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  1. This is brilliant news. I replayed the first on Switch during lockdown and, aside from a few controller issues when compared to the DS game, it still shines bright. Hoping this can take advantage of the hardware somehow like the original did.
  2. Quite refreshing having a JRPG where you control a gang of washed-up, down-and-out, slightly unfit 40 and 50 year olds. Not a spike-haired emo teen in sight.
  3. I don't even know what game that is. I just liked the 'Big off for Phil'.
  4. Yakuza 6 is bloody good, and ended way up my list of Yaks by the time it had ended, two weeks ago. I really loved the small seaside town vibe of Onomichi; recalled for me the cosiness and character of Shenmue's Dobuita, with some really likeable characters. I loved seeing elements of the 'outside world' giving the area depth as well, like fishing boats crossing the harbour, or the heaving traffic of the suspension bridge crossing the bay in the distance. Just amazing world building. It's also got, for me, the best finale in the series, hands down. If you're not pumping the air and
  5. I really don't recommend racing through Y5; as mentioned loads of times in this thread it's a huuuuuuuuge game with a massive heart and it's best to let it kind of wash over you, or better yet play it with short breaks between the character chapters, during which you can go and play something else. I loved it and it's amazing in its ambition and scope - I don't think there's another video game like it really, even within the Yakuza series - but it absolutely will drag you down if all you want to do is scream through it.
  6. The game's all right, but can I just say how refreshing it is to hear Mario's name pronounced properly, in an official trailer, perhaps for the first time in human history? I'd heard 'Maaario' so many times that I thought maybe my life was a lie and that I was losing my mind. It's Mario. It's pronounced Mario. Total vindication.
  7. I just got 120 stars for Mario 64 for the first time ever tonight and I feel massively positive about the whole experience (I think I managed 117 back in the day). Really only two stars gave me frustration - the 100 coins on Tiny Huge Island, where you annoyingly have to switch between big and small and the red coins can sometimes mess you up; and then 100 coins on Rainbow Ride, which pretty much requires a perfect run through the whole course and the blue coin wall jump is infamous. I think as a game it's still bloody fantastic - if you play it on its own terms. You're gonna have
  8. The 3DS eshop really brought Japanese indies to the fore, and for this reason it's got an incredible digital library of games that can't be found anywhere else - the whole Guild series springs to mind, with Yasumi Matsuno's Crimson Shroud, Attack of the Friday Monsters, AeroPorter and Starship Damrey being excellent, short, experimental treats. It also boosted M2 into the limelight with their bloody fantastic Sega 3D Classics conversions - 3DS is hands down the best place to play Outrun, Shinobi 3, Power Drift, Galaxy Force II (which will blow you away in 3D) and loads of other MD
  9. Yes! I always thought a Yakuza 00 Yakuza 0-2 Yakuza -1 a prequel to Yakuza 0 would be awesome set in Tokyo in the 60s, portraying Kazama's rise to power and ending with the adoption of Kiryu and Nishiki. Only potential pitfall is that he's such a bad-ass that it would be hard to inject any of the trademark humour into the game.
  10. I got Mario 64 alongside Ouendan with a launch DS - I managed to get all 150 stars using that little thumb strap and I thought it worked pretty well at the time! Little tactile feedback, but it was a clever analogue stick substitute.
  11. I'm up for some co-op fella, add me if you haven't already - PSN Olliday. I've only just started Way of the Strong tho, around level 120ish so might not be particularly satisfying. It's absolute madness but I think I'm going to try to go for the Plat in this. I've got most of the trophies organically anyway, and have just the weapon mastery ones to get. But seeing as combat and learning new weps is so fun, I can see these unlocking pretty easily. Tonfas still remain my favourite so far, just brilliant combos and Ki damage. EDIT: Top of the page, @Goemon and anybody el
  12. I completed this last night! I have to admit to blitzing through the last few missions in jolly co-op, which made short work of most of the end game bosses. It's a brilliant game and mechanically it's even stronger than the first, but like you all say there's just so much to it. At least it caters to those looking for even more depth. Anyone know how to unlock the remodel option at the blacksmith? It's still greyed out for me.
  13. I'm at the same stage as you both - got all the stamps for Level 2, but noped pretty quickly out of Level 3 when I saw how daunting it all looked. I need to go back and give Level 3 a good seeing to. I love the variations, especially Drindy, but the compelling snappiness of classic World Tour can't be beat. Having said that, I enjoy the space adventure one too for being vanilla Mr. Driller but with light gambling elements. That feeling when you're down to your last 10% of O2 and then your mum flies over with a full top-up and a shield is a good one.
  14. Yes, recommend doing this! I took a long break between Haruka's and Shinada's chapters; as each character arc ends on a nice cliff hanger, like the end of a TV season or something, it can feel like a natural place to take a rest. It's weird, I used to work just down the road from Shinjuku east exit, a stone's throw from Kabukicho. I used to go there for lunch and after work drinks sometimes, nothing shady just some of the 'British' pubs and cosy yakitori places they had down the main street. I was vaguely aware that Yakuza took place in the area as they used to advertise the releas
  15. It really is a long, meandering game. You have to kind of let it wash over you at points, it can be hard to brute force your way through. But looking back at all the wild stuff you'd gone and been through after the game wraps was a worthy pay-off, at least for me. By the end, Kiryu's crazy taxi antics in Nagasugai seemed like they had taken place years ago.
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