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  1. Every time I’m reminded of this I get happier. Cannot wait. Can’t remember if I’ve preordered a special edition though edit £52 ooof
  2. I felt let down by this, it was all allusions and references but with no substance behind it. I enjoyed parts whilst watching it, but then felt nothing as it ended.
  3. No, we left after the JJJ scene. Not sure putting key characterisations like that after the credits is the best editing decision they've made tbh.
  4. Just saw this in the cinema, which was packed. Funny that eh this long after release. Anyway thought it was some light hearted fun so that’s nice isn’t it. One thing, I was waiting for angry inconsiderate Fury to be revealed as an illusion, but that didn’t happen. Was he always such a gullible shit?
  5. It’s a so-so story in an interesting world. Not a metroidvania at all, almost completely Linear and no real optional power ups. That said I enjoyed most of it
  6. You don't need to copywrite anything (you can't copywrite mechanics anyhow). Best thing to do is share it when it's at a point you're happy with- if it's so good it's worth trashing a reputation to steal then it'll just be worth seeking a contract to publish instead. For showing stuff off, the best thing is at playtest meetups, however, if you're playtesting make sure you give people an out after x number of minutes for big long games, it'll make them much more likely to playtest, and ensure you payback by playtesting one of theirs. There's also a protspiel event in Nottingham this year, which could be owrth checking out.
  7. Once upon a time in Hollywood 1/5 Bored to tears.
  8. Loved this, but then I have a massive soft spot for any meta interactive fiction with parallel timelines/realities affecting each other in subtle/unsubtle ways. Closest we’ll get to Zero Escape on tv (although I can dream). Plus it was about my gaming childhood, which helped.
  9. As hideous as it is, if the buttons don't click I'm getting one.
  10. Like most shows Breaking Bad felt like it should have ended on its penultimate season, rather than introduce nazis.
  11. Just saw this. Apart from the ranch and ending found it utterly boring. Would have walked out if I wasn’t with my wife (who it turns out hated it). Also I know about the Tate murder.
  12. Got to chapter 3 with that misunderstanding. That’s why I thought there were levelling issues.
  13. Tiny spoiler I watched a Therion speed run on SGDQ, and realised I’d misunderstood something! I thought breaks were based on a hidden damage counter from weaknesses. I didn’t realise that shield measured defence to breaks and were reduced every attack. With that info I’ve got right back into the game and am loving it!
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