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  1. It's 2023 and a game is selling horse armour. We've come full circle.
  2. There's also some nice horse armour and horses that can drop in game. Some really good ones from a couple of the world bosses and I've had two regular pieces of barding drop from mobs already. Also the transmog system is great. Slots are dirt cheap (In game gold) and the armour looks fantastic. No need to buy the expensive stuff from the cash shop.
  3. Just to head off the expected. Bonnie Langford can actually act when she's given something with substance. She reprised her role as Mel in the Big Finish audio adventure "He Jests at Scars". An alt-tale where the Valyard won and she was amazing in that. I'm happy to see what Davies has for her to do.
  4. They've definitely used some elements of that game. Not the really bad parts so far though
  5. It's not really a single player game anymore. It's like diablo immortal. Large parts of the map have other players in and world events to take part in.
  6. When I played the server slam there were zero queues but to be fair it was also Zelda weekend.
  7. I went and did the capstone dungeon with a clan friend tonight. Him a barb and me a sorc and we absolutely murdered it. Also WT3 is great fun. It's nice to be gearing up and levelling fast again. I think my build works. I was doing a grim favour in the open world. One of the types where the mobs drop stuff that you collect a hundred of and put it in a receptacle. I got to the receptacle and there were about 40 mobs sat on it. 3 or 4 elites and a load of others. I fucking smashed them and it felt damn good doing it.
  8. I've made a new build to try on my lunchbreak assuming the login servers are working https://d4builds.gg/builds/779e4124-2c01-4008-8338-ab8e357eb8d3/ Sorc chain lightning build with extra fire and firewalls.
  9. I've decided I'm going to stick it out for longer with my Sorc. I'm going to hit level 50 tonight and I've still got loads of lilith statues and more renown to get. At least doing the statues and renown will help future characters as well.
  10. I should add that I'm fine with tier 2. I ran a quick dungeon this morning and I was fine. It's just that boss.
  11. What class and level are you playing at the moment Footle? I've been disappointed that there don't seem to be any decent builds for ranged sorcerer and no matter what you do you're constantly resource starved. It just feels bad to play. I replace my gear often and just to make sure I fully upgraded every piece before my last attempt at the boss. Made zero difference. The only issue really is the ballista the boss keeps spawning. They're just too far apart and too tanky to kill quickly and they do insane amounts of damage
  12. Man alive. The capstone dungeon to unlock world tier 3 was a bit of a shock to the system after levelling on world tier 1. Lots of running around waiting for mana and cooldowns to refresh (Which absolutely sucks no matter the tier). I managed to get right through to the final boss but he keeps spawning ballista which are long range, super fast firing, super accurate and take off about half my health in a hit. By the time I kill one the other (Which is well out of melee range) has forced me to use another potion. At the same time he spawns repeat multiple adds and is doing his own direct and aoe attacks. There's just too much going on. I think that's going to be an absolute cock block for a hell of a lot of people looking to progress past level 50. It's obviously designed as a gear/build/skill check but it feels overly difficult so early into the endgame. It feels like they've swung the needle to far over to "hard" from Diablo 3's "rather pleasant". So I'm now looking to do stuff that will make it easier on me. Hunting lilith statues, finding some useful aspects to affix and just generally grinding for better gear in the hope that I can crack that boss. All the time earning very little xp.
  13. My sorcerer is level 46 and just finishing up the campaign (I think I'm at the epilogue now). I'll need to do a few bits and pieces to hit 50 and then I'm upping my game to world tier 3. Someone on discord let me know that if you hit level 50 and switch to tier 3 before finishing the campaign the XP scaling breaks so stick with a lower tier until you finish. I hope that's different in other classes. I'd like to have a lot of sustain sometimes as opposed to burst then kite.
  14. It'll also happily run at 60 if you can take the battery life hit (Or have it plugged in)
  15. d) They launched at midnight and people are at work now? (That's me. Clock watching until my lunchbreak)
  16. Got to the final boss in the first world for the first time with the cleric. He's very survivable but unfortunately I didn't quite have enough health to finish. It was close but a couple of his attacks knocked me. Did manage to open up a load of new traits though. I wasn't sure about cleric at first since the main attack doesn't fire very quickly but it hits really hard and the cleric is the tankiest class I've unlocked so far.
  17. Cryoutilites doesn't run in the background. It's just a script to make some changes to the steam deck config. I've been playing on deck in quality mode today and got to about 4 minutes from the end of the first level. There were a few moments where it chugged but no crashes yet touch wood.
  18. New into early access (With demo "prelude" available to try) this one seems to show a lot of promise. It's a classic auto shooter but has options for manual aim (Which I use) and manual shooting (Which I don't). Mix and match as you wish. It's vaguely Diablo 2 themed and as usual completing achievements and stuff unlocks things and there's passives to spend you gold on. Also this game features gear that you can equip on your character as a loadout. Some gear unlocks via quests, some you get during a run and extract out via a magic well that unlocks a short way in. So far I have swordsman, archer and exterminator (Flamethrower man) and I'm trying to unlock cleric. It's just out in early access recently but it proving very popular. The killing sounds and gem collection absolutely nails the dopamine rush. I have yet to finish a run. Currently 3.86 on Steam with demo available https://store.steampowered.com/app/2218750/Halls_of_Torment/
  19. It doesn't describe it as such on Amazon but it's actually a YA book. Iron Widow is a New York Times Best Seller;[4] as of July 2022, the book has remained on the list for 34 weeks.[5] It won the 2021 BSFA Award for "Best Book for Younger Readers"[6] and has been nominated for two 2022 Locus Awards[7] and the 2022 Lodestar Award for Best Young Adult Book.[8] Iron Widow reached #1 in the Young Adult Hardcover category of New York Times Best Sellers in the first week after its release.[4] The week of January 2, 2022, the book had slipped to #5 and had been on the New York Times Best Sellers for eleven weeks.[20] As of May 2022, the book has remained on the New York Times Best Sellers for 28 weeks.[21] The book was listed on multiple end-of-year roundups. The Boston Globe included Iron Widow on their "Best Books of 2021" list and stated that the book is an "intense, feminist page-turner".[24] CBC Books included it on their "The best Canadian middle-grade and YA books of 2021" list.[25] Business Insider highlighted that the Iron Widow is on "The 20 most popular young adult reads of 2021" list based on Goodreads reviewers.[26]
  20. Emudeck originally came out for the Steam Deck. It's a big pack of emulators (Including Emulation Station, RetroArch and a load of standalones) built to all work with the Steam Deck. It's in beta for Windows. It's basically a one stop installer to get everything working and kept up to date. The nice thing is when it's all done you'll be able to sync your savegames seamlessly between any platform it's running on.
  21. Emudeck will be out of beta on Windows soon. That has cloud sync and cloud backup for everything I believe.
  22. Hold r, press up to bring up the inventory of things to hoy
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