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  1. I remember spending about £40 odd on the Virgin Interactive-published GigaWing on the Dreamcast way back in the mists of time, which by all accounts today was supposed to be a laggy, frame-stuttering mess. Young me didn't care and had a whale of a time, going mad collecting gold medallions. £30 for the lot of these is a steal, no matter the occasional missed frame or what have you. I think the comments from actual PCB/mame/arcade players are important, and I don't thing lag or frame issues should be dismissed out of hand, but casuals like me who just won't notice it shouldn't let
  2. I first played Twilight Princess after completing Skyward, both on Wii, and I found the combat honestly a downgrade from the motion controls in the later game, simplistic and button-mashy. The motion controls take a long time to get used to in SS, but when they click they make for some really satisfying swordplay - absolutely not just 'waggle', you need to be precise and accurate with your slashes against some cool enemies and bosses that have been designed around this accuracy and positioning. The game takes a long old time to get going and I hope they address that in the port (th
  3. If you haven't done so already, be sure to pick up a PC Engine/Core Grafx Mini, the best mini console by far (currently £80 on Amazon). Unbelievable library of ace mainly Hudson output - Bomberman 93 & 94, Panic Bomber, Rondo of Blood, Star Parodier, Soldier Blade, Lords of Thunder, Alien Crush, Air Zonk, Salamander, Gradius II, etc. etc. etc. I can't even remember them all. Classic shmup heaven. It's just a shame that some of the more interesting stuff - Momotaro Dentetsu and Snatcher among others, requires some Japanese to get through.
  4. Cor, the speed increase is something, isn't it? As someone who is used to playing his Mario with the B/Y run button permanently held down, I've been flinging myself off the stages with my momentum far too often. Going to have to readjust to just walking in the trickier platforming bits.
  5. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim slipped out late last year, was lost in the new console buzz, and is really, really bloody good. It is however sadly, being a Vanillaware game, front loaded with so many tired silly anime tropes and questionable character designs*, at least at first, that your eyes will roll so far back upside your head that you will see your brain, which will be staring back intently at you and questioning why exactly you're debasing yourself by playing this weeb otaku-bait shit quite obviously aimed at 40-something loser virgin hikkikomori. The fact is it's P
  6. As I've gotten older, and as gaming as an entertainment industry has just grown more and more massive, and as life has slowly gotten more and more in the way of carefree gaming time, I've found it easier just to admit to having a genre specialism or two that I can focus on. Usually at the expense of something else. I've also come to know my own tastes pretty well and have become fairly resistant to FOMO, which I guess is quite lucky in a way. You do see people time and again falling into the trap of buying into hype just because Metacritic/Edge/rllmuk told them to, without first r
  7. Not really getting the complaints over graphics to be honest. It looks great to me, like a children's story book or something, a little bit Maurice Sendak-y. Can certainly see what they were going for; a more vibrant colour palette or 3D models wouldn't have looked nearly as good IMO. And the animation appears to be frame for frame like the original G&Gs. I'm not a massive fan of the series as I've always found it just too unfair and finicky, but I feel like supporting this as it's obviously a passion project.
  8. Jolly well done to everyone involved with this year's awards. As mentioned numerous times up-thread, the writing quality and style has often been much, much better than just about anything I have seen on any professional site over the last year, but with the added bonus of a personal rllmuk twist and piss jokes. Just superb stuff.
  9. Rule #2 of Yakuza - Never go for 100% completion. (Rule #1 is that you must walk everywhere, obviously. Unless the narrative at that moment in time indicates that you should be in a hurry.)
  10. Why punish yourself though? I don't think I touched the part-time hero stuff unless an SOS mission was directly on my flight path. Just focus on the excellent main narrative...
  11. The combat and (for me) the music were the best things about GoT. The swordplay works well because it relies on an accessible rock-paper-scissors stance system versus differently-armed enemies, with a satisfying parrying mechanic and solid meaty hits and effects. It feels great to play and I'm glad that they got this fundamental part of the gameplay spot on. For everything else, Wiper's comments are 100% bang on. For overall samurai shenanigans however, including the combat, the king is of course Nioh 2, which I realistically expect will place 3rd or 2nd in these prestigious rllmuk
  12. Thanks for that, really useful. I haven't seen half of those moves!
  13. I love playing as Impa in this; no idea whatsoever what is going on, I just mash X, Y and R and then some unbelievably mad stuff happens on screen and then the 1000KOs notification pops up. I don't get Zelda at all though - her R ability is to activate her runes but this never seems to do anything, and her basic Y combo just seems to cycle through ineffectual attacks. I may have missed something up thread, but can anyone provide some quick tips?
  14. OK, Chapter 12 down - levelled up to ~50 for everybody and it was fairly simple.
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