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  1. He didn’t say it. I didn’t actually say Italy was “like living in a foreign country”. No one has ever seen a direct quote from me saying that. I’m blaming Kenny Dalglish. When he re-signed me, a reporter asked me, “Why have you come back?” Kenny quipped, “He said it was like playing in a foreign country”. He’s got a lot to answer for!
  2. Watched in all on one month in November and had the same as experience. Ending was mainly fine. I would have liked a few main characters to have have been killed in the final battle against the undead. Jamie’s death was also a bit dull. Don’t understand the massive hate for the last season. It certainly didn’t ruin what went before.
  3. At the home game the vast majority were doing the “self pity city” chant. Wankers. But………..Turns out the Arsenal fans singing 'we're all going to Wembley' at Anfield was the biggest false positive of all
  4. Hillsborough chants? Poverty shaming?
  5. It’s probably total bollocks - but you believe it
  6. Lack of class from Arsenal relying on one covid case - again after last night Hillsborough chants from the majority of the fans. Enjoyed the yelps from a few cocky cockneys as they get legged down Utting Ave by some scruffs after they got in the face of a few regulars. Hope they didn’t get caught.
  7. paulie12

    The Man Utd Thread

    Do you mean Kyle Walkers cross? If so that was well onside.
  8. Paul Scholes. Way to bring the mood down.
  9. Incredibly jealous that you have all the BCS goodness to come. It’s a brilliant brilliant show.
  10. And first prize (since 1995) for fastest and most predictable response goes to….. the bitter in the blue.
  11. Was really looking forward to getting back to Anfield today. First time back since Athelitico. Misread the kick off time as 17:30. Found out at 12:20. Idiot
  12. They didn’t need it. But they got it regardless. Playing your kids when you are still in the chase for the title - embarrassing. When it was all for nothing - hilarious.
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