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  1. I'm liking the story, it's just terribly paced. Edit- I love JRPGs, but something's not right when your controller turns itself off multiple times in the same cutscene.
  2. I really liked the DLC areas, especially the ringed city, but hated the bosses.
  3. Quieter! This, plus comfort and lack of stick drift make it essential to me!
  4. It's got the worst pacing in a game. I'm 4 hours in and about 3.5 of those have been cutscenes. Atrocious.
  5. Can't believe OP didn't bother posting a photo of it:
  6. Odd question- could anybody with the game Ice Cool give me the dimensions of the penguin pieces? Thanks!
  7. I think I'm going to have to do that with Die of the Dead. Only one Norwegian order, but it's been turned back at customs, also using Shipquest. It's either a Norway thing, Shipquest thing or both, but it's not just a CMON thing.
  8. Wonder if there'll be a U-turn?
  9. Honestly, it'll still be bigger than Airecon, but if it were that many people in a UKGE sized space I'd be happy.
  10. Ooof. Suprised by that, I'm guessing they're evaluating their ability to police the show. Still going mind (have to at t his point). I'll be wearing a mask, sanitising my hands, and keeping as distant as I can (not got too much furniture on my stand to make some space. Let's see how that works.
  11. The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories is a gruesome puzzle 2d platformer in exactly the same vein. Ghostly and dreamlike with it. Very SWERY
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