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  1. I thought this was dire, sorry. Haven't read the comics but they can't be duller than this. Just really boring.
  2. Only ever play it at BM, played it with my colleagues and they hated it, so I've now faced the fact that my copy will likely never be played again
  3. I've got some stuff I'm looking to sell for cold hard cash. Pickup at @jonnyalpha's place or Airecon A Tale of Pirates with 1 Heart Missing: £15 PatcHistory: £15 OK Play Duel (not really sure what this is, won it in a raffle) £2 Spae Cadets Dice Duel: £10 Lords of Xidit: £15 Redacted+ Both expansions: £15 Keyper: £38 Betrayal @ House on the Hill: £15 Design Town (all in German- Secret Santa): £3 Pandemic (really old edition, but everything still in good working order): £10 FlickFleet as new: £15 Anything not sold will be selling for this much at Airecon.
  4. ...(2/2) I kept on drawing cards which were only useful when uncovering the map. So in addition to there being a massive info dump at the start, I really felt I was arriving late to the party. The owner also kept on talking about the previous game and next game, and I just didn't feel our current game was important. The other thing was he removed all the artwork to save on ink. Which resulted in a very mechanical game, with all theme stripped back, it just felt a bit procedural. Despite all this, I would give it another crack, but from a blank start, although even then I'd probably feel I had to play again to get the enjoyment out of it. I dunno, I imagine if you want a big legacy/campaign game than it's probably worth it, but Gloomhaven occupies all that space for me.
  5. Amongst many other things I played a pnp copy of Oath on Saturday. Unfortunately I didn’t particularly enjoy it. A lot of that was because whilst the game isn’t technically legacy, previous games affect the setup and play of the current game. This was game number 3, but for all of us but the owner it was our first game. And it felt like being dumped partway through a campaign game- the entire map was uncovered, and... (1/2)
  6. Personally I'm waiting on a port of Skies of Arcadia.
  7. This'll be the first of those puzzle games I get then.
  8. Loving this, even the perversion, which is just leaned into completely.6 hours in and things have gone where I really hoped they would. Still completely cold, not reading any intial thoughts or anything until the very end.
  9. I’ve been developing a new game, designed by someone else (James Allen) themed on Dia de Muertos. It’s a dice rolling game, but all the dice are in a casket conveyor belt, and players are trying to ascend them up some steps to the land of the living. I’ll be taking a copy of the prototype to the northern gaming meet if people would like to try it, as well as having a stand at Airecon, so please come and say hello if you’re there!
  10. e-shop- I picked it up last week for £30 something pounds. Must have been a short sale that!
  11. I’m playing AI Somnium files on Switch- it’s currently on sale. It is batshit insane
  12. Don’t do it man- find something worth playing and put 89p towards that. Have you played Stories Untold?
  13. It looks regular price to me, but well worth getting. Significantly quieter. Is this the amazing sounding majoras mask style one, or the other one?
  14. Does getting a new laptop and not installing Steam on it count?
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