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  1. Do I need to read the manual, or will it all be explained in game?
  2. I just bought this on the Switch and did what I presume was the tutorial? If so that was the worst tutorial ever! I had no idea what I was doing or why, what any of the numbers or bars meant, and I don’t even think my attacks landed on the Chimera boss.
  3. I've downloaded them all, including going premium on Boardgamearena. Had a great game of 6 nimmt against work colleagues on one of there birthdays, but that's it. Anybody fancy a game of something, anything, online? Or even on the apps.
  4. It feels like it should be worth it, but the final ending ending felt so inconsequential I'd say no? But parts of the journey were great. It's one of those shows where it would have been amazing if they'd got the ending right, but honestly if you're not enjoying it now give up.
  5. Now we’re social distancing I’m investigating these- which is better? do you have to pay for all games separately? do they have voice chat? can people observe games? just generally how do they work?
  6. Really glad I didn't book a room, but genuinely upset at the massive spanner in the works this has thrown in for Die of the Dead. I'm probably going to postpone the KS to get it done after the UKGE, but to be honest everything's up in the air. Who knows when the China backlog will be cleared, or when people will be happy backing again.
  7. I might have to get TTS now, given the social nature of gaming
  8. Looks like a Factorio clone, https://factorio.com, have you played that?
  9. I played it recently, but got bored before anything too taxing happened.
  10. Boom boom boom folks, Airecon today whoop whoop! Won’t be there until late afternoon, got James on the stand in the meantime. Great gathering of gamers in Major Tom’s last night too!
  11. With sound effects: raargh Cryptid splish Empires of the North kerching Imperial 2030 toot-toot Rail Pass And of course Die of the Dead
  12. The Ell deck is fantastic and Bez and Tom are super people who helped me with Forks (originally an Ell deck game). Lovely little deck of cards and deserves to fund
  13. I'd say any game where the 'good' ending requires so much more skill than the bad ending I will inevitably get. Only if I've loved it to that point of course. Hollow Knight Spoiler
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