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  1. Ok. Five chapters in and I'm hooked. I'm cautious about the direction given that it's from Shonen Jump but so far there's been a couple of minor asskickings and a whole lot of my favourite subject in a mango. "Nice". If you have the Shonen Jump sub (AND WHY DON'T YOU) have a read.
  2. I don't normally do this so early but I just read the first chapter of a new mango on the Shonen Jump app. Witch Watch. Boy with the strength of an Ogre has a friend training to be a witch. Eventually she goes away to a fantasy place to complete her training. Then one day years later while he's at high school his dad tells him 1. She's coming back 2. You're going to be her familiar (Apparently he's from a race descended from familiars and this is part of a magical contract.) 3. The two of them are going to live together alone in a house So far so m
  3. There's an update going up (Hopefully later today) that completely reworks the scoring mechanic. You no longer have to worry about losing a massive multiplier. Instead you focus on chains within each run. I just tried it and it's far less stressful. There's also more to come hopefully. Scores for swooshing and knocking things over (To fill in the time between gates with score opportunity).
  4. I know you can't miss the Archwing. I've never bothered with the Railjack. *Edit* From memory building the archwing is a series of missions you have to do to progress through the system map at a certain point. You definitely can't miss it. Railjack is probably a quest I never did.
  5. Just finished. As a first novel(Series) for the author it's a great achievement. The scale starts fairly small but by the end of the final book you're working with a galaxy spanning machine across deep time. The concepts and writing improved greatly over the series and it actually does a very good job of explaining things that have been a mystery since very early on in book one. Also nailed the landing in classic hard sci-fi fashion with a journey into the unknowable. Now I have to decide what to read next out of my massive pile of shame.
  6. I'm currently reading Noumenon Ultra. The third book in the Noumenon series. The first two books were fascinating but left a lot of unanswered questions. Questions that all seem to be about to answered in this third book. I'm about a third of the way through and I'm enjoying it far, far more than the other two. Hopefully it'll have a satisfying ending. Left to watch over a planet created by the alien structure known as the Web, the ships of the NOUMENON convoy and the artificial intelligence I.C.C. have lain dormant for thousands of years. Now, though, creatures are stirring in the
  7. At first I was wondering what you found hard to understand about a comic like Komi but then I remembered you're reading the Japanese version
  8. One possible issue with the classic servers is how long will people play a game that never changes? Pretty soon they're going to run out of "Classic" builds that people will actually play. I'd say Wrath would be the end of that since Cataclysm seems to be where the rot started. (I enjoyed Cata at the time though). MMOs are a form of GAAS. They live and die by the content and what they enable players to experience. I'm unsure if WoW classic servers have long term legs. Once you have all the best gear and have the hardest raid on farm what's left? Back when UO was the biggest game in
  9. I personally think "Endgame" is part of the problem but it's a difficult one to fix. GW2 had a stab and despite its problems I feel overall has been a positive game. I don't feel theme park mmos are the future. More an evolutionary dead end that due to the insane popularity of WoW developers are finding hard to let go of. Also MMOs generally are mega expensive to develop and mega expensive to run. I don't think the publishers that are big enough to create them want to take on the risk of making one. There are a lot of Korean (And I believe chinese) mmos coming out every year but t
  10. I had a good positive time with FFXIV. Like others have said the community generally is quite nice. Especially in dungeons. These days though I don't think I can play tab targeting, quest driven theme park MMOs anymore. They're just too structured and limiting and generally end up as a "How fast can you get to endgame" I know it has a lot of faults but Black Desert Online is the closest anyone has come to an open world MMO since Ultima Online was good. Yes there are quests and a main questline. No you don't have to do them if you don't want to (You should since they have some very
  11. I totally forgot. They have a discord server https://discord.gg/kGAqyKBrzD
  12. If anyone wants to see real gameplay this is my not playing at my best (As I post this Youtube is still rendering the hd version)
  13. I struggled a lot with the controls at first and I've suggested there might be a bug if you use down/left and down/right instead of just left and right on the controller. As soon as I made the effort not to pull down on the stick I got much better at the controls.
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