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  1. This guy on Youtube plays all these autoshooter type games. He also plays this one. There's a video of him doing a specific build. It's a good example of how skill based the game is. I picked a random time stamp where he's quite far into his run. Spawning five bosses at once. Ignore the click bait.
  2. The nice thing about this game is once you have 6 active skills you can skill get offered different weapon choices and can swap them out for ones you already have. The new ones will take into account any buffs you have for that class of weapon so you're not likely starting again at level 1 with a fresh weapon. Lets you change things up if something is working how you want. If you don't want to change a weapon just hit LB and get offered a selection of power ups instead.
  3. Just did a run. 4 curses. Finished with ease. Then move onto an endless run instead of exiting, clip the edge of a poison zone at the first boss and lose my composure. This is an example of high multishot and area size. It's definitely not the case of ramp up your power and go into autopilot mode.
  4. This is the run I mentioned above. Not my most efficient but it got the job done.
  5. Just did a run on the first level with the first set of difficulty curses active. Still easy but I definitely had to pay more attention. Don't sleep on this one chums. It's a banger. Devs do lots of updates and do good patchnotes too.
  6. Yeah cheers. I've got JC2 in my library but I've never played it. I found it wouldn't work on GE Proton 7.41 but it did work on 7.15
  7. I appear to have unlocked an endless mode. Ended up backing out due to lack of time with this as my skills. I was a wee bit strong Stuff had loads of health at this point. I can only image what it's going to be like when I start cranking up the difficulty. Loving it.
  8. Oh excellent. I was hoping for something like that. That last two levels I did back to back in one go each so increasing the risk/reward sounds perfect.
  9. There's a big mix of weapons you need to aim and weapons that fire randomly. If you weren't dodging you'd probably have a really hard time killing the bosses. I've upgraded to a double dodge by default and there's a per run upgrade that adds an extra one. That being said I've only had like 6 or 7 games of this. I've got four basic levels unlocked and I believed there are difficulty tiers later for the levels.
  10. I had a great couple of runs this lunchtime on the deck. Unlocked two more characters and managed to get the cheevo for doing a run in less than 15 minutes on one of the levels. It also looks like that as well as each character having a different starting weapons each class can also be offered different weapons as upgrades. The ranger with a gun guy I just played with had loads of weapons the mage and warrior didn't have available. I'm really having a good time with this one.
  11. This is a pretty cool game. Nicely presented and runs perfectly on the deck https://store.steampowered.com/app/1779560/Donut_Dodo/
  12. So unlike my last try at a game like this (Nomad Survival) this one actually seems good. It's what you expect. Move around, autofire your weapons (Some directed with the right stick), earn stuff to level up permenant upgrades and unlocks. This time (At least on the first level) you have to summon five bosses and kill them. You have a dodge move (Also upgradeable). I just managed to beat the first level with the fire mage in under 20 minutes (For a cheevo). It's giving me similar dopamine hits that VS does but Nomad Survival didn't. There's shed loads of mobs on screen at once that you're cutting through. Still in early access but there seems to be plenty of content already. It also looks and feels great to play. Very smooth The music is quite good too Currently £8.99 on steam. Works fine on Deck https://store.steampowered.com/app/2066020/Soulstone_Survivors/
  13. It's whatever the developer decides it is. I presume a lot of them have discords these days. Also did you see this? https://store.steampowered.com/app/2160250/3D_Dont_Die_Mr_Robot/
  14. I've only had two games but the bosses were like proper game bosses. Attacks to dodge and the like. Same with some of the smaller mobs. Red circles and lines on the ground to stay out of where attacks are going to land. Not super sophisticated but certainly more involved. *Edit* I should add that it's still based on the VS template. Attacks all autofire. Some of them require you to aim with the second stick
  15. I've just been playing Soulstone Survivors. A very pretty vampire survivorslike and also Tiny Rouges which is a bullet hell roguelite with very very charming graphics (You can turn off the crt filter)
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