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  1. It's reasonably priced as well. I pay £5.99 a month for the entire suite on all platforms and that also gives me a gig of onedrive storage.
  2. I wonder how WoW is going to work on gamepass. Sub free? It'd be a bit weird to get the expansions free and then have to pay extra to play. That would probably drive a lot of new (or lapsed) players to WoW and Gamepass
  3. I'd be perfectly happy with the original to be honest. I love that game. Switch port too pls.
  4. The new Charles Stross book is starting off well
  5. Two and three certainly have post credits scenes.
  6. Trained from birth by his extremely racist dad ins multiple forms of combat and weaponry to make a killing machine. No powers whatsoever. Absolutely loves his birb son Eagley.
  7. In case anyone was on the fence. Here's the complete title sequence
  8. First three episodes are out and it's awesome. First up don't skip the OP. It's amazing. Also they nailed Peacemaker being a birb dad. You'd understand it if you had a birb. Great OST full of 80s hair metal bands + a Band-Maid song in episode 3. Loving it. Even Bat-Mite gets a mention.
  9. Yeah. He'd have to be very different from the comics version but maybe that's to their advantage. The original 6 issues wasn't actually that good (I enjoyed the rest though)
  10. My spoiler thoughts for that last scene. I suppose I should watch season 1 now. Also I thought Naomi was excellent but I've read the comic and really like the character to start with (I've started a thread). I agree the episode would probably feel a bit slow to people but I kinda know what's coming so for me it was pretty cool.
  11. So Naomi is about a 16 year old adopted girl in a world where Superman is just a comic book character (Or is he?). She runs a website dedicated to Superman and then things start happening. First episode is out now god only knows where. I just got it from the high seas and really, really enjoyed it. It's based on a DC comic book and I'll spoiler some fairly major details about Naomi's current up to date status in the comics
  12. It's actually in the blurb that advertises the book on Amazon Fledgling physicist Ching-Yu Kuang has discovered a Rosetta Stone for all of physics, a treasure trove of advanced scientific breakthroughs beyond all imagination. Exotic energy, teleportation, FTL, parallel universes and near-infinitely more wonders are just within reach; a promise of paradise. But every attempt to exploit this new science results in sabotage, chaos and destruction. And the laws of science themselves are changing with each experiment, locking out the new discoveries, directly altering the universe to make what should be possible impossible. While Ching watches, humanity's future is being stolen. Because there's something wrong with his world. There's a fundamental flaw, a defect in its structure.
  13. The creator of Signal has written about his experiences investigating web3, the blockchain and NFTs https://moxie.org/2022/01/07/web3-first-impressions.html It's quite interesting.
  14. According to resetera a NFT collection that was supposed to donate 100% profits to charity has turned out to be a scam https://www.resetera.com/threads/doodled-dragons-a-nft-collection-that-was-supposed-to-donate-all-earnings-to-charity-took-all-the-money-and-ran.537485/
  15. I love that the current backup strip in DC's number one selling comic (Batman) is a lovely story about Mia (Maps) from Gotham Academy trying to solve a series of murders. Most of the readers will probably never have heard of her and I'm pleased that someone in DC likes the character enough to feature her in such a high profile way. I think I need to reread Gotham Academy now.
  16. Not me. I'm in the all digital super future.
  17. Maybe he hasn't realised that's a potential flaw. Let him know.
  18. The master of insanely good sci-fi Qntm has done his own rather unique take on Wordle https://qntm.org/wordle Absurdle is an adversarial variant of the charming and (currently) viral word guessing game Wordle. The mechanics of Absurdle are identical to Wordle, or as close as I can make them. Among other things, they use the same word lists. (There are actually two word lists in Wordle: one is a list of 2,315 words which can appear as answers, and the other is a list of 10,657 rather more obscure words which are allowed as guesses but will never appear as answers.) The major difference is behind the scenes. Wordle picks a single secret word at the beginning of the game, and then you have to guess it. Absurdle gives the impression of picking a single secret word, but instead what it actually does is consider the entire list of all possible secret words which conform to your guesses so far. Each time you guess, Absurdle prunes its internal list as little as possible, attempting to intentionally prolong the game as much as possible. Full description of how the games works. See also Hateris https://qntm.org/hatetris
  19. Fine Structure was excellent. It starts off with you thinking it's a book of short stories and then rapidly spreads to an ongoing narrative across millennia. Like Antimemetics it jumps across the timeline to good effect. Ending came a little bit out of nowhere but overall I loved it. Same sort of high concept as antimemetics (Which gets a brief mention at one point). I like the premise that something in the universe is changing physical laws to block major scientific advances as they're discovered. (Especially how it's done) I've now started Ed. Not sure where this is going but it's the stupid adventures of insane college student super scientist Ed who discovers a world ending thread that will eventually destroy the universe. Also full of mega concepts and super hard science. Sam Hughes (Qntm). Seems to release his stuff in serial form a chapter at a time on his website which gives the books a very bitesized chapter focused feel. Which is very welcome. I think so far There is no Antimemetics Division has been the best for sheer inventiveness and absolute horror but Fine Structure is a close second.
  20. I struggled with that bit before I realised I needed to use rockets. But he had a red health bar instead of yellow so it's wasn't clear.
  21. I've started playing You and Me and Her on Steam. It's very good so far. Not sure which direction it's going in but one of the reviews described it as DDLC on crack.
  22. I'm going to start on another of his in the morning. Fine Structure. I think in Antimemetics Qntm did in a fairly short novel exactly what Charlie Stross has been cockteasing for years and did it in grand style. Stross has a new one out next week I think but I've been falling off him for a while now. He doesn't seem to have the juice anymore. I dunno if anyone else has noticed but generally sci-fi writers of a certain age are incredibly resistant to scientific and technological change and I have no idea how it happens. I'd have thought that they were the last people to suffer from "Old man shouting at clouds" syndrome but it keeps happening. I like to think Charles Stross cringes every time he remembers he used to call the iPhone the "jesus phone" in his novels but I somehow doubt it. I find it makes their work feel "of an era". The Atrocity Archives was daring, inventive and funny when it released but now many, many books later feels like the series has barely moved. I mean lots of stuff has happened and things are certainly different but CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN was less the end of the world and more "Say hello to the new Tory party". I feel disapointed. Qntm did Charlie's entire series in one sharp book and did it in a far, far more horrifying way that Stross seems to have lost the ability to do (He used to be better at it in some of his early short stories that were more explicitly Chtulhu based). The book I read before that The Gone World by Tom Sweterlitsch is in a similar vein. An incredibly inventive take on crime, time travel and end of the world eldritch alien horror. I need more like this.
  23. Just finished reading There is no antimemetics division. I don't know who Qntm is but he's a fucking hell of a writer.
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