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  1. Sky Arts tomorrow at 9pm.
  2. I think all three of them have spoken very clearly about the guilt they feel. In that link you post, Peter Hook says: They were incredibly young. Ian Curtis was 23, Bernard Sumner and Peter Hook were 24 and Stephen Morris 22. Read their books. They didn’t think Ian Curtis was serious, or really wanted to kill himself. They didn’t understand it. They all look back and say, “we should have known” but they didn’t and it was all swept under the carpet, by Curtis as well. That doesn’t mean they killed him. On mental health Morris says:
  3. I am also a GP fanboy but you are absolutely right. Acid Jazz, Talkling Loud and Brownswood Recordings. His radio shows. His compilation albums. His work with festivals (including his curating one day of My favourite festival, Mostly Jazz, in its early years). He has been hugely influential throughout the whole time I have been into music.
  4. I’m a JD/NO junkie and I think the surviving members accept some level of complicity in Ian Curtis’s death. That’s what I have taken away from reading their books and their interviews over the years. Not sure how controversial it is. Curtis also clearly had his own demons though and it cannot be laid solely at the door of his band mates, Tony Wilson and Rob Gretton. They were all very young. 1980 was a totally different place when it came to things like mental health.
  5. Do you mean like Zenithal highlighting? Looking forward to seeing that as it has always intrigued me.
  6. This has been re-released and is worth a listen. Spiritual/African Roots jazz from a saxophonist who played with Sun Ra and McCoy Tyner.
  7. Listening to GP’s Britfunk playlist And my word, this track, Love Money by Fink Masters is so far ahead of its time! Proto-house from 1980!
  8. Great article on Britfunk: https://www.theguardian.com/music/2021/apr/02/how-britfunk-overcame-racism-to-reinvigorate-uk-pop
  9. I did t see them until the reunion tour. Not sure why I didn’t get a chance to see them before that. It was loud. When Ride do Drive Blind live it definitely seems like a tribute to the “apocalypse section” if You Made Me Realise.
  10. We need a Shoegaze thread. Early Ride were definitely influenced by MBV but they’d changed a lot by the time they got to Laeve Them All Behind.
  11. I really liked Justified. It’s got the dog handler lady love interest from the Shield in as well as Walter Goggins.
  12. New Miles Davis recording of an informal jam session from 1969 to be released. https://www.allaboutjazz.com/miles-davis-recently-discovered-52-year-old-tapes-to-be-released-this-summer-miles-davis?width=414
  13. I’ve just checked and it still seems to be on Prime. Hopefully not an April Fool.
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