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  1. Shameful takes. Everyone here needs to play DK Jungle Beat with bongos and educate themselves ffs
  2. I was pretty lucky in that I was somehow able to buy 100% into what Shenmue 3 was trying to do. Fan expectations placed a massive, heavy chain around the game's neck. No, a small French indie was not going to be able to match the $70 million muscle of hey-day Sega. But what they were able to do was recreate a superb sense of place in the tatty homes and lonely temples of rural China, and give us a catch-up slice of life with Ryo as he comes to terms with his skills as a martial artist, gets to know Shenhua and explores some pretty beautiful locales. There are some weird story beat
  3. Matter of taste though, isn't it? It's got a very clean, polygonal look that recalls Gradius V. The lighting is also very well done IMO.
  4. Switch to Japanese, seriously. It also makes the noh-opera-style monster intros so much better.
  5. Sweet as, I'll get on it. Yeah, it's got to be a memory issue as to why we haven't seen it too often. Reminded me at a stretch of a cool section in the game Sayonara Wild Hearts. But the actual timing of the switches in the Nier battle was immaculate as well - finish off your combo with a heavy smash of your sword and then Blam! Switch! Think fast! Brilliantly pulled off. I can't stop thinking about the game and its themes this morning. I think I really like the fact that, despite the depressing nihilism of the main arc, the overall message is one of striking
  6. Sorry for the double post, but just saw this and yes! That whole boss battle was absolutely brilliant, in the had me saying holy shit out loud kind of way. One of those things where you wonder if any other game had done something similar before or since. Amazing choreography.
  7. Well that was a trip. Finally managed ending E last night at about 2am. The game didn't make the best first impression tbh, front-loaded as it was with anime ass and entirely misappropriated references to Sartre and de Beauvoir. But 40 hours later, with the game having (pretty sensitively!) dealt with critiques of natural law, religion as wish fulfilment, the issue of the 'I' that survives death and the general discussion surrounding the ethics of AI, not to mention the final brilliant option to it had definitely caught my attention by the end. I t
  8. Yeah, fair enough. Don't think anyone should be put off buying one if they've got the means to plug it in via the TV though.
  9. Don't be put off, it's a great little machine with a refreshingly eclectic selection of games. Just be sure to only use the USB cable it comes with.
  10. They seem to have problems if you use an external power plug, but I'm not sure why you would. I've had mine plugged into the TV via the included USB cable and it has been fine. (Probably jinxed it now...)
  11. Thanks both, found it. I like it! Simple first level with gorgeous lighting, a cool atmosphere and a frozen dobkeratops. It seems to play similarly to Final 1 in terms of pace, and that's a positive in my book. It's been a while since we've had a fleshed out, non-bullet hell side-scroller so I'm looking forward to the full game.
  12. Was the R-Type Final 2 demo only available for a limited time? Tried to access it from the PS4 last night but couldn't find it for love nor money.
  13. I haven't even touched BF yet, but my mind keeps going back to wanting to clear every level in 3D World with every character and get all the stamps, even though this would mean playing through Champion's Road a further four times . Sod it, might crack on tonight. The moment to moment gameplay is too fun.
  14. What a great interview, surprisingly open and honest about where he wants to go and the state of the game industry, for a Japanese creator. Can't wait to see what RGG Studio do next!
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