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  1. The answer to all of those one-word problems is, unbelievably: Nintendo's 51 Worldwide Games. Sega should be paying them.
  2. It's possibly a small thing, I don't know, but in the first AW remake reveal during the Direct it took a distractingly long time to transition from map view to side on battle view when entering into combat with any unit on the field. Like there was a two-second transition via black screen each time. Obviously if you turn combat animations off this wouldn't be a problem, but most new players would be playing with the default combat animations on, and these slow transitions would add up and change the pace of the game. It all seemed a bit un-Nintendo-like. I wonder if the switch to 3D is causing more problems than imagined.
  3. Gleylancer is a 90s-videogame-ass videogame and I think I love it. Killer soundtrack, great weapon variety, lovely parallax scrolling. It reminds me of Thunder Force 3. The bosses have been a bit crap so far though. Shame as Gynoug by the same guys at Masaya had some pretty inventive bosses. Have only got to stage 5 so far, so looking forward to diving deeper.
  4. Well put. I've talked enough about my admiration for Shenmue 3 and the team behind it, and I'm very glad it exists at all.
  5. I'm almost at the end of this, and I've really, really enjoyed it. Way up there with the original, if not slightly more focused and enjoyable. I can't really believe how well they bridged that huge gap between releases. Just picked up the story where they left off and carried on like it was released a year later or something.
  6. Onomichi definitely makes up for the smaller Kamurocho in Y6 IMO, it's got such a great cosy vibe to it. And because it's a tiny, intimate area, the attention to detail on everything is stunning.
  7. No, agreed on Outrun2. I was more thinking along the lines of @mushashi and his Ultra 64, where good coin-op arcade racer competition has been so slight recently that Cruis'n - even fuck'n Cruis'n - has managed to manoeuvre into being among 2021's best arcade racers. I'm actually quite happy for Eugene Jarvis and his team. I think the series has always been his quirky passion project.
  8. I'm loving this timeline where some godforsaken how the Cruis'n series has beaten all-comers to rise to the champion of arcade racers in the space year 2021. If you had told little 13 year old me who just spent £50 on Cruis'n USA on the N64 that this would happen he would have given up gaming there and then. But FWIW I have fond memories of the series. Cruis'n World split screen multiplayer was great fun, with the roulette wheel adding a MK-style degree of good luck. The series always did feel like Outrun's brasher, cruder American cousin.
  9. Yes! Bangai-O played off this so well and was made with this kind of carnage in mind. Even the DS one held the same exquisite satisfaction of unleashing a 400 X COMBO MISSILE MEGA ATTACK or whatever and the DS just freezing, for a good while, enough time for you to put it down and have a breather. When you picked it back up the level would be cleared of enemies.
  10. It might just be me being weird, but the jank-ass roughness of this game is really refreshing. It reminds me of the sense of place established in your average N64 platformer; blocky and solid and videogamey. I can't really describe it. The soundtrack is also superb, jesus. I've had the episode credits theme stuck in my head all weekend.
  11. Oh man. It's an option, right? Please be an option...
  12. It really is brilliant. That intro to the Vanishing Point fight at the pop concert was very WTF. Also convinced that the lo-fi aesthetic just adds to it all: palm trees popping in 3 feet away, anti-aliasing suitable to the N64 era, Grasshopper just don't give a shit and it works. The soundtrack is also incredible - it's going to be a tough fight fight between this and Neo TWEWY for the best OST this year. Ita-da-kimaaasu!
  13. I think 5 is my second favourite after 0. Just so much goodness.
  14. I would love it @footle if you've still got it. No idea if they're actually transferable though... I almost got in with Argos the other day but no dice.
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