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  1. Sardan


    They’ve cancelled their tour. https://dovesofficial.com/news_articles/statements-from-the-band-and-jimi/
  2. Do you have the Wildermount book? I think it’s the only 5e book I haven’t got. Use anything from it? I wouldn’t be adverse to playing in Exandria even though I’ve never watched/listened to any Critical Role. But I am sure you could port the adventure to our Faerun*. Saltmarsh is in Greyhawk after all. I don’t know any Faerun lore really other than what I have picked up when making characters. I try to give them a Faerunian context when coming up with them but that’s it. So I don’t know how much it matters. *making a campaign World your own is one of the best bits of D&D IMO. The thing I’m really interested in is how the Sunday night adventures affect the world of the Friday nighters and no doubt vice versa at some point.
  3. I’m cream crackered after a busy weekend so very happy to miss tonight and think that’s wise given the type of mission and we need Walks.
  4. I think they both look really good but are obviously different styles. If anything I’m with Davros that I prefer the edge highlighted but both look good.
  5. Mondays or Tuesdays likely to be better for me.
  6. Fenris games are good for all kinds of stuff, including bases. https://fenrisgames.com/shop#!/Bases/c/6759447
  7. Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game is a pretty accessible isn’t it?
  8. My impression is it’s largely a reprinting of a number of non-setting specific races no doubt updated for the post-Tasha’s world. I think this is the paving of the way for the consolidation of the existing rules in the revised versions for 2024. Despite being a grumpy grognard I quite like what they are doing and what I think is proposed. Making a really broad rule set with loads of options that can either be a smorgasbord or a pick and mix.
  9. I think that’s right and been on the cards for a while. Just doing some reading and it seems that will happen sooner rather than later. A new book, Mordenkainen Presents Monsters of the Multiverse, is out in January and will have: “Over 250 monsters, and 30 playable races. All of the setting agnostic races that have been published outside the Player's Handbook.” The revised 5e books will be out in 2024 - 50th anniversary of D&D.
  10. I nearly said I expected it to be backward compatible. I think 5e has been so successful as a system they should do it. Not even a 5.5e but a refresh of the core books that will pick up a number of changes like footing attribute increases for races (which will be renamed heritages or something similar). I only play odd numbered editions so I hope it’s not 6th Ed!
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