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  1. really? i will have to have a look at that tomorrow nite
  2. All very good points i have to say but as you said ^^ good old plasma's have a longer fuse which mean a long rang grenade is more likely to land and explode rather then just look like a cheap fireworks display [frag]
  3. Yeah never been able to understand that.... language Rushy know - you took the piss for ages with that on messager
  4. rcb - Location Solihull, England. Know where u are i was being flippant.
  5. now thats classic - i love it!
  6. Seriously not a clue - ur not from america are you?
  7. i still dont get what that means?
  8. Thank god my miss' isnt in to threesomes that way round
  9. Waste of time. p.s. read my bio im in London
  10. No need for language like that just an honest Q? What you do post it on some www or something?
  11. Nice Avatar! where u get that then?
  12. Does one have more power then the other...? I mean does anyone actually know....
  13. Second that! Even better is the pure joy of a long distance plasma on your enemy, then listening to them as they scream when they realise what the f*ck is happening. Halo saved my life! before i was but now i am
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