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  1. BloOd Red

    My Dad

    Good band... Cool your dads in it
  2. ''And now it’s officially, definitely and absolutely assaulting shop shelves on March 10 – that’s a week on Friday!'' oxm http://www.oxm.co.uk/articles/news/strateg...marches_forward Yeah!!!
  3. I've got a 360 the only other thing I will get is a Revolution
  4. No. Appearantely the 360 version is set for the 10th and the Xbox version has been delayed until the 17th... http://www.gaming-360.com/?p=529
  5. How do you know that a demo is coming out today?
  6. Halo is by far the best FPS series around!
  7. If Gears Of War doesn't turn out to be amazing I will get this instead...
  8. When you get a good game on Call Of Duty 2 and there's no lag it's fantastic!
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