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  1. I started this a few weeks ago, but I think I'm suffering from fatigue. All I really want to do is kill monsters and get embroiled in intrigue, but there's so much filler I feel beat. I almost wish there were no RPG elements at all, because finding inkeeps to buy white gull ingredients from is fucking boring, and every sword or weapon I pick up is worse then my current or I can't use. I really don't care for the skill trees, just give me a decent combat system and monsters to kill. Although I'm ridiculously overlevelled, but can't even remember what's going on in the main quest. Currently arsing around on Skellige level 23, apparently I'm halfway through a level 11 quest.
  2. Yeah, but I was trying to describe a moment discreetly. Both of those are on my to get list, once I've finished trudging around the Witcher 3 and replayng Time Dilemma. And once Outer Wilds hits Switch.
  3. I'll be honest, nothing this Gen has come close to the heights of having my mind blown by the sheer inventiveness of games like Braid, Fez, and the Zero Escape Trilogy. Even AI: Somnium Files, as wonderful as it was, didn't quite hit that spot. Except The Witness, actually. So I'm going to go with the first environment puzzle I did on the Witness. Then realising that those larger puzzles in the maze section could be done multiple ways, with the less obvious way actually freeing the sight up for an environmental puzzle. edit! And Level is You.
  4. Never played it but love reading about it. If all of the Eve megastories could be adapted into a space epic TV show I'd watch it.
  5. So Kickman is intentionally bad?
  6. There should be more games set around the dinner table. Maybe the boss is coming to dinner and you really need that promotion. Maybe you've quantum leaped into the body of one of the people around the table and you have to convince them all you belong there. The possiblities are endless!
  7. My TVs only 720p. In order to justify a new TV I’d need a new console, rather than the other way around.
  8. Every RPG featuring a shop selling equipment needs the following: An easy way to compare what's on sale to what you have equipped. The ability to equip new items as soon as you purchase them. The ability to sell equipped items (but make it clear it's what you have equipped). The Witcher 3's shops are dreadful for the last two.
  9. I'd put layton in with Picross etc. Phoenix Wright is pretty much a point and click/virtual novel puzzle game.
  10. Arcade Puzzle Games Puzzle Games Platformer Puzzle Games First Person Puzzle Games
  11. I'm clueless about the next gen consoles- what's all this about old MS consoles being forwards compaitble (have I got that right?)
  12. Some of the DS boss paths do feel pointless and time wasting (Firelink -> Capra), but I adore the run to the Taurus demon. It forced me to get better at the moment to moment part of the game.
  13. Whilst I’m sure those things are annoying, they’re not generally not marketed on the games box as a selling point are they?
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