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  1. Indifferent to QoS, hated, absolutely hated Spectre and Skyfall. Thoroughly enjoyed this. Maybe just happy
  2. Nah, there's definitely interesting reads on there, it's just very fast with zealous modding.
  3. I know 4&5 have their issues, but they're still worth playing. As is 6 if you have a 3DS (very good imo). Currently replaying 6, but if you want to borrow my 3ds with the whole collection after that let me know!
  4. When you're 'platforming' is the only play music button X? I tried changing it up a bit with the other buttons and he just stopped playing, but reading this thread I assume it's not just holding down X, occasionally releasing and pressing again to triple jump?
  5. Regarding the games
  6. I'm playing this, and I'm not sure if I've outgrown it, or lost patience, but I'm not finding it as endearing as previous games. Also I just don't like the bullet hell fighting system anymore. Probably just got too old to enjoy most of this.
  7. The base game is so good I wouldn't actually begrudge paying it, but it's not a no brainer like buying the Monster Train dlc.
  8. Weirdly, the ending to the game was so perfect I'm put off from the DLC, but also refuse to read anything about it because I know that I'll eventually play it and want everything to be a suprise.
  9. Sam and Max Telltale games. 1 & 2 both on the Xbox, the controller replicated a mouse for pointing and clicking. Season 3, not on the Xbox but on the PC, now the mouse had to replicate a control pad. Infuriating!
  10. As much as I love it, locking content behind rock hard bosses feels counter to the game's intentions. It becomes play the game, then watch alternative endings on YouTube.
  11. The GameCube was released 20 years ago. Why does the back catalogue end at the N64?
  12. Probably nothing to worry about then.
  13. I don't understand that movie with that cast. I hope nobody puts on an accent at all.
  14. Yokus Island Express for £3.99 Civ vi as well, but nowt else
  15. I'm currently replaying the Telltale Sam and Max games, and they're just lovely slices of comedy. Really wish they'd have ploughed that furrow more, rather than spunking all their creative juices on copying their walking dead formula onto every IP available.
  16. If only there was some way to not inflict serious gaming on kids, AND not defend the exploitative practices of Roblox. And not be a rev stu-esque windmilling ball of anger, but that one's a stretch.
  17. Oh man, quick question- how long does it take, and how much does it cost to make per dice? I know how much I spent on prototype dice, and I'd rather have given that to a forumite. Additionally, I get asked occasionally where people can get prototype dice in the UK from. Not that you're a business, but I'm amazed that it's something that can be done 'in house' to that level essentially.
  18. It's much improved in 6
  19. I don't think so, definitely not streaming at least.
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