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  1. Been having a go at mixing again. Making some mistakes but actually enjoying the process now
  2. The (c) for the Psion is also on the title screen of the Psion 3. I -think- it's wrong I've talked to the guy behind Proteus a while back (he was co-author of Warhawk on the C64 years ago). Will try him again about Horace stuff
  3. Just to be clear even if Horace does turn in that database it only proves Andrews UK registered the mark not that he has any claim on Horace rights Beyond checking that the forms are correct filled in the IPO does not check or ask if you're able to register the mark. The application is published in the UK Trade Marks Journal and if no one objects the mark is granted. It's a lower level of 'proof' of ownership the mark's underlying IP than suspicious Wikipedia updates making the same claim.
  4. Yeah they have. I talked to the head of Piko on the Atari Age forum. He said they had helped Andrews UK in purchasing IP and, interestingly, emphasised it wasn't Piko's responsibility to validate any purchases they'd helped others to make
  5. Not at all. I think I said earlier that they’d likely sell the rights without any guarantee they own them. It’d be the buyers responsibility to do due diligence before issuing copyright strikes on YT streamers. One interpretation of the tweet below is that no due diligence was done beyond writing Atari a cheque.
  6. Well! I’m pretty sure I’ve never messaged or mentioned Paul Andrews on twitter but he blocked me today. He also posted this:
  7. There's nothing wrong in taking an interest in something and I do think it's rude to question someone's motives for doing so BLANK LOOK
  8. More basic question: Would you prefer that an old IP like Horace was free to use throughout the retro community or controlled by a company strongly policing that IP?
  9. Might as well use this as the dumping ground for my half arsed retro inspired Columboing. Sent this to Andres on the 23rd of October and got a read receipt. I'm trying to understand his claim to a number of trademarks. No answer as yet. There’s an acknowledgement that this brand is dertived from the Sinclair ZX-80 home computer but no description of what rights Subvert owns in relation to the brand. In comparison the Sam Coupe brand is very clear about the rights that Subvert owns There’s a sim
  10. I think that's self evident if you read the thread but my wider interest rights transference of old, possibly orphanned IP, was sparked by this incident. Question for you: do you think this is worth looking into if there's a chance these rights are being wrongly asserted?
  11. I've said I'll share whatever the outcome is, that'd only be fair, and have consistently said he may well own the rights. I'd be surprised if anyone Andrews UK really wants or needs an apology for a few posts on here though. You're entitled to your opinion mate. There's probably some of that going around but as I said my interest is outside of this specific incident. That said you could argue that if this hadn't been handled so ineptly the stink wouldn't be so bad
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