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  1. Update: Having a 100% success rate with ROMs from emuparadise.meVery happy now, got my Round 2 TE Fight stick hooked up too
  2. Well I've been arsing around for ages now getting nowhere with Reicast. I've sussed Neo Geo out now (dodgy ROMs and older BIOS) installed this happy chick and DC runs OK on there, its not the end of the world.
  3. I'll persevere.. That's if I can get off the SFC and MD!!
  4. I'll try a few other sites and see how I get on.Reicast keeps saying the bin files need putting in the data folder, which they are, then it creates another folder! Glad that was a free app.
  5. Need a bit of help please, I have only managed to successfully load one NeoGeo ROM (metal slug x) all the rest fail, as for Reicast I'm gonna frisbee this JXD!!
  6. Got these screen protectors (pack of 3) a few mm short top/bottom, but flush left/right first one went on great, not a speck of dust underneath: http://www.protectionfilms24.com/article/3x-vikuiti-screen-protector-dqct130-jxd-s7800b-1509461.html Just need to find a suitable case now, anyone?
  7. mine arrived yesterday and its an odd size, so limited to ordering a JXD specific one or finding one for Asimilar sized screen. I'll post if I find one.
  8. Okey dokey.. one more question, can I get any 7" screen protector? or is there any additional border making the screen a larger size?..
  9. Thanks I'll add that to the list too, what's the psone emulator I need?
  10. Just read through this thread as I'm awaiting the arrival of a JXD, anything new I should look at or just install the .emu apps, reicast and away I go?
  11. I just asked how many had been pre-ordered and was told I was no.6.. so i'm happy I was told if you didn't collect on the release day though you dropped down the line.. not much chance of that though.. i'm booking the day off work so I can get the games, extra controller and RGB cable on the day.. i'll be knocking on the door at 8.59 am
  12. pre-ordered mine in Gamestation on sunday... £20 down no.6 in the queue.. but haven't pre-ordered any games yet. Gamestation aren't doing it, you just have to pick them up on the day!..
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