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  1. As soon as the bells of 2013 faded, there it was: a Cinderella style transformation for Jupiter Ace and all his other retro chums ”You shall go the ball, Oric 1”
  2. William defintely doesn't any rights of the game and I had a chat with Alfred this morning. I used to work at Beam in my twenties
  3. I agree that they would sell it if they owned it and someone was willing to pay money. They're saying they didn't. Now there is a chance, a realistic one, that they're not aware they sold Horace specifically as it could have been part of a bundle deal (Say all of Beam's intellectual properties). I've asked if that's the case. I'm also very aware that I'm probably wearing the patience very thin of the contact I have in Atari. Can't guarantee I'll get a response
  4. Atari don't think that's what happened, they were very specific in saying I should check with William Tang or Krome. I'm trying in good faith to prove he does own the rights, and that may well result in proving that he does. But right now I'm drawing a blank on direct licensing from Atari which is why I'm trying the Piko route. We'll see what he has to say.
  5. I've asked the Piko Interactive head guy on the Atari Age forum https://atariage.com/forums/topic/297312-ownership-of-ip/?tab=comments&_fromLogin=1#_=_ FWIW they seem like good guys, buying up IP and releasing new ports or previously shelved versions.
  6. Right. I think I can see what the possible path is here. I think it may be from Atari -> Piko -> Andrews And: https://web.archive.org/web/20180219101403/https://pikointeractive.com/blog/happy-2018-important-announcements-for-2018-and-the-future/ Thanks for that
  7. Thanks So this is interesting: Sharing information for the Melbourne House IPs would shut down discussion completely but he's currently very resistant at that doing that. I've been talking to people I worked with at Beam and who were at the company when they were purchased by Infogrames and worked on that deal. Their initial reaction is it'd be extremely hard to show that chain for the spectrum era IP for various reasons. That said, this was a long time ago and you'd need the original sale document to be sure. More news soon. I could well end up proving that Paul Andrews does own this IP
  8. This is interesting. Does he own Ocean copyrights as well? Do you know what the extent of his ownership of Melbourne House titles are? Is it just Horace or all MB games?
  9. Why’s Andrews selling Head Over Heels t-shirts, does he own that as well now? This is his redbubble shop linked from his retro traders web site https://www.redbubble.com/people/RetroTrader/shop
  10. Hey Anstream people on this thread. Are any of the Horace games on your platform? One of your directors, Darren Melbourne, is also in business with Andrews for The C64 project so the rights shouldn’t be an issue.
  11. In this case ‘up to date’ for the redbubble site would be acknowledging a lack of rights to sell Horace merch. Come on @SeanR how about applying some of that critical thinking you rightly wheeled out for the Vega debacle?
  12. I don’t think she has. Google unstruck the videos Andrews disputed and they re-appeared because they were never made private. It looks like she’s not been back to YT yet
  13. That aside, do you think there’s anything of interest there? The appearance / disappearance of Horace on Andrews Redbubble site or the just in time wikipedia editing to assert Andrew’s ownership?
  14. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz5Kx6dP6rHRf9yLY1tnelw/videos It's pretty funny, all of her videos are still private EXCEPT the ones Andrews complained about. I think she's still offline and the strike removal meams they're the only ones you can see. Having actually watched a couple (not my cup of tea) I must admit I'm surprised that, given the fuss, how little Horace there is and how un baudy it is at that. The disclaimers Andrews wants will take up more video time than Horace does. I'm really not sure he would be able to bring a succesful case on the basis of the skim viewing I just did.
  15. Everyone agress that the soft toys are out of line. But they weren't being sold by Octav1us were they?
  16. It’s worth caring about because there’s a pattern of behaviour of buying up rights to IP and then getting into conflict with the enthusiasts who’ve kept that IP alive over the last few decades. And it’s worth moaning about because it may encourage Andrews to take a different approach in the future. ymmv
  17. Weirdly he announced it -would- ship with next Then it wasn’t. They probably tried to sexualise Forth. Drew a cock on it or something. He did write and produce a Jupiter ace movie though https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5225052/
  18. No, the YT strikes need removing first. I think Andrews sent Youtube a telex or something
  19. It’s hard to make a judgement about intentions here. What is far less debateable is that this response wasn’t to be expected. Anyone with half a brain, who spent any time looking at her videos or social media, could see an out of blue copyright strike would end up in an inevitable shit show. Hard to say if it’s just idiocy or actual ill intent.
  20. That’s incorrect. It’s the opposite, the criteria for artistic craftsmanship is classic British law; vague and open to interpretation. From the government’s guidance: That said given the preceding cases it would be a hard argument to make for the C64 (or the knock off joystick design) and I’m not sure who’d want to or be able to make those arguments. On a moral note, and irrespective of the legal arguments, I have more time for re-using a video game character in a new and original way than block copying an original design to present it as a new, trademarked (The c64 (tm)) product. I don’t think I’m alone in that. Andrew’s tin ear for the community he’s trying to sell to doesn’t do him or the work he’s involved in any favours. Putting all emotional and partisan issues aside all it’d take to clear things up is an apology. The guy seems to have too much of a chip on his shoulder to do that.,
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