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  1. Didn't realise 7 was on gamepass- have to give that a try
  2. I don't think they need to if they increase the price of Gold instead. I don't think they'll mind people buying 3 years worth of Gold for converting at around £80 per year.
  3. It says in the article that 6 month and yearly subscriptions will be renewed at the same price,
  4. I think so, but people seem to be doubling down on it?
  5. That still doesn't make £120 though? 3 Months from Microsoft, so presumably the most expensive, is £17.99. To reach £120 that would have to go up to £30. That's not going to happen.
  6. It's currently £6.99 a month from MS themselves. Even if it goes up by a quid a month and for some reason you don't get any deals or pay for 3/6 months at once you're still under £100. Where did £120 come from?
  7. I'm not sure that's happening. Your complaining about things nobody else had had happen to you, and I'm just saying that makes it hard to relate to. And then you post walls of text complaining about the game- your experiences are your experiences and it sounds like you're having a horrid time, so honestly I'd just put it down until you have the time to properly play it, or just leave it. Like I said, if you don't enjoy the exploration or combat there is nothing else. There's nothing wrong with disliking games other people like, nobody is going to tell you your wrong for not enjoying it, a
  8. It's just weird because apparently you've got the only copy of the game where you can't hit the 4 Kings, and the black orb doesn't work properly, which are things nobody else can relate to. It also seems like you're trying to rush the game, and getting angry with online guides for being confusing, rather than just explore. I can't think of a time when playing when I didn't have somewhere to go, and eventually you end up going everywhere. Honestly, if you don't like the exploration and combat I'd just leave it, because there is nothing else. If you're mad at the game for killing you, but don't
  9. Yeah, although it can be tricky judging distance away from them, can't think what else it would be.
  10. Actually re: light Also my black orb went crazy in that room, not sure the AoE but it must be pretty big.
  11. Swooping in with a 81 based on that inside information. Up from my original prediction of 37
  12. It is optional though, you can explore and find alternative routes, but those routes aren't as nice. I remember saving up, and then being delighted at recouping the cost multiple times over just by passing through that door. Well worth it.
  13. A half decent shield works fine for the wheel skeletons.
  14. Just completed the first campaign, no problem. Sure I had to execute a few heretics to keep up morale whilst we were conserving for the storm, but I ended up stomping the storm, coming out with 7000 coal and over 1000 meals. Really enjoyed it, but I do feel satisfied with it, so unless there are new buildings I probably won't go back. Do wish I could zoom in more though.
  15. I skipped last gen essentially, so I'm reading old threads of games like Dishonored 2, wondering why everyone is complaining about the load times. One second load times and instant resume really make a difference.
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