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  1. LSH issue 12 came out this week and it was great. In fact read as one the series has been a refreshingly optimistic version of the Legion. Future State LSH next and so far no sign of the main series continuing but I hope it does.
  2. I've been playing this obsessively for the last month or so. It's such a good looking game at times I'm sure the remastered gfx mode is shaving months off my 2070's life. I've been doing a lot of life skilling and general stuff. It being an open world game it's fairly relaxed about what you spend your time doing. I currently have 2.7 billion silver in the bank and rising. That sounds a lot but in the grand scheme of things isn't really. A top tier weapon would set you back about 13 of those billions. Lifeskilling has been
  3. I mean to be fair she might have only wanted to be in a limited number of episodes. That's fine but she was in enough for them to have given her something real to do. The fucking clods.
  4. This is the biggest crime Discover is guilty of. SHE IS A QUEEN
  5. A new Korean sci-fi show (movie?) that looks to have had buckets of money spent on it. I really like the look of it
  6. Yo ho ho. Coming to Amazon Prime eventually. God knows why it's not on already
  7. I am so fucking hyped for this
  8. He also thinks comics should be for loners only.
  9. I just watched the first episode and I enjoyed it. Personally I liked the changes they made.
  10. Kodansha are having a very big manga sale on Comixology at the moment. I might have gone overboard a bit
  11. It's fucking depressing what it is. I only found out because it came up in conversation on Resetera when someone posted the link the the bootleg X-Men comics.
  12. Yup https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/John_Byrne
  13. And this amazing hot take from 2004 I get no sense from Morrison’s work that he has any “love for the genre.” I get the same vibe I get from Moore—a cold and calculated mixing of ingredients the writer knows the fans like, but to which the writer himself has no eviceral [sic] connection. Nostalgia without being nostalgic, as I have dubbed it. (2004)
  14. From 2015 https://www.themarysue.com/john-byrne-is-asshat-about-trans-people/ Comics Pro John Byrne Compares Transgender People to Pedophiles In Conversation With Fans On His Online Forum
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