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  1. That’s interesrting though from a bit of research it sounds like UK protection if 3D design is > 10 years and recently got a boost to 70 if you can demonstrate the design shows artistic craftsmanship. https://www.dezeen.com/2016/09/23/uk-copyright-law-design-furniture-replicas-intellectual-property-lawyer-margaret-briffa/ EDIT Crikey the change to 70 years of protection for 3D works is retrospectively applied. The c64 case in the UK may not be public domain? https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/606207/160408_guidance_s52_final_web_accessible.pdf
  2. The point is that someone so assiduous about intellectual property is selling a computer that looks identical to someone else’s design. Maybe legally. Who knows
  3. I was more interested in the look of the c64. You could argue it’s so similar to the original it’d be easy to mistake it as an commodore product. This is the kind of litigation that can be brought for that kind of thing. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trade_dress I’ve no idea who’d own the look and feel of the Commodore 64.
  4. You’re just jealous you don’t have all that Jupiter Ace gold for yourself.
  5. I feel sorry for Paul, he seems to always get caught up in drama that on the surface seems like it’s of his own making. I’m glad he takes the time to explain how everyone else is at fault and all he’s trying to do is sort things out!
  6. From a legal standpoint they’re in the same ballpark but the extent is hugely different. You can’t credibly argue that the YT videos are a commercial enterprise wholly dependent on reselling intellectual property Andrews own. You can’t credibly argue that anyone watching the videos would come to the conclusion that these are official products made by the rights holders. He probably has a case that could be argued in court though I don’t think it’s a 100% certain he’d win and I’m pretty certain he’d find it incredibly hard to show any real damage to his business that would warrant any remedy beyond removing or editing the videos. What he wouldn’t be able to do through the courts is run Octav1us out of business, something he has come close to doing here. i get the impression that he knows this and has conflated the obviously wrong copyright infringement of soft toy sales with the YT vids to try and justify what looks like a tone deaf overreaction. And that’s the core thing for me, issuing copyright strikes, without any warning and a well liked retro YT channel just seems incredibly thick given the only way he’ll make money from such a razor thin intellectual properties as Horace, Oric, Memotech or Jupiter Ace (all owned by Andrews and intended for future exploitation) is with the support of the people he’s pissing on. And despite the obvious idiocy here it’s a stance he;s doubling down on as people pick apart the contradictions of the statements he’s made on the subject. In short: He’s likely within his rights to do what he’s doing legally but it’s pretty stupid and he’s acting like a dick BONUS QUESTION: Does Andrews and co have any rights to the Commodore 64 for their The C64 project? The naming (The C64 vs Commodre 64) suggests they haven’t and if so I’m really surprised they’ve not been been hit with trade dress litigation. Honestly asking as I don’t know.
  7. Funnily enough that may be acceptable usage of Horace. George's video's, for example, are fine according to Andrew because: Clear as day. I'm taking lack of response to this as confirmation it's not just okay for George, but alright for everyone do similar
  8. Not during my employment. It was Beam Software Pty. That was way before the Infogrammes buyout. While I was there we were working on mainly NES and early SNES titles.
  9. How is he going to remove the strike if he never did the strike in the first place!
  10. This bit is the doozy. The channel gets copyright struck because someone else fraudulently claimed on his behalf but he has no plans to correct that fraud. If someone was causing trouble and claiming to be me I'd probably want to sort it out rather than not bothering to because the person claiming to be me wasn't me. I asked him on FB if he'd be happy for others to forward his statement to YT to put this wrong right. No reply.
  11. Well to be fair it looks like it's been written in a way that you were supposed to come to that conclusion
  12. There doesn't seem to be. Andrews series of events has him emailing whoever was behind the plushies and then Octav1us got in touch with him after she got the (c) strikes. https://pastebin.com/wwS8dhP6
  13. Given that George is working with Andrews on new HORACE WARE I can only assume that this is an approved usage of the his IP Get's off to a strong start with some great bants about William Tangs stinking member!
  14. I'd say given the often hard to verify provenace of IP ownership and that this particular IP would have had to pass through several bankruptcies to get to the current owner it's fair question to ask for anyone claiming the rights to this kind of thing to provide some solid proof to their claim. And you'd expect anyone who bought the rights would have that documentation to hand as they'd have been part of the sale. Or are you suggesting it wsn't worth the new owner's time and effort to verify they actually own this IP? FWIW I used to work at Beam Software, with both Fred and William, and knowing how shambolicly run the company was it would not surprise me if the rights ownership of the games they created was badly documented and unclear
  15. Very filmic I went the duplo route and got an already populated rack, the Erica Synths techno system. It’s a kind of a 909 made out of bits, a bass module, mixers, a couple of fx and a sequencer. I’m finding the amount of options for hooking things up a little overwhelming with the modules I’ve got already.
  16. Having an emormously good time live playing with a little modular rack with some analogue drums and a bassline. I just need more hands to get a bit more variation
  17. I've not seen anyone bashing on LH or Nintendo over Unity. And the end of the project was amicable (I handled the contractual side of things for Jeff) It's a shame the thing never came together as a game but the experience and technology kickstarted a whole new set of opportunities for Llamasoft which I know Jeff is grateful for
  18. Got some modular bits n pieces. This is harder work! Both to make and listen to
  19. Ha! this is shit. But I had an enormously good time jamming this acid nonsense out
  20. This was fun, I did the music for a demo that shown at Assembly yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdhejtJKefM
  21. You're not married then
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