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  1. I might run through it again, although i couldn't do mile high on veteran and just got really frustrated! I'm quite enjoying the beta - although i am a bit sick of makin. Weapons become much better with the aperture sight (much like red dot in cod 4) i was finding the iron sights got in the way a lot, except with the bren. I've yet to be able to kill anyone with the sniper though.
  2. Stopping power should make a big difference to you. Guns at the early stages aren't really gash - but you will want to gain a red dot scope as soon as possible if you are using iron sights. I know everyone has different preferences but i have character layouts using M16, M4 (for full auto in tight maps), an RPD (light machine gun - although SAW is fine), and R700 (good sniper - but not that much different from the M40A3 when using increased damage). check out http://www.cod4central.com for some in depth details on guns.
  3. I found Heat a royal pain in the arse as well to be honest.
  4. Does anyone know if the map pack they released is going to be a free download at any point soon? I missed the boat when it first came out and if it's going to be free soon i'll hang on.
  5. I had mine about 2 months when i had a similar issue. I took it to Tesco, said this was bought for me but they have a load of manufacturing faults and it's broke - can i swop it and it was no problem. i didn't have a receipt and it wasn't from tesco in the first place. I wouldn't open it up if i were you - it's a common manufacturing problem, so you can reasonably expect it replaced regardless of peoples 30 day policies.
  6. I've heard it said it's gone too - but it's still there, but reduced. I've never really been able to do it intentionally in game, but then i use quite a low sensitivity. You are basically relying on the sticky aim - so when you 'sweep' past someone (horizontally usually)pretty quick, if you're reticle goes over the head and you fire at around the right time you'll score a hit on the noggin. I can't really do it deliberately - but you can practice on fusion cores and birds on some maps. You can see it in evidence when you pull off a shot on someone on a mongoose or ghost whipping past you. There was a video of it in halo 2 on this site
  7. I know i'm going to have a problem with this as i play on 3 at the moment, but my sniping is so bad i have to do something! I never could do it effectively - but sweeping still works doesn't it though? You certainly can do it when sniping birds on guardian.
  8. It's a bit of a risk for sure as you are a total sitting duck. I really hope someone trys it again with me i will laugh my arse off.
  9. Looking up this glitch i went to a forum where the you wouldn't believe the amount of discussion on standbying/bridging/boosting. There are some devious little bastards out there.
  10. Don't know if any of you are aware but there's a glitch on The Pit where people can hide under one of the ramps (well 2 - as they are on both sides). We had a team get the lead and try and hide for the rest of the game and had no idea where they'd gone the other day. The ramp is on the way to the rocket alley - nearest the corner where the shotgun spawns. Apparently you can kind of t-bag your way under.
  11. You should try bumper jumper or walkie talkie. I played halo 1 & 2 as a Green Thumber but i like to snipe and got pissed of that i couldn't use the click zoom too (to the extent i modded my halo 2 controller in the end to add an extra button on the grip). I've spent the last couple of days getting used to bumper jumper and i am a happy man. It basically puts melee on the right bumper and jump on the left, meaning you use B and A to reload/dual. Walkie talkie does much the same but the left bumper is team talk.
  12. Well so far i like... Carbine (seems better than the BR now) Mauler Spiker & SMG combo (new plasma rifle & smg as far as i'm concerned) Melees (i know the new system is wacky but it seems to work out ok for me) I haven't got to grips with... Laser - i'm just useless with this, by the time i've built up the charge i'm dead. Rockets (i was always shit with these and continue in that vein) What pisses me off most though is the sniper rifle - i applaud them for changing it, but not being able to get the second shot of quick really hampers my use of it.
  13. I'm trying desperately to take a break from games for a week until halo 3 comes out - but this game is so addictive! Cheers for the games kerraig - i put up a poor show next to your 32 for 6 or whatever it was. Can't wait for private matches so i can look around these maps in a leisurely fashion.
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