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  1. I used to love the Esdevium games adverts in White Dwarf. Just lists of products with prices but I used to dream about the possibilities.
  2. They look like good offers. I have been thinking about getting into X-Wing for a while now. Would my 0 year old be able to play it do you think? Whats a good starting set up? Starter setx2 or starter set and a few other ships?
  3. Creatures that make their WIS save lose 1d4 points of INT.
  4. I was thinking that, it’s the first film! (Just watched Thor on our watch/rewatch of the Marvel films. Looks great via the Samsung TV app.)
  5. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    And to bring us right up to date, new GoGo Penguin: https://open.spotify.com/album/6170W7FSZxJylU78T9jc5t?si=_27u1ld6ThiWCI1eOZeVGg
  6. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Seriously, check out Empyrean Isles and Maiden Voyage, if you like those two tracks I reckon you'll like those albums. They recorded two albums on that tour. This is the other: https://open.spotify.com/album/2xGIvFXBvdU4HHI5wIzWzx?si=pmRzTPZgTwi0iR6T1hwflA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/An_Evening_with_Herbie_Hancock_%26_Chick_Corea:_In_Concert
  7. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    It’s foot tappingly brilliant. Maybe I will listen to late seventies, early eighties Herbie next.
  8. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Where would I find this?! Absolutely he reinterpreted his own stuff. Watermelon Man was on his debut as a straight jazz track and then was on Headhunters as a crazy funk track. I don’t think I have that but expect I have most of the tracks as I have all the boxed sets. There’s some great listening on those so spend a day home working and listening to them. For example: https://open.spotify.com/album/0dMjCMzi6WxDi4HGdb1trC?si=KTMyMTOjSki_MTmeljaNYw I will check that out. My wife isn’t a jazz fan either. I have just bough Mo’ Better Blues on blu-ray to make her watch as well.
  9. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    I've just started listening to this. Four tracks of Herbie solo; three of which are from the two albums I recommended! No idea where Nobu is from. Will continue to investigate. I've also listened to a lot of early Miles Davis during lockdown, everything up to the second great quintet, although not the Gil Evans stuff which I know pretty well already. Loved the early hard bop prestige LPs but trying to follow chronologically is a nightmare as they were all issued on 10” LPs before being rejigged and spread around 12” LPs which is what I have from the Prestige boxed set. Also watched the Miles Davis documentary that was on telly the other day. I enjoyed it and made my wife watch it but I am not totally sure what I think about it.
  10. The Hierophant

    The Jazz Thread

    Oh I like his 70s funk as well. But His early straight ahead jazz is fantastic. Start with Takin' Off and then Empyrean Isles and Maiden Voyage.
  11. Be careful, the answer might be cats in fabulous [sic] trousers.
  12. “Needs more skulls” GW designers take a very Orkish approach to miniature design and detail.
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