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  1. Horatio goes Snowboarding Like Horace Goes Skiing but with a better scoring system. Out now on Steam. Later for consoles
  2. This seems to be a well done (And surprisingly pretty) old school 3d adventure game. It's got a lot of charm (The rots are adorable) and so far simple but servicable combat. I can't find a lock on button. Is there one? I agree that initially it seemed to be getting promoted as more grand that it turns out to be but so far I'm enjoying myself. Some of the platforming is a little janky but I gather it's basically a small indie team so I'm willing to forgive it. Especially since restarts from death falls seem super quick.
  3. Endless mode probably not great for you at the moment Hope you're feeling better soon.
  4. This is now out of early access but still pretty cheap. It's had one last big update and is a very fun game. You should all buy it so my mate can afford the odd KFC.
  5. That does indeed. Cheers. I'll be grabbing that. Seems just the right length of game for me at the moment too.
  6. Does the game have an easy mode? I like the look of the game but I read that the boss fights are quite a difficulty spike.
  7. Flowers for Algernon (A sci-fi classic) is 99p today https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B009ZG6YPU
  8. I'm loving this so far. I just chased a green pig through a forest and did some sci-fi. It's this delightful mix of Zelda and the Mother series. Sam is adorable. I love that John is a totally silent protagonist. Lovely pixel art. A nice mellow soundtrack. I'm not sold on the combat yet. The frying pan feels a little short range for things like the snake plants and I haven't gotten used to swapping between the two characters in combat yet.
  9. Rinwell eventually learns some really, really big spells
  10. Early on I switched to playing as Rinwell. It let me hang back and keep an overview of the fights more easily.
  11. I finished the game last night. I had a great time. Enjoyed the story. The characters were fine. Great combat system. Lovely graphics engine. The last dungeon was about twice as long as it should have been (You'll see why when you get there). I did end up not bothering with the skits in my final push to the end though. Surprisingly the last boss was probably the least interesting visually of them all. Spoilers for the ending
  12. Just finished. Absolutely loved it. Amazing game. I was blown away.
  13. I had a great time with this last night. Managed to get and hold onto shift which I don't think I can now do without. It's that classic Dishonored teleporter and the stealth feels a lot more fun with it than without. Love the game's style. The voice actors for Colt and Juilianna are excellent. Wonderful art direction. Feels like a cross between Dishonored and The Prisoner with an amazing soundtrack to boot. I'm assuming residuum (Or whatever it's called) persists between runs. I only just was able to sacrifice enough to keep shift in my run last night. Is there any way of seeing how much you have in a run except for the popup when you collect some?
  14. Excellent launch trailer. Love the music. Can't wait to play this on my PS5 after work tomorrow
  15. Got to at least try to make it look a bit likely
  16. I read that it was a way of getting levels at endgame but I couldn't get out and the fights were getting higher and higher level. In the end I just let a bunch of level 61 mobs kill me. If that is how it's supposed to work it might need more tutorialising.
  17. I've put in about 22 hours since friday evening and I love the game. I switched to maining Rinnwell after a while. Initially she's a bit dull but once you get enough AG points and a bunch of stuff unlocked she's a monster. She's also pretty handy to have an overview of the entire battle since she's long range for the most part. Also don't sleep on the sidequests. A number of them unlock skill lines to put points into (You can see which ones they are from the skill points page). Toptip. Took me a while to figure this out. Push left on the dpad for quests. Select a quest and press x to show you the map it's on (Assuming you've been there). I have one question. The Spirit temple quest. I went in there but was permenantly in combat mode which I'm assuming is a bug?
  18. The third zone by the way is stunning. Plot gets very interesting here too.
  19. On my X I had to switch from graphics to performance in the third zone. FPS really took a bad hit.
  20. DC have been warming up a lot for me. Since Death Metal they've been going balls deep in the multiverse (Even now introducing Multiverse 2 which is apparently the dead universe that was the DC multiverse pre-crisis. Since eaten by the Gentry in a game of spot the obscure reference). After decades of cock teasing and then pulling back they seem to finally have realised that this is what we want. They've even got out of continuity stories going without bein labelled elseworlds. Superman and the Authority is one.
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