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  1. There quite a few of us getting really excited. I did some work converting someone's Jag emu onto the mac and it took ages as I fell in love with T2K again. I know the -least- SG will be is T2K again and am quite sure it'll be more than that. I must admit I'm scratching my head why you don't get this or the Neon stuff but I think we're in the realms of personal taste. Just because some people are frothing for this it doesn't mean it's out of sheer idolatry in the same way it doesn't reflect badly on you that this is something you're not into. I brought up GR++ as there seems to be the pov that all he's done is T2k, T3k and this which isn't really the case. That head over heels remake was ace Yeah he does get a lot of attention, a lot of that stems from the love some people have for his games from a -long- time ago. He's also really good at interacting with his fan base. There's alos a fair bit of work to get Llamasoft projects appearing on platforms and in places where they're going to get attention. That doesn't happen by accident.
  2. Have you played Gridrunner++? I wasted a -lot- of time playing that and got enthused to the point where I did the OS X conversion for nowt What games do you do Dr Derek?
  3. Video up now. http://stinkygoat.livejournal.com/ I am very much looking forward to this but then I would be
  4. Some less stroberloaded piccies here: http://www.yakyak.org/viewtopic.php?t=5664...er=asc&start=45 Along with some discussion about how the visuals work with the game. Go to the start of the thread for a little bit of chat about the game's mechanics
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