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  1. Never parsed this as "Fez has been released on the Switch" which is amazing news!
  2. Big agreement on those space games. Prey, whilst not a pure narrative game, shows how to do zero g successfully.
  3. Exactly, the transphobia in the UK crosses political lines, not that what Blow posted comes anywhere near that.
  4. It is getting OT, but I do want to say I don't think anyone's dying on a hill, just to slow down on the hate. When you post this: I'd expect it more than thinking the reason more men then women are interested in tech is biological rather than sociological. A tweet which was then deleted because of the offense it caused. I'm not saying he hasn't posted dumb stuff on twitter, or even people shouldn't boycott his games if they want to, of course they can, just that the eagerness to hate someone for being far right happened very quickly and I don't see the justification for t
  5. Also comparing tweeting to sexual and racial abuse is pretty off. As if Blow has done anything close to what Whedon has, harm wise.
  6. Has he consistently posted bad stuff over the years? Iirc he was stridently anti gamergate and then clueless about biology. We're not talking some right wing provocateur here.
  7. Yeah, but Blow's deleted those tweets after being a clumsy fool. All this vitriol now from posters in here seems like some 2 minute hate fest. Especially trying to make him out to be as far right as Notch, who afaik hasn't been the remotest bit repentant or apologetic and has funded hate. People make shitty tweets, clever people don't know stuff and make stupid tweets. It just doesn't warrant this celebratory public shaming which gets meted out imo. Especially compared to how people's actions are treated.
  8. Can't see any of that on his Twitter feed. Fair enough to avoid his games if you want, but I can't get behind this public shaming based on third hand gossip.
  9. Missed HypnoSpace Outlaw. A criminally overlooked gem, of the Obra Dinn/ Outer Wilds variety. Seriously, those three games have sustained my interest in narrative game experiences (and then Bloodborne made me remember how much I loved solid mechanics). So yeah, @Stevie if you like an interesting narrative get hypnospace played.
  10. Honestly, I'm all in favour of shorter 'all killer no filler' experiences that Gamepass should enable. There's no requirement to have an 8 hour game last for 30 hours to make it value for money.
  11. I realise I didn't actually get past the tweeness of it into enjoying it until the end of my first run through. After which I went back and played it again, and then Deltarune. I definitely think it's not an easy sell for cynical old men, despite the retro allusions, but imo something great definitely shines through in the end.
  12. Time influences the world. There are places impossible to reach in the first 7 minutes, and places that can only be reached during that time. It's like Majora's Mask in that regard, and in the same vein the end of the world is tremendously done, poignant despite it's repetetive nature.
  13. Bought the DLC with the Easter voucher MS gave away to XBox users, and fallen deeply back in again. Really loving the game. One issue I had pre-DLC was that often it was better to focus on one clan rather than synergise, but the new 'merge units' feature has meant that often I'll take secondary clan summons to graft their special abilities onto the primary summons. Had some great runs- The green champion that gives rooted, combined with explode upon death tombs from Melting Remnants, and a wickless baron behind them. Also did an offering run with the Direchannel champion, and a merge of two in
  14. I enjoyed this, not quite as overawed as some, but definitely worthy of people's time (especially as it's on PSNow). Restarted halfway through on safe mode, because if there's somethingthing that harms a thoughtful, oppressive Sci-Fi horror it's having to repeat sections, run past all the environmental storytelling, or play on my phone whilst waiting for a monster to leave. Also a few places turned into point & click pixel hunters. Needed more indication of interactivity on the PS4. Spoilers thoughts
  15. £30 Factory Funner. Kickstarter, so shipping and taxes to be added later.
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