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  1. daninski


    Didn't get through to the Euro academy awards... but 1/6 chance (if all things were equal) here though -> https://www.cartoonbrew.com/awards/oscars-2022-best-animated-short-film-at-least-84-films-qualify-exclusive-210217.html
  2. daninski


    It's been festivalling for a year now, and been doing well. Here's the trailer for it, and if you want to see it in real life it'll be playing a few times in the UK in the next few months. It's also in the running for the European Academy Awards, the long list of 24, fingers crossed for the short list and a free lunch!
  3. daninski

    Put Here

    Trailer for my new short... https://vimeo.com/486432731/bd8e1913d9 Here's more information about it - https://mediaspace.nfb.ca/epk/hide-short-film/
  4. daninski

    Put Here

    Thanks! Well, I'll pass the thanks on to the animator who cleaned that up. Thanks Islena! She's a fantastic animator actually.
  5. daninski

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    My film is premiering tonight at Ottawa International Animation Festival. I did an interview about it too... https://www.skwigly.co.uk/daniel-gray-hide/
  6. daninski

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    I'll put this here because it's a bit noisy for the music folder I think...
  7. Here's another tune after my recent switch to YouTube...
  8. I got myself an elektron:cycles to get back into making musics. I also moved from soundcloud to YouTube because soundcloud was all full up. The cycles took a while for me to get to grips with, it actually clicked a lot better for me once I'd stuck some dots onto the trigger buttons so I knew where the notes are I love it now though. You get a lovely range of tones out of it and a really nice low end. Here's two of my early tries... They're a bit broad in styles just because I try everything when I'm learning new stuff.
  9. I love that place. There's a huge animation festival there every year.
  10. Morning all, I've got my eye on this kickstarter. Love the sounds of it's big brother, but love the price point of this: Also got offered a tascam 006 for £30. I have a massive soft spot for 4 tracking and don't like the knob free interfaces of the iOS equivalents. I'd borrowed my brothers semi permanently in my teens and twenties until he requisitioned it. The one on my OP1 was a selling point for me too. Is there a soundcloud sharing thread here now?
  11. Fingers crossed for you! Good luck
  12. Also, there's a channel on Youtube called ALTER, they might be interested in it.
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