and fans - software that doesn't require a "day one" patch in order to run (again, remember the days before the internet where companies had to make damn sure that their titles were stable and actually ran as advertised? - have at least 4 solid titles at launch that showcase (or at the very least, give a glimpse) of what we can expect from this leap in technology that has wrestled the money from our purse strings. where's the incentive when the game looks and plays almost the exact same as the current generation? I'm not trying to be a negative nellie, but our microwave society is making us want things quicker and faster and as a result we are reaping what we sow
  8. I don't remember jessica chobot looking that furry when I got her started in this business
  9. yes, but not in the way that you'd like. tingle is the physical manifestation all of the messed up 30+ year old man-children who still live in their parent's basements here in the states. if you'd like, I'm sure that at least half of [normal] americans would be more than happy to send you some of the whack jobs that probably actually sport a green uni-tard 24/7 in real life
  10. quit lumping all americans together. some of us actually have taste (personally, I've never been taken in by the shiney, plastic look of killer instinct)
  11. is it just me or does the launch for both system seem a bit half-baked? given that there is no "backward compatibility" for either system (which I'm absolutely fine with), if I look at the list of games being made available, the pickings are rather slim it almost makes me think that launch for both systems should have been feb/mar of 2014 where we could have a good dozen or so titles, some of which actually start to showcase what the next gen will be capable of
  12. and japan is getting a sequel for bravely default already
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