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  1. Before We Leave is a much gentler city builder logistical job director which is also on Gamepass. Good fun.
  2. Maybe it's because I'm horrendously I'll, but does anybody else find this game, well, boring? I just spun wool with some gossiping, and that was as thrilling as it sounds. Everything feels a bit aimless tbh.
  3. Seriously, any TV company could make a show like this, add in extra roles, make it so the winning team shares the money even if eliminated, and it would actually work.
  4. As I'm sure you know, social deduction games generally work because your own survival is essentially insignificant for the teams survival. Good players should be happy to sacrifice themselves for the greater good, and evil players want the other evil players to survive. With this every single role is 'Survivor' as dead/banished players get nothing. There's also no roles, and no incentive for the traitors to fail the tasks, meaning there's nothing to go off.
  5. I got partway through episode 1 and turned it off. It's mafiascum/ werewolf but without the rules that make it work and just money instead. Also just finished The Mole on Netflix which does the job infinitely better.
  6. Angry at the Edge score? Why would I be angry at the Edge score? No, I'm perfectly calm about that score, it doesn't concern me in the slightest. I actually feel sorry for Edge that they felt they had to give a performative score like that. These tears are simply tears of pity for them, and my face has gone red and blotchy out of second hand embarrassment! I actually happen to be something of an expert on magazine scores, and even though I couldn't care less, Edge have undoubtedly lost all credibility with this score and will have to correct it immediately. Not that it matters to me.
  7. Just got a free amazon prime trial- which exclusive TV shows are the stand outs?
  8. I love Lucasarts classic adventure games, but Ashley Day sounds like he's phoned in using tin cans and a piece of string. I genuinely can't understand what he's saying. The answers almost certainly no, but is there a cleaned up audio version, or any ideas on anything I can do to improve the quality?
  9. Just completed it, good ending, all fairies and 8 treasures. Whacking the difficulty down was so the correct thing to do I'm amazed it's got the difficulty level it has. I didn't turn on infinite health or stamina, as all rewards were health or stamina, and I wanted some gameplay as I went through. Really enjoyed the other areas and especially the quarry (infinite health would have removed the puzzle here). Not a fan of the ziggurat though, bit tedious that. Some of the shortcuts made me laugh. Not sure if that's worth not being able to rotate the camera though. I like the idea of a shortcut always being there and just your knowledge unlocking it, but I swear I was traipsing around the overworked for an hour because I missed a critical path hidden behind an isometric viewpoint. Puzzles were great. Easier (so far, probably going to 100% it so I'll see if they get tougher) than similar games thanks to the manual literally telling you a lot of solutions. But I think that's fine - not every game needs to be brutal and the hints are subtly ingrained in the whole 'used manual' conceit, which is an absolute joy. One puzzle in particular made me applaud the developers. Things I didn't enjoy - the slow traipsing around the map. If I'm in the west garden and get an idea about a puzzle elsewhere it takes 5 minutes to actually get there. And the part where all your upgrades are removed and you fight enemy waves. I understand that part was the climax of the traditional section, but it still absolutely sucked. The only part I enabled infinite health to get past. Items should have been more accessible, or pausing when the menu is open. I've ended the game with full inventories, but they're impossible to use in tough battles unless they're one of your three slots, then you run out of them and that's that. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it post garden knight, and one of the puzzles in particular is a stand out.
  10. Comparisons to The Witness, Fez and Outer Wilds would beg to disagree.
  11. I've put on reduced combat difficulty for now, which seems decent, but falling behind the scenery and dying really is not good. I've had enough people enthuse about the game to persevere, it's just the issue with playing with tropes is you still end up with a game full of tropes. When I see a hookshot target in an area spoiling that at some point I'll get a hookshot and have to return my heart sinks.
  12. And I just fell to my death when behind a cliff. Fucking great.
  13. Just defeated the Garden Knight after lowering the difficulty. Tbh, at the moment it feels like a derivative Zelda knock off with a beautiful manual. I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I've also got real issues with the combat - I don't have the patience with this kind of game to git gud, but I've no idea if I'm meant to or if I'm missing a puzzle. Most unsatisfying.
  14. I normally really like GMTK but this was disappointing. Hardly any time was spent on the world design, a lot was spent complaining about the lack of enemy scaling (fucking lol). Felt like he felt obliged to make an Elden Ring episode but had little insight to share.
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